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September 26, 2013

OTKB: Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar First Look... @BoniHighStreet‎

OTKB Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar-8.jpg

Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar or OTKB for short is the first free-style Antipasti Bar in Manila created by Executive Chef Rob Pengson and Sous Chef Jonvic Mangibin, in partnership with the Del Monte group. It's along Bonifacio High Street at the former location of Stock Market restaurant.

But what is a free-style Antipasti Bar? Antipasti is the plural of Antipasto, which is the traditionally first course of an Italian meal. So you can think of it as tapas in Spanish cuisine, or like an appetizer in the Western context.

We tried OTKB during its soft-opening/training phase with our Mercato partners and here's our experience...

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September 25, 2013

CHEF JESSIE: 100 Revolving Restaurant @EastwoodCityPh‎ (A Review)

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-42.jpg
Chef Jessie's 100 Revolving Restaurant is a modern 360 revolving, fine dining restaurant in the Philippines, featuring the classic French cuisine of Chef Jessie Sinsioco of Le Souffle fame.

(Trivia: Manila Royal Hotel's Revolving Restaurant is credited to be the first in the Philippines located in Quiapo, Manila in the 1970's.)

We recently tried it with our Mercato partners, RJ and Vanessa, who are fans of Chef Jessie's food.

Here's our 100 Revolving Restaurant experience...

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CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE RECIPE: Do-it-Yourself Yummy Chocolate Cupcakes Gift! @bakehappytweets

"Recently, I received one of the best homemade perfectly moist chocolate cupcakes as a gift from Aikko of Bake Happy blog. I asked her if she can share her secret recipe to OAP friends as a way also of introducing her passion baking blog to all of you. Enjoy!" - Anton, Founder, Our Awesome Planet


Hi, everyone. Aikko from Bake Happy (http://www.bakehappy.net) here. First of all, I would like to extend a big thank you to Anton for allowing me to guest post in his awesome blog! Such an honor! 

Today I'm going to show you how to make super easy, really moist and absolutely yummy chocolate cupcakes. 

Because saying thank you never goes out of style, what better way to show your appreciation to the people you care about than giving gifts that you made yourself? How about making them chocolate cupcakes individually packaged in cute little boxes? 

Guest Blog Post Series from Awesome Bloggers in Manila:

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September 24, 2013

WAFU: Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet! (@WAFUgreenhills kicks off the Teppanyaki Craze in Manila?!)

WAFU Sit-down Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet-44.jpg
WAFU's Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet is a 12-course, sit-down, Japanese-style iron grill feast curated by Wafu's Executive Chef, Chris Oronce. But unlike traditional buffets where you can order anything, guests are required to go through all 12 courses first before they can order more of their favorites on the menu. The buffet comes with a sushi sampler, dessert, unlimited fried rice, and drinks.

We enjoyed our teppanyaki meal. I can't help but think that this could be the start of the teppanyaki craze in Manila!

Here are some highlights from our own Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet experience with Executive Sous Chef Leslie Altura...

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September 23, 2013

Announcing... BLOGAPALOOZA 2013!

Blogapalooza Announcement poster

What is Blogapalooza?

BWith its slogan, “B2B: Business to Blogger Networking Event,” Blogapalooza is a collective gathering wherein companies can meet and present themselves to the bloggers who are nowadays referred to as “social media experts”. With the new advertising and marketing landscape quickly changing and social media being a focal point for anyone’s marketing strategies, meeting the online community has been vital to the success of most young start-ups.

Blogapalooza is an event that brings together hundreds of Influential Bloggers into 1 venue. And give you the center-stage to showcase your product / service / brand. The vibe of the event is fast paced and dynamic to keep the bloggers interest going. 

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September 18, 2013

DESSERT COMES FIRST: Manila's Must-have Cookbook of 2013! @DessertComes1st

DESSERT COMES FIRST: From Blog to Book by Lori Baltazar!

sample page DCF book - Nostalgia

The DESSERT COMES FIRST BOOK is a special cookbook/memoir by one of Manila's Top Food Bloggers, Lori Baltazar of www.dessertcomesfirst.com. It's a celebration of food in four forms: essays, food porn photos, chef profiles, and secret recipes.  

I was impressed with the quality of the book and by the discipline it took to complete this 14-month project. It's a real privilege to be a witness to Lori's blossoming from a food blogger/writer to the author of a best-selling book.

From a guy who doesn't know how to cook, I can really appreciate this book. Not only does it share Lori's own yummy stories, like her travels to foodie places in Italy and Japan, it also documents her encounters with distinguished chefs and food personalities that I also personally admire.

It's great to be able read about the profiles of Chefs Him Uy de Baron, Ed Bugia, Stevie Villacin, Ricky Morelos, Karen Young, Roshan Samtani, Tina Diaz, Gina Lopez, the gifted girls behind Kitchen’s Best (Roselyn, Martina, and Bern Tiangco), and the late Chef Ed Quimson, all captured in this book.

This is definitely Manila's must-have cookbook of 2013!

Here are the highlights of the awesome private book launch/party held last September 4...

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September 17, 2013

MIO GELATI: Pioneering Gelato Dessert Truck in Manila @MioGelati @CucinaAndare

mio gelati owner

At 23 years of age, Celina Nolasco was able to create her own food business. 

It was in 2011 when she thought of putting up an ice cream business since the Philippines is a tropical country and this cool treat would be appreciated all-year round. She ended up with a gelato stand, but because of difficulties with logistics, her father suggested that she make her business mobile and go for a food truck.

It became easier for her then to travel from Quezon City to the Midnight Mercato weekend market where she launched her food truck, Mio Gelati, in April 2011.

She named it such because “mio gelati” translates to “my gelato”, a business in which Celina practically did everything—from experimenting with flavors, mixing them, and tasting all of it. Her experience in the culinary industry helped her with this business. 

Flavors of Cucina Andare: Food Truck Series

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