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OGETSU HIME: "Goddess of Food": Japanese A la Carte Dining by the Villavicencio's @SMAuraPremier

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-38.jpg

OGETSU HIME is a Japanese A la Carte Restaurant specializing in Sushi/Sashimi, Teppanyaki, and Table-side Sukiyaki Cooking. Its name literally means "Goddess of Food" and is from the proponents of Saisaki and Sambokojin.  

Here's our Ogetsu Hime experience at the Sky Park in SM Aura Premier...

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-2.jpg
As you enter, you'll see this sushi bar where you can watch your sushi/sashimi prepared right in front of you.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-3.jpg
At the center of the restaurant are Teppanyaki Tables best for big groups.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-26.jpg
OGETSU HIME MENU: Teppanyaki: Meat & Poultry, Vegetables | Teppanyaki: Seafood, Foil Yaki | Sukiyaki, Yosenabe | Nimono, Ju - Mono | Robatayaki: Meat & Poutry | Robatayaki: Seafood and Vegetables | Tempura, Agemono | Chawan, Tofu | Gyoza, Noodles and Soup, Rice | Appetizers | Sashimi | Sashimi | Nigiri Sushi | Nigiri Sushi | Aburi Sushi | Temaki, Chirashi | Special Rolls | Makimono 

The menu focuses on a la carte servings of local Japanese favorites. The menu price is already VAT-inclusive and surprisingly, with no additional service charge.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-24.jpg
The restaurant setting is casually formal. The tables, chairs, and designs feel lightweight.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-28.jpg
✮ OGETSU HIME ROLL (P320). Furikake and Sesame Seed Crusted Roll with Unagi, Ebi Tempura, Cream Cheese, Avocado and Unagi Sauce with Kochukaru Mayonnaise. 

We like this sushi roll because of the combination of unagi, avocado, and black sesame seeds. Yum!

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-29.jpg
Make sure to dip it in the mayonnaise and get a bit more of the unagi sauce.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-33.jpg
✮ TORI MOMONIKU TERIYAKI (P160). Chicken Thigh.

The Chicken Teriyaki was not bad at all -- not too sweet and grilled just right.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-42.jpg
✮ SEAFOOD MORIAWASE TEPPANYAKI (P520). Prawn, Norwegian Salmon and Mahi Mahi.

We ordered a Seafood Teppanyaki set, and I liked the salmon and the shrimp with the teppanyaki sauce. This set is served with sauteed vegetables and hot miso soup.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-30.jpg
✮ US RIB EYE SUKIYAKI (P950). Thinly Sliced Beef, Shiitake & Enoki Mushroom, Vegetables, Beancurd and Yam Noodles, Cooked in Sweetened Soya Sauce (Good for 2-3 persons).

Best of the bunch was the sukiyaki, which is served table-side and cooked right in front of you.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-31.jpg
The raw egg is mixed first, and this is used as a dipping for the cooked meat.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-32.jpg
Raw meat with fat is used to line the Sukiyaki Pot with oil while it is being heated.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-34.jpg
Onions are cooked first before the meat.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-37.jpg
The meat is placed one piece at a time into the pot with the sweet sukiyaki sauce.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-39.jpg
You feel pampered as the meat is cooked in front of you. You can already start enjoying it right after it is cooked.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-44.jpg
Once the meat is cooked, the rest of the vegetables are added together with the glass noodles.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-45.jpg
Since we don't want to eat the raw egg, we decided to have cooked with the sukiyaki soup.

OGETSU HIME - SM AURA - Our Awesome Planet-1.jpg

OGETSU HIME is a recommended place for foodies looking for good Japanese food at SM Aura Premier. We love their Ogetsu Hime Roll, Nabemono Table-Side Sukiyaki Cooking, and Seafood Moriawase Teppanyaki. It's surprising that they don't have additional service charge, so make sure to leave a very good tip.

Budget is P500-P1,000/head, depending on whether you are getting the teppanyaki and sukiyaki.

The look of the resto is a bit ordinary, and the tables and chairs aren't anything special. But we don't mind as long as it translates to good food and service with affordable pricing. 

5F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating Hours: Daily 10:00am to 10:00pm


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Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. The Taxi Lane at SM Aura has moved to the side. You can pass through the SM Store at the ground floor to get there.

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good work! we should patronize more homegrown restos. i'm getting tired of all these foreign franchises popping up like weeds.

I disagree with the above statement... there are good foreign franchises and they give us Filipinos a better choice, and local restaurants when they start to go big tend to become more and more mediocre without a serious competitor. case in point: triple v group.

I need the number of ogetsu.
For reservation tonight

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