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Happy New Year 2013! @Nuvali Lantern Parade

Nuvali Lantern Festival-9.jpg
400+ Lanterns welcomed the New Year in Light Up Nuvali's Lantern Parade last December 30 7pm.

Nuvali Lantern Festival-5.jpg
Each lantern carrying the hopeful wishes for a fun new year in 2013.

Nuvali Lantern Festival-16.jpg
It was a team effort to setup the big lanterns, light it up, and release it to the Nuvali sky.

Nuvali Lantern Festival-10.jpg
A big smiley face is literally painted in everyone's faces as the lanterns are released.

Nuvali Lantern Festival-20.jpg
From our family to yours -- A Blessed, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year in 2013!

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Full Disclosure:  Our lanterns were courtesy of our friends from Nuvali. I wrote this blog post myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I have no business relationship with any company mentioned in this post or any organization promoting it. As a policy, I don't accept compensation from food and travel places we feature in the blog. 

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Looks nice and beautiful in the night skies. If only people will realize the FIRE HAZARD it brings.

Fantastic :)

yes i agree with you mayk..yes its nice to use sky lantern but hope they think first what its happen after and its effect..

Are there any up coming sky lantern events here manila?

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