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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

September 21, 2014

PEPITA'S KITCHEN: Project Wheelchair Fund-Raising Lechon Degustation (A Photo Essay)

September 21, 2014

PEPITA'S KITCHEN: Project Wheelchair Fund-Raising Lechon Degustation (A Photo Essay)

UPDATE: DINNER at TIFFANY'S: 8-Course Lechon Degustacion in Splendour by Pepita's Kitchen 

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-5.jpg

Pepita's Kitchen Project Wheelchair Fund-Raising Lechon Degustation is a 12-course Lechon Degustation with each course presented by the best chefs and pastry bakers in Manila. 

This project is a passion project by Dedet and her two daughters, Lileya and Liyora, dedicated to their sister Lauren. It aims to raise funds for 50 wheelchairs (P3,500 per wheelchair) for the less fortunate disabled people.

Here's a short essay by Lileya about her sister Lauren and her vision for Project Wheelchair: 

According to the Pilipinas Wheel Chair Foundation, “It is estimated that there are 5.8 Million Filipinos with physical disabilities requiring a wheelchair.” The need for wheelchairs remains to be an ever-present issue. My sister was one of the fortunate few who had their own wheelchair, but for the remaining 800,000 Filipinos, owning a wheelchair remains to be an elusive necessity. The problems of not having a wheelchair when you need one are numerous, mobility being the most important. Being able to move around the city is a daily occurrence and one which is made harder for those who don’t have access to a wheelchair. 

Growing up, I knew the difficulties with mobility as we struggled to transport my sister from place to place. However, we were fortunate enough to be able to do everything we wanted her to do. When traveling, my family and I would always stay behind after all passengers had left as we would need time to prepare my sister’s wheelchair to be able to push her out of the aero plane. 

But it wasn’t all about the challenges. There were also moments of joy and laughter. One example is when my family took a trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland. I can still remember the delight in my sister’s face when we rode Peter Pan’s Flight; and witnessed the grand sets, the stars and the singing. Music was one of her favourite things in the whole world.

Another “Happy Time” for my sister was our visit to the beach for scuba diving. My sister would laugh and would be enchanted by the colours of the ocean as the boat sped away from the coast and into the sea. My sister never actually scuba dived, but she was absolutely entranced by the way the water moved and the vibrations of the boat. It was amazing to see how the simplest of things could make her face light up.

So why am I doing Project Wheelchair? I am doing Project Wheelchair to help raise awareness for the needs of those who are not as fortunate as my family has been. I want to help these people find their “Happy Place” as much as I can. To me, Project Wheelchair symbolizes hope, the hope that one day those who are having hard times now, surrounding their physical disabilities, will be able to find the good and happy times of their lives.

Here's a photo essay of the Project Wheelchair Fund-Raising Lechon Degustation...


Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-1.jpg
To join the annual Project Wheelchair fundraising dinner, you can contribute cash (P3,500) or in kind by giving wheelchairs.

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-2.jpg
I was excited to see Jutes Templo preparing his famous burrata in the kitchen to kick off the degustation.

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-13.jpg
The best chefs and pastry bakers contribute their signature food and most raved about desserts to make this an awesome, memorable dinner.

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-4.jpg
The degustation started with a prayer by one of my favorite pastry bakers--Karen Young. 


Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-7.jpg
A toast with Lileya Santos' signature Butter Beer.



Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-11.jpg
Burrata by Jutes Templo of Gino's Brick Oven Pizza.

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-12.jpg
Fabada by Chef Angelo Comsti.

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-14.jpg
Pork Panalo by Chef Shawin Tee of The Quirky Bacon.



Hainanese Chicken by Stevie Villacin:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-18.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-16.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-19.jpg


Beef Bourguignon by Chef John Cu-Unjieng:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-17.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-31.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-34.jpg


Roast Lamb by Ed Bugia of Pino, Pipino, and Burger Project:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-38.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-39.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-36.jpg
It was beautiful to listen to the harp played by Lileya.


Lechon de Leche by Pepita's Kitchen:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-40.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-42.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-46.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-49.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-50.jpg


Thank you all for coming to this memorable 12-course Lechon Degustation and for supporting Project Wheelchair!

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-20.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-21.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-23.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-24.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-25.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-26.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-28.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-27.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-29.jpg



Project Wheelchair Carrot Cake by Karen Young of Karen's Kitchen:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-57.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-30.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-60.jpg


Pastillas Tart by Angela Tolentino of Cinq Dessert:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-58.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-56.jpg


Ube Cheesecake by Irene Co of Irene's Cheesecake:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-59.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-62.jpg


Poprocks Chocolate by Liyora Santos of Pepita's Kitchen:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-51.jpg


The Best Ensaymadas in Manila by Pearl De Guzman of Baby Pat Breads & Pastries:

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-65.jpg

Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-64.jpg


Project Wheelchair Pepita's Kitchen-47.jpg

Private dining in Makati or in the comforts of your own home.
Facebook:  Lechon Degustacion at Pepita's Kitchen
Mobile: +63 917 866-0662
Telephone: +632 425-4605

For more info, contact Dedet Santos for pledges and contributions to Project Wheelchair.

Live an Awesome Life,

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Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Dedet of Pepita's Kitchen. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Watch out for Pepita's Lechon Degustation 3.0 this coming November. I'm excited! :)


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