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April 27, 2014

THE BIG BANQUET: Don't Miss the Battle of the Best Caterers in Manila on May 4! @TheBlueLeaf (Last Call)

ATTN: Soon-to-Wed couples, Debutantes, and Foodies who are about to celebrate their special occasions.

Florabel's II-5321-9 (1)
(Photo courtesy of Florabel's)

THE BLUE LEAF, one of the country’s premier venues for weddings, debuts, and other milestone events, together with OUR AWESOME PLANET, the number one food and travel blog in he Philippines, promises an end to such stressful predicaments with The Big Banquet.

food tasting event like you’ve never seen before, The Big Banquet brings together a curated lineup of the country’s top caterers on May 4, 2014, Sunday at The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion. There will be two time slots for ticket holders to choose from: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm.

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April 23, 2014

MANILA'S BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANTS according to a Japanese Foodie! @Visit_Japan

I asked my long time Japanese foodie friend Atsushi to guest post and write about his favorite Japanese restaurant in Manila. Enjoy this educational post about Japanese food in Manila!

(image credit: Sepavo)

Being a Japanese living in the Philippines, the most frequently asked question is "Where's the best Japanese restaurant".

As it sounds like an easy question, it's a very difficult one. Because Japanese cuisine is very diverse.

We have the authentic Japanese dishes like Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Udon and Soba noodles as well as dishes originated from other countries that we made it our own such as Tonkatsu, Curry, Ramen, Spaghetti and the likes.

In Japan, most restaurants carry a specialty. Meaning, you don't find Sushi in a Ramen house, just like you don't find Tempura in a Curry house. They're considered a totally different genre that doesn't mix. The preparation is different and the equipment required in the kitchen are different. Thus, the chef is trained differently.

There are, in fact, restaurants that offer most of what you call Japanese dishes. But in Japan, they are mostly canteens, diner or eateries that do not specialize in any particular genre. Most of these restaurants are either run by a family or a company that prepares everything in the central kitchen, pre-cooked and instantly prepared.

And in many restaurants that call themselves a "Japanese restaurant" outside Japan, offers mostly everything. This is to cater all customers who look for Japanese dishes.

I am in no way against them. But, as a consumer who are new to Japanese cuisine, I must suggest that it is important to understand the true essence of Japanese dishes and how it is really prepared to enjoy them.

For example, preparation of Ramen starts by making the soup broth that takes more than half a day. The noodles alone are prepared from a different mixture of fine ingredients. Not to mention the thickness and hardness of the noodles, which are made different for specific soup base.

People get attracted to the word "authentic". But what is an authentic Japanese restaurant? If I'd mention my opinion, a real authentic Japanese restaurant (or any other cuisine in that matter) wouldn't call themselves "authentic". When I call the restaurant "authentic", that means the menu and its recipe are created by a Japanese chef, properly trained by a master. In most of these restaurants, you will see a Japanese staff in the kitchen and/or in the service area. They are there to keep control of the food they prepare for you and to maintain the Japanese standard of service.

Here are my suggestions according to category. Because Japanese food is so diverse, it's not easy to pick a few and say they're the "best". So I hope you read through just as I suggest.

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April 22, 2014

THE BIG BANQUET: An Ultimate Taste Test of the Best Caterers in Manila @TheBlueLeaf!

The Big Banquet with SMLB

The Big Banquet: A Food Tasting Event Like No Other

Once-in-a lifetime occasions call for memorable dishes, which evoke feelings of joy and satisfaction. Brides- and grooms-to be go to great lengths planning the perfect wedding reception, taking referrals from friends and attending an assortment of wedding fairs. Debutantes go through the same nerve-racking journey, tasting every treat for their dessert buffet, never mind the havoc it may wreak on their custom made gowns. Parents of babes and toddlers could get even more frazzled because they want to throw the absolutely best birthday celebration for their littles ones!

THE BLUE LEAF, one of the country’s premier venues for weddings, debuts, and other milestone events, together with OUR AWESOME PLANET, the number one food and travel blog in he Philippines, promises an end to such stressful predicaments with The Big Banquet.

A food tasting event like you’ve never seen before, The Big Banquet brings together a curated lineup of the country’s top caterers on May 4, 2014, Sunday at The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion. There will be two time slots for ticket holders to choose from: 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm.

Planning for your special day will be a more pleasurable experience with 12 caterers setting up 12 different banquet services featuring their most unforgettably delightful dishes.

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April 20, 2014

HOLY LAND (Day 4 - Cana): "Valentine's Wedding at Cana, Wedding Reception in Jericho, and Honeymoon in Jerusalem" @BoSanchez @IsraelTourism

Day 3- Wedding in Cana - Our Awesome Planet-483.jpg

This was the most memorable Valentine's Day for us, which started with the renewal of our wedding vows at Cana, a wedding reception at Mount of Temptation Restaurant in Jericho, then our honeymoon in Jerusalem. 

We've been married for 11 years, and this was the perfect marriage renewal for us. If you're planning to renew your vows soon, it's worth considering doing it in Cana in Israel, by going on a Holy Land pilgrimage.

Here's the photo essay of our Valentine's Wedding Day at Cana... 

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