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28 posts from April 2013

April 30, 2013

BROTZEIT Philippines: Starting the German Bar & Resto Craze in Manila? @BrotzeitPH


BROTZEIT is a Singaporean-owned German restaurant that aims to promote quality German Beers and Bavarian cuisine in the Asia Pacific Region. Manila is the 10th branch in the world from the time the restaurant first opened in 1996.

"Brot" means "bread" and "zeit" literally translates to "time" in German, so its name means bread time or small meal or snack time, which usually is accompanied by refreshing, good quality beers.

Although it was a bit expensive and some of the dishes got mixed reviews, I did love the draft beers and the sausages. Could this be the start of a German beer/ resto craze in Manila?

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A Tourist's View of Things To Do in Manila :) @MildaRatkelyte

(I'm interested to see how tourists see Manila so I asked Travel Blogger Milda of Asia Rooms to do a guest post in OAP about "A Tourist's View of Things To Do in Manila" - Anton)

Manila Bay by night
(Photo by Ric_K)

Previously seen as nothing more than a sprawling "concrete jungle", Manila was typically regarded as a layover stop for tourists before they moved on to other Philippine destinations. However, in recent years Manila has grown popularity as a destination in its own right.  Manila city, which is located in the metropolitan region of the same name, has bloomed into a colourful and vibrant holiday location, now attracting backpackers and holidaymakers from far and wide.  This is partly due to the city’s vast and unique districts, each with its own history, culture and cuisine. 

Whether you've just booked your first trip to Manila, or you're researching fun and exotic Asian destinations for your next vacation, this guide will explain what there is to do during your stay in the Philippines' capital city.  

Here are four fabulous things to do in Manila during your stay: 

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April 29, 2013

MAD FOR GARLIC Philippines: Italian-Korean Wine Resto (and Garlic Breath) @MadforGarlicPH

MAD For Garlic-29.jpg
MAD FOR GARLIC is a Korean restaurant specializing in garlicky Italian cuisine, franchised by the Global Resto group. They say this was the original inspiration of a localized resto concept called Krazy Garlik.

For Garlic enthusiasts and Spicy food lovers, this is the place to be -- guaranteed to give you a garlicky breath finish. We enjoyed the Italian fare with a Korean twist because some of the dishes were sweet for the boys, and their super spicy pastas in the menu were great for me.

Here's a rundown of what we ordered and some tips on how to have an awesome experience at MAD FOR GARLIC...

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What's New in BGC Restaurants in 2013?

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April 26, 2013

BALIK BUKID: The BEST Country Fair in Sta. Elena You Shouldn't Miss! @BalikBukidFair

Balik Bukid-45.jpg

BALIK BUKID is a Country Fair organized by Gippy and Hindy Tantoco in Sta. Elena Fun Farm in Laguna. It's usually held twice a year -- one during summer and one during the BER season.

We were completely blown away by the unique back-to-farm experience like riding a carabao with the kids, buying organic and natural products, feasting on healthy and organic food, and jamming with some of the best performing artists in the country.

You have to bring your family to experience the BEST Country Fair in the Philippines!

Here's a photo essay of our 2nd Balik Bukid experience last November 17, 2012...

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BUMBLE TEA: The Milk Tea Buzz @MercatoCentrale

Text by Nikka Sarthou and Photos by Crissy Castillo

Bumble Tea

The milk tea trend has been around for quite some time now and it looks like it is here to stay, especially with the summer season at its peak. This hot weather calls for refreshing beverages to cool you down and milk tea is a good choice. It is really my preferred drink, as I am more of a tea person rather than coffee.

There are lots of milk tea brands out there but not all are created equal. What I like about Bumble Tea Place in is that it offers a wide range of beverage choices, and it also customizes sugar levels, which I really appreciate because I’m not too fond of overly sweet drinks. Customers may choose if they want 100% sugar content in their drinks, or none at all. Although it takes an extra step before you can get a hold of your drink, it is worth your time so you can alter the tea according to your taste. 

Flavors of Mercato Series 1:

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