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THE FOOD CLUB: 10 Yummy Things I like About the @TheFoodClubPH (A Review)


The Food Club-31.jpg

THE FOOD CLUB  is a well-curated buffet focusing on Western and Asian specialties and promises higher quality food versus other buffets. The selection may not be as extensive as Spirals', but it's definitely good value for the price. 

I'm not a fan of buffets that display cooked food presented in a chafing dish. The Food Club buffet is more interactive: you have a lot of options for customization and you can request your food to be cooked on the spot.   

Here's what we like about The Food Club...  

The Food Club-2.jpg
The Food Club is located at the corner of Diosdado Macapagal Blvd and Edsa, in a new development called Bluebaywalk, just in front of the old Blue Wave Mall beside Petron.

The Food Club-4.jpg
Reservations are a must. Best times to go are when the buffet opens for lunch at 10.30am, and for dinner at 6.00pm.

The Food Club-17.jpg
It has a seating capacity of 400 people. The layout is like a spacious standalone hotel buffet.
 The Food Club-24.jpg
It's always packed and they usually don't have a second sitting.

The Food Club-60.jpg
The best tables are these booths with more private space. 

(Tip: Be sure to reserve the booth in Radiant Orchid color - The Pantone Color of the Year.)



The Food Club-32.jpg
Yummy #1: Gravlax Salmon

We like the cured salmon, thinly sliced on order, and with a variety of toppings and condiments.

 The Food Club-38.jpg
Yummy# 2: Fresh Seafood

I love the fresh seafood! You can have it cooked the Asian or the Western way.

The Food Club-37.jpg 
Check out their mussels. You can have these baked with cheese. :)

The Food Club-20.jpg
Some of the seafoods are sourced from Roxas City. We dined late so we missed the lobsters. :( 

The Food Club-64.jpg
Don't forget to check out the yummy oysters, too. :)

The Food Club-29.jpg
The staff is very friendly and the chefs are trained well, complete with safety gear. 

The Food Club-33.jpg
You can ask for freshly rolled California Maki and other sushi.

The Food Club-8.jpg
They have a variety of prepared salads, which were a bit boring.

The Food Club-12.jpg
Yummy #3: Make-Your-Own Tacos

YES, you can make your own Tacos with unlimited meat, cheese, and other toppings you want! :)

The Food Club-66.jpg
Yummy #4: Cheese and Grapes Platter 

For wine lovers, make sure to ask for the cheese platter with grapes for your appetizer. :)



The Food Club-46.jpg
Yummy #5: Mongolian Station

Make-your-own Mongolian bowl is always a hit because you can customize everything to your liking and you can put as much meat as you want.

The Food Club-47.jpg
The shrimp tempura station was a little lousy with small shrimps and a bit dirty setup. 

The Food Club-56.jpg
There's a Filipino section with fried tilapia... 

The Food Club-48.jpg
...and fish in teriyaki sauce.

The Food Club-57.jpg
Yummy #6: Sinigang na Baboy!

For soup, make sure to get the Sinigang na Baboy. You can also customize it with the different vegetables and side dishes. This sinigang was really good! :)

The Food Club-50.jpg
They ran out of hakaw. This shrimp siopao was available but it wasn't that good.

The Food Club-16.jpg
There's also a dedicated section for Chinese, but we were not impressed because most of the dishes are prepared and not presented well.



The Food Club-45.jpg
There's a good selection of bread and jams. But in buffets, I usually avoid the breads now so that I don't get stuffed immediately.

The Food Club-27.jpg
Yummy #7: Meat Carvings

They have a good selection of meat carvings like Rib-Eye.

The Food Club-44.jpg
There's also a lot of prepared dishes but we just skipped most of them.

The Food Club-54.jpg
You can also ask to create your own pizza, baked on the spot. :)



The Food Club-15.jpg
There are drink-all-you-can Pepsi products...

The Food Club-49.jpg
Yummy #8: Draft Beer

...but I love the San Miguel Draft Beer options more. :)

The Food Club-28.jpg
The juices are not fresh, so skip them. Best to get their Dilma Teas instead.

The Food Club-42.jpg
Yummy #9: Hardy's Wine

They have Hardy's Wine as part of the buffet! You can drink as much Chardonnay...

The Food Club-63.jpg
...and Cabernet Sauvignon as you can. :)



The Food Club-23.jpg
Yummy#10: Desserts :)

They have a dedicated section for desserts, which is as extensive as the dessert section in Hotel buffets. 

The Food Club-25.jpgThey have different kinds of fruits...

The Food Club-22.jpg
...and candies and gummy bears for the kids.

The Food Club-34.jpg
You can also create your own dessert crepe with your choice of ice cream.

The Food Club-21.jpg
They have mini-slices of cakes and cookies, too. 

The Food Club-9.jpg
Of course, no buffet is complete without a chocolate fondue station. :)

The Food Club-55.jpg
The Mercato Centrale team after the Scream Park Manila experience. :)

The Food Club-59.jpg
My Mercato Partners and Operations Manager enjoying The Food Club Buffet. :)

The Food Club-67.jpg
Congratulations to Executive Chef Raffy Hubilla of Cru fame, owner Mr. Sammy Co, and Food Restaurateurs Cedric and Cez Ramirez, Managing Director of The Food Club! 

The Food Club-3.jpg

This is one of the buffets I enjoyed that isn't in a hotel setting. It has a hotel-like ambiance and the quality of the food is better than your average eat-all-you-can buffet. I love the fresh seafood, the interactive customization stations, the Japanese selections, and availability of draft beers and wines. 

The Chinese section needs improvement...I wish they had really good dimsum. The Western section could also use more interactive sections and additional international dishes.

Note that they don't answer the phone during the peak buffet lunch and dinner hours, so make sure you make your reservations way in advance.

This is one of the best places to go before or after watching a show in CCP or going to Scream Park.

THE FOOD CLUB: Your Lifestyle Buffet
Building E Bluebaywalk, President Diosdado Macapagal corner Edsa, Pasay City 
(In front of Blue Wave)
Telephone:  (+632) 736-8001
Mobile: Globe: +63 906 428-1669 | Smart: +63 998 313-3246
Note: Reservations are highly recommended :)
Facebook:  The Food Club Manila
G+: The Food Club
Buffet Rates:
  • Lunch- P800.00 + 5% service charge
  • Dinner- P1,000.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids above 3.5 ft.- P580.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids 3.5 ft. and below- FREE
Fridays- Sundays
  • Lunch/Dinner- P1,188.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids above 3.5 ft. -P600.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids 3.5 ft. and below- FREE

Operating Hours: Lunch 10.30am onwards, Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm


Live an Awesome Life,

anton  signature

P.S. Thanks to Cez for treating the Mercato Team! :)  Cez's family was one of our vendors in our Soderno Market when we opened in Alabang. Good luck on your The Food Club venture!

The Food Club-65.jpg

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The menu looks amazing and the prices are very good.

Man just about the lousiest buffet i've ever tried! I'm sorry Anton but this is not a good place at all! I'm fully aware that raw seafood in these places(buffets) are often not at the quality sashimi has to be at but oh my god is this place the worst! You'll see very bad quality fish add to that they are very badly cut! What a health Hazard this place is!
Buffet 101 and Vikings has got to be better than this and i think they are cheaper too(not a fan of either 101 or vikings)! They have cooks that can't even slice fish or steak properly. Protein dishes that are as hard as rubber bullets! I've been to this place twice and i dreaded it the 2nd time but i had to go since it was a special occasion and it was a close friend of mine.
I can remember so many horror images in this buffet restaurant. The tough tough meats you name it the lamb, the chicken, the beef.... The beef in the beef kaldareta had nothing in it except beef bones! Smoked Salmon was cut very weirdly, Raw Fish(sashimi) was falling apart which is not a good sign which means the fish is obviously not fresh anymore... Sashimi fish shouldn't be fresh technically but has to be aged the right way... but what they had was just the total opposite of fresh... well we all know that Buffets never really try to do the proper aging process but most if not all at least try to give "fresh" fish. When i saw that buffet i literally told my parents and some of my friends to stop getting those specific stuff because they could get sick... scary... very scary.

That's the same story for the two times i've been there. Once was on chinese new year and one was around the 4th of febuary. I dunno what your experience was entirely but mine just plain sucked... They are relatively new so i hope the learn and fix up... serving crappy raw seafood is no joke.

We were also sold by the numerous blogs and reviews that recommended this place. Even distinguished ones such as this... yet, to our surprise, this is by far the worst buffet we've ever tried! I could also see the gloomy and disappointed look of other diners...
Only the salmon sashimi was fresh albeit being wrongly cut...
There wasn't much seafood selection... The dishes taste bleh =p We can't even consider them edible... And, all the variety of meat was rubbery! The only thing you could eat are the ones they didn't prepare or cook themselves like the salmon sashimi, cheese, salad bar and perhaps dimsum (just to fill the tummy and get at least some of your money's worth)

The rest room is icky muddy wet and there's no water... with their luxurious ambiance, that kind of rest room is a turn off really...

Imho, food club gave a good impression to the mercato group because let,s face's free publicity and advertising so obviously they had to put on a good show. Every other tom, dick and harry will have a totally different experience . So thank you to those who responded to this post because the real picture and review of this place is revealed.

Yes of course, when you introduce yourself as a food blogger or take photos all over the place (a dead give away), the restaurant will treat you better. Which is why I always take these reviews with a grain of salt. Sometimes I'm really surprised at the restaurants that get good reviews at this blog.

Went there yesterday. The lobsters were ok, you just have to request for them since they always hide it under the seafood table. The oysters are good and are fresh. No rib eye and the meat station is a fail. Tried the shawarma meat which is also a fail, very very bland taste. Juices are indeed NOT fresh although they have smoothies.

I disagree with the attentive waiters and cooks. The old cook in the meat section would always ignore me when i asked if they can cook my lobsters and passed me on to a younger cook? seniority rules? I also asked for wine, asked another one and asked again...only then was the wine given.

Hope they improve...

I had a terrible experience. It's too bad because we were celebrating a special ocassion.

My cousin kept complaining that the seafood was not fresh, especially the salmon and oysters. The cheese they placed on top of the oyster was pretty much tasteless, aside from it being somewhat hard and super rubbery. The food selection, as opposed to what bloggers say, cannot even be compared to that of a hotel's. It looked like there were so many, when in fact the choices were so limited. The shabu-shabu they gave us lacked taste. The Japanese station (the one with Tempura) was always empty, and they were not even in a hurry to refill it.

As for the service, it was the worst! The waiters were so rude. We had to ask for water for about 3 times. The only served us water, much to the server's distaste, when we got angry already. Only the girl manager's nice. All the's as if we're a nuisance to them.

I will never ever go back.

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