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Our Awesome Planet

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13 posts from July 2013

July 31, 2013

BOSES: A Tagalog Indie Film about Child Abuse Every Filipino Parent should Watch! @BOSESTheMovie

We watched the homecoming screening of BOSES at Cinemalaya, and Wolverine last Sunday.

Wolverine was visually entertaining, but we never talked about it after the movie. BOSES, on the other hand, kept us reflecting on child abuses at home or around us and what are we doing about it.

  • During the times when you become a "monster" parent, do you verbally and physically harm your kids?
  • What will you do if you heard of a child abuse from your neighborhood? Will you just ignore it and mind your own business, or will you help stop it?
  • Do you bully your own kids or tolerate bullying in any form?

This is the movie that every Filipino parent should watch! 

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July 29, 2013

GINZA BAIRIN MANILA: BEST Katsudon, Kurobuta Rosu Tonkatsu and Unagi Katsu @GinzaBairinPH

Ginza Bairin-52.jpg

GINZA BAIRIN pioneered the modern Katsu House in Japan in Ginza, the luxurious district in Tokyo, in 1927. It's a boutique family-ran Katsu franchise with branches in Tokyo, Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and now in Manila.

Ginza Bairin's claim to fame is that they invented the modern Tonkatsu sauce formulated by pharmacist epicurean patron,  Nobukatsu Shibuya. Its name is inspired by Bairin, or plum forest, which they say is the secret behind their Tonkatsu sauce. 

Also, Ginza Bairin's Special Katsudon is hailed as the number one Donburi in Japan by Japanese Food authorities from culinary TV programs Asahi "Tokyo Restaurant Guide" and Fuji TV "VivaVivaV6" and as well as Iron Chefs Robusaburo Michibo and Yoshiharu Doi.

We were fortunate to dine with Masaya Shibuya, third generation owner of Ginza Bairin, who shared with us stories about Katsu and how to properly appreciate it the Ginza Bairin way.

Battle for the BEST Tonkatsu in Manila:

The Best Restos of New Glorietta in Makati:

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July 28, 2013

BACON RECIPES: How do you like your Bacon? Crispy vs. Chewy?

(Guest Blog Post by Liz Yin from our friends from Curate Hub)

Fwd: Bacon Book Promotion
(Bacon | Image credit: rikomatic)

Hey there Bacon Fanatic! Not one yet? No worries. Just wanted to share some creative bacon treats and discuss crispy vs. chewy bacon.  Which do you prefer?

We often eat bacon with eggs or some other breakfast items but personally I get tired of eating bacon straight from the pan.

Here are three alternative methods that make delicious bacon treats:

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July 24, 2013

OCEAN ADVENTURE SUBIC: Planning Guide to the Best Experiences of Ocean Adventure Park!

Dolphin and Whale Show-29.jpg

OCEAN ADVENTURE  is a marine conservatory and adventure park located in Subic Bay and founded by animal behaviorists and trainers. It is owned by Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, that is the same Philippine corporation running Camayan Beach Resort beside it.

Here is a family's guide to the must-experienced attractions at Ocean Adventure:

Top 10 Adventure Attractions in South East Asia for Kids!

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July 19, 2013

MAGOSABURO MANILA: Mago Kaiseki & Japanese Wagyu Steak on Lava Stone with Wine Pairings!


MAGOSABURO is a posh Japanese restaurant and wine bar hailing from the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan founded in 2009. The Mago Manila franchise specializes on Mago Kaiseki which is a 9-course set (think degustation) with Japanese Wagyu steak cooked on a Lava Stone as the highlight.

Some foodies are familiar with the Magosaburou in Singapore which is known for its "Ultra-luxurious Japanese BBQ" concept. The Kaiseki focus and the wine-lounge concept sets the Manila branch apart from Magosaburo international franchises in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Thailand. 

We tried the 9-course Mago Kaiseki and sampled a selection of their famed Japanese wagyu steaks during an intimate lunch with the owner a few days after its soft opening.

Here's what we like and some tips to have an awesome experience at Magosaburo Philippines:

What's New in BGC Restaurants in 2013?

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