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SARSA: Contemporary Negrense Food in Manila by Chef Jayps Anglo! @JPAnglo16

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-28.jpg

SARSA by Chef JP Anglo is making waves in the competitive BGC dining scene, providing Filipino and Negrense Food with contemporary touches while using the best local ingredients.

Chef Jayps is best known as a judge for the Master Chef Pinoy Edition and for his modern resto bar, MuShu Asian Restaurant & Lounge in Bacolod. He is also the favorite Chef of Kris Aquino. 

Sarsa is packed during lunch and dinner time, especially on weekends. It's easily the busiest restaurant in the new Forum South Global area (near NBC Tent and Arts in the City). 

Here's what we think about Sarsa, with some tips to have an awesome dining experience...

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-2.jpg
Sarsa is located on the ground floor of Forum South Global, in between Skippy's Bar & Grill and YOREE Korean dining. 

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-7.jpg
There's a long line during the peak hours. It is highly recommended that you reserve before going.

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-9.jpg
The lunch time crowd at Sarsa is jam-packed so go early or have a late lunch if you are walking in.

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-3.jpg
About Sarsa | Sarsa Kitchen + Bar Menu | Sarsa Photo MenuDrinks

The photo menu showcases Chef Jayps' Negrense offerings. We tried his bestsellers.

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-11.jpg
There's a bar where you can sit if you don't want to wait for a table. 

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-10.jpg
This is the kitchen setup. Don't be surprised to hear the same dishes being ordered by the customers. :) 

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-12.jpg  
The resto name is inspired by Filipinos' love for sarsa or sauces -- sinamak, soy sauce, achuete oil, vinegar, and kalamansi -- all certified to ignite your appetite. :)

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-13.jpg
✮ SARSA BATCHOY *SPECIAL (P240+10% service charge) with egg, bone marrow, bacon-cut liempo

This tastes like Pinoy Ramen made special with cholesterol from egg, bone marrow, and bacon-cut liempo! The soup is really good but it has that raw noodle aftertaste.

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-23.jpg
✮ TORTANG TALONG with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti (P165 +10% service charge) with Pinakurat & Chili Banana, Sardines

For something different, we ordered tortang talong topped with crispy sardines and kesong puti. What makes this really good is the Pinakurat vinegar, which balances the salty cheese with lemon flavors. Also try pairing it with the chili banana sauce for variety. Sarap! 

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-20.jpg
✮ PECHO (Chicken Breast) (P165 +10% service charge) with SARSA Trio

The inasal was also cooked well with the insides still juicy. Though the serving size is a bit small and is only enough for one. This chicken is best eaten with your bare hands. :)

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-25.jpg
✮ SIZZLING KANSI BULALO (P350 +10% service charge) 

Best of all is the Sizzling Kansi with juicy and flavorful chopped meat, served with sinfully creamy bone marrow in the middle, and topped with yummy special batwan gravy. :)

The batwan sauce is not too overpowering and goes best with the meat, some sinamak, and rice.

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-29.jpg
BANANA TSOKOLATE TURON (P80 +10% service charge) with Vanilla Ice Cream (P45)

A poor version of turon. Save on the extra calories and just eat dessert at some other place. 

SARSA Kitchen + Bar by Chef Jayps - Our Awesome Planet-8.jpg

Chef Jayps' Sarsa is Negrense comfort food done well with contemporary touches, and you can taste the high quality of local ingredients he uses. It's not mind-blowing but it is a welcome change from all the gourmet food in the BGC area.

It's also worth waiting in line for, which is about 30 minutes during peak hours. But of course, it's still best to make reservations. :)

Order the Sizzling Kansi, Inasal, and Special Batchoy. Skip the dessert. 

Budget is P500/person, which is affordable given the location. 

Unit 1-7, Forum South Global, 7th Ave corner 25th Street , Fort Bonifacio
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday: 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Telephone: +63 927 706-0773
FacebookSarsa Kitchen+Bar


Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. Parking is difficult as they have limited parking slots at the back of McDo. The best place to park is the parking lot in front of NBC Tent, then just walk towards the Forum.



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sapagkalilintiankaMAHAL! inasal here in bacolod costs 60-80P while batchoy here costs 60-90P P90 is already the top end of the best resto in bacolod...

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