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@MEZZANORTE at TRINOMA: Successful Opening Weekend in Trinoma!

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-20.jpg
(MasterChef Ivory prepares food for you at The Sultry Chef booth @Mezza Norte

Thank you to all the food entrepreneurs and foodies who came to support Mezza Norte's big move to Trinoma!

It is a great successful start of Mezza Norte at Trinoma -- the premier Food and Lifestyle Market in the North happening every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday 4pm to 3am) at the Mindanao Open Parking, Trinoma Mall. 

Here's a photo essay of the launch of Mezza Norte at Trinoma last May 3, 2013 Friday:

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Mezza Norte at Trinoma-50.jpg
Mezza Norte at Trinoma opens as the sun is about to set every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-34.jpgThe main entrance is along North Avenue.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-37.jpg
You can also enter from the side entrance if you are coming from the intersection of Mindanao and North Avenue.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-44.jpg
Here's a bird's eye view from Trinoma Mall.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-47.jpg
If you are coming from Trinoma, you can cross the overhead bridge going to Mindanao Open Parking.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-48.jpg
If you are bringing a car, there's a large Mindanao Open Parking space beside the market. You can also enter Mezza Norte via the back entrance beside the parking.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-9.jpg
There's a lot of unique food from Home-based entrepreneurs like Happy Chef that you cannot find in any of the Mercato Markets.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-29.jpg
We love the Baked Ribs by Happy Chef to kick-start our Mezza Norte food trip :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-64.jpg
The most popular stalls are the yummy grilling stations!

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-14.jpg
ISAW is the most popular food in the night markets.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-15.jpg
My personal favorite is the kebabs.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-52.jpg
You can also have grilled seafood :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-16.jpg
Food Trucks are welcome -- The Philly Cheese Steak Food Truck is here at Mezza Norte!  

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-70.jpg
Our boys love these huge takoyaki balls.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-69.jpg
We also love Chef Anton's Turkey if you are looking for a healthier meat indulgence.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-58.jpg
Crunchy Belly has a cult following for its pork belly chicharon.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-77.jpg
You can also try the popular Fried Chicken Chops in Taiwan.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-67.jpg
You can eat in the center where there are al fresco dining tables under the stars :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-81.jpg
We also love our Chix & Squid Mongolian for our dinner :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-74.jpg
You can practically go around and taste test your way through out Mezza Norte :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-86.jpg
You can have authentic Thai food and delicacies from Thai Deli.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-91.jpg
You can also try home-made Japanese food from Nakamura and gourmet sausages from Schmidt's.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-26.jpg
For dessert -- lots of cakes!

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-25.jpg
One of the most popular offers in the markets -- 3 for P100 cakes!

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-22.jpg
My son's favorite -- Mochiko Ice Cream Mochi!

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-60.jpg
For ice cream, you have to try Merry Moo's Artisan Ice Cream :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-53.jpg
Mark Sablan, General Manager of Trinoma, officially opened Mezza Norte at Trinoma.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-24.jpg
In full support of Mezza Norte launch: RJ Ledesma of Mezza Norte, Mark Sablan of Trinoma, Kelvin Ngo of Merry Moo, and Nowie Potenciano of Mochiko.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-66.jpg
Thank you to Ayala for the wonderful partnership with the Night Markets in the Metro :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-80.jpg
My son had fun with the Mobile Pixels Photo Booth at Trinoma! Thank you Mobile Pixels :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-94.jpg
Thank you to the Mercato Centrale team for making the Mezza Norte launch successful :)

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-43.jpg
Thank you Lord for the successful big move of Mezza Norte to Trinoma!

Fwd: New Mezza Norte logo


Address: Mindanao Open Parking lot of Trinoma, at the corner of Mindanao Avenue and North Avenue, Quezon City. 
Operating Hours
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 3am
Mobile: (+63 917) 840-1152
Telephone: (+632) 812-0102


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Full Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is a co-founder of MEZZA NORTE @ TRINOMA.

P.S. Here's the exact location of Mezza Norte at TriNoma’s Mindanao Open Parking (corner of Mindanao & North Ave):

Fwd: New Mezza Norte flyer study

P.P.S. I suggest you use the toilets at Trinoma Mall, but we also have a mobile restroom beside the market.

Mezza Norte at Trinoma-63.jpg



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Can i ask if you still have mezza norte in technohub?

Theres no more Mezza Norte at Technohub :( We moved to Trinoma already.

It's our pleasure! The Mercato team and the crowd were awesome! :)

Thank you for bringing Mercato to a more accessible location for us who lives in the north! Great variety of merchants and cuisines, more affordable and delicious offerings than what Trinoma offers.

We were there last Saturday (when there was a sudden downpour) and one thing I couldn't help but notice was the lack of garbage bins in the area. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there was only one large bin (by the noodles place). We had to resort to "nakikitapon" to stall owners who were very accommodating naman.

Kudos to your team (in yellow shirts?) who were running ragged helping people bring tables in to the tented areas, while clearing tables and picking up garbage.

got to try out Macheesmo here and was disappointed. i really wanted to like the burger because i thought it would be the local version of the juicy lucy in the states but it wasn't. cheese was sparse and the cook kept on poking at the patty until she created a hole where all the cheese went out from. they also overwhelmed what was supposed to be a tasty patty with ketchup. too bad.
mr nakamura's food looks promising though

Hi, is there a Manila Q stallin Mezza Norte? Looking forward to going on a food trip there soon! Thanks!

YES I believe they still have a booth there.


I am excited to go on this. My boyfriend and I will take some dinne r here on Aug 3

can't wait to go there this coming weekend... see ya'll:)

i will go there later...

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