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OLVERA'S: Authentic Home Cooked Mexican Cuisine @ MercatoCentrale!

Text by Nikka Sarthou and Photos by Kurl Marx Mendoza

Olvera's @ Mercato Centrale

The thing about food trends is that they come and go, but it’s different when it’s the real deal. There’s nothing more genuine than Olvera’s Authentic Mexican Grill in Mercato Centrale. For one thing, is owned by a native of Mexico City, Sergio Perez, who decided to use the surname of his mother, Olvera.

Flavors of Mercato Series 1:

Olvera's @ Mercato Centrale

Sergio came to the Philippines four years ago for a vacation. Upon his arrival, he discovered that there were hardly any restaurants serving food that he grew up with so he decided to do something. It was only around two years ago when he put up his own stall that serves select Mexican specialties. 

One of his offerings is the burrito, which is a soft tortilla wrap that is typically filled with your choice of meat and rice. Olvera’s gives its diners meat choices to choose from—pollo (chicken), carne asada (beef) and lengua (ox tongue). It is best eaten when dipped in a spicy salsa, which Olvera’s creates from scratch. 

Olvera's @ Mercato Centrale

The burrito is jampacked and can be eaten to share—depending on how big is your appetite. I like how the filling and salsa create explosive piquant flavors when you bite into the burrito. And the cilantro herbs give a different taste component. It is definitely not altered for the local palate (Filipinos are known to prefer mild and sweet flavors), so prepare your taste buds for some heat. I discovered the Sergio imports some ingredients—including chilies—so he can get closer to the real flavors of Mexico. “I can give the Mexican touch to the burritos.”

Olvera's @ Mercato Centrale

Another specialty of Olvera’s is the street tacos. If the Philippines has its fishballs, Mexico has its street tacos, which you can find in almost every street corner there. This taco version has a soft tortilla, which I actually find easier to eat. The hard one breaks easily while the soft taco is more pliable and chewy. It comes with the same choice of meats, onions, salsa, cilantro and a squeeze of lime. Cilantro is an integral part of Mexican cuisine so diners better be aware of it. It think it is somewhat an acquired taste since it has a very distinct and strong flavor.

Olvera's @ Mercato Centrale

For those looking for some crunch, try the classic nachos or the flautas, which are rolled chicken taquitos topped with shreds of lettuce, sour cream and salsa. In fact, all of Olvera’s offerings are served with fresh salsa. 

No need to get on a plane and head to Mexico anymore since you can get authentic Mexican cuisine right in heart of the metro.

Mobile number: (+63 917) 828-9396
Facebook: Olvera's Authentic Mexican Grill

Available at Midnight Mercato:

Address: Corner of 34th & 8th avenue (near MC Home Depot), BGC Taguig
Mobile number: (+63 917) 840-1152 
Email: or
Operating hours: Every Friday and Saturday, 10pm-3am 

Flavors of Mercato Series 1:

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would love to try this one. wonder if it's as good as those that i've tried in California.

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