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KETCHUP: Canto + Green Pepper + Happy Tummy + Rancho Norte + Rumah Sate

KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-5.jpg

KETCHUP is a Food Community composed of Baguio home grown Food concepts which includes Canto, Happy Tummy, Rancho Norte, Rumah Sate, and Green Pepper.

We love the outdoor feel under the pine trees, the affordable food and it's a nice food stop after visiting Wright Park, Mines View Park, and The Mansion.

This will be an ongoing collection of posts of our own experiences with the different restos at Ketchup. 


We tried Happy Tummy first even before the entire Ketchup community was established.

Happy Tummy-19.jpg

Happy Tummy is a Thai resto hidden just across the horseback riding area in Wright Park.

The first time we went to Wright Park, we did not even notice that there was a good place to eat nearby. (Thanks to JP Alipio for the tip about Happy Tummy!)

I loved this combined experience of horseback riding + eating home-cooked Thai food. It is one of our best experiences in Baguio. :)

Read More: HAPPY TUMMY & Wright Park



KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-19.jpg
Rancho Norte serves Filipino comfort food and drinks.

KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-7.jpg
RANCHO NORTE MENU: Combo Meals, All Day Favorite, Tapa | Vegetable, Soup, Chicken, Other |  On the Grill, Seafoods and Vegetables | Drinks, Fresh Fruit Shakes

The main appeal is that the food is very affordable with dishes priced at P128 to P198.

KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-21.jpg
Tapang Usa (P168)

Their signature dish is exotic tapas like tapang usa, tapang baboy ramo and tapang kabayo.

After riding the cute horses at Wright park, I don't think we can order Tapang Kabayo, so we decided to order the safest Tapang Usa. It was OK, taste like ordinary meat.

KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-22.jpg
Kare-Kare (P198).

We love Kare-Kare, but I think the sauce is from a powder mix.

KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-23.jpg
Mixed Seafood (P198).

This is a popular pulutan dish if you decide to hang out in this area. 



KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-16.jpg
Canto is the most popular restaurant among the five restos because of their pork BBQ lomo ribs.

KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-2.jpg
Sometimes they are closed for private functions like wedding receptions for local Baguio couples.



KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-17.jpg

Rumah Sate serves Indonesian and Malaysian dishes. Check out their menu:

Rumah Sate Menu: Sate (Satay), Skewers, Nasi Goreng |  Pencuci Mulut (Desserts), Minuman (Beverages), Cold

KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-18.jpg
It's a good alternative if you are craving for spicy Asian cuisine.

Indonesian & Malaysian Homestyle Cuisine
Mobile: +63 927 235-9818, +63 918 550-9737



KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-12.jpg
This is the least appealing concept because it serves continental comfort food like pasta, salad, steak and sandwiches.



KETCHUP Community - Our Awesome Planet-1.jpg

"Ketchup Food Community, located along Romulo drive Pacdal, is a new restaurant concept featuring startup Baguio-based businesses complementing established restaurants in the central business district."

"Ketchup will consist of 5 new locally owned food establishments that would encourage simple outdoor dining with good food, ambiance and distinctive architecture adding delight to the whole dining experience. Located between these restaurants is a central open space for small casual events, outdoor parties and mini-concerts."

"Ketchup’s vision is to create a first rate destination alongside Wright Park, The Mansion,and Botanical Garden and to promote homegrown local businesses."

Romulo Drive, Pacdal, Baguio City 
(in front of Wright Park)
FacebookKetchup: The Food Community
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM


Live an Awesome Life,

anton  signature

P.S. Let me know your own foodie tips on what to order at Ketchup in the comments section.



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Hi Anton. I will be in Baguio on the 28th to January 1. Any tips on where to spend New Year's Eve?

WOOW, delicius....

Green Pepper actually serves gourmet Filipino- like the Sinigang with Etag and their version of Pinikpikan. The concept is a little mix-mix. But I think it's worth mentioning that they serve local Cordillera food.

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