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BORACAY's White Christmas: 10 Never-Boring Experiences to Enjoy with your Kids!

Swimming in Boracay-27.jpg
This is the first time that we visited Boracay in December. I must agree with most that December is the best time to be in Boracay because the beach is whiter, the sky bluer and the ambiance cooler. Hence, this time is known as the Boracay's White Christmas.

It was also the first time for our three boys to experience the white powdery sand beaches of Boracay. But what can one do in an island (with kids) made more famous by its vibrant night life and adult-oriented activities?

Here are 10 Never-Boring Experiences to Enjoy with your Kids in Boracay:


#1: Swimming in White-Sand Beach with Crystal-Clear Waters

Boracay waters-4.jpg
The kids can swim the entire day because the beach in Boracay slopes gradually, the bottom is mostly sand, and the waves are not too strong. 

Arriving in Boracay-29.jpg
In December, each day is a perfect time to go to the beach and admittedly, a photographer's haven because you'll get a perfectly  diffused lighting, perfect blue sky, and dramatic sunsets.

Swimming in Boracay-14.jpg
The boys loved to play with the waves and even the precocious 2-year-old  enjoys it.

Swimming in Boracay-18.jpg
Here's a beach souvenir shot with the boys "power ranger" pose :)


#2: Playing in the Super-Fine Sand

Cafe Carusso-23.jpg
Kids have simple joys, they love playing in the white sand for hours. They like to lie down on the beach specially at night.

Swimming in Boracay-32.jpg
In the morning, they like to be buried under the cool white sand. 

Swimming in Boracay-35.jpg
Now, it is Mommy's turn to get buried under Boracay's white sand...

Swimming in Boracay-38.jpg
... and afterwards, our sleeping beauty gets a kiss from her little prince.


#3: Swimming in the Kids' Pool

District Swimming Pool-10.jpg
The kids love swimming in the beach as well as in the pool afterwards. It's a must that you need to get a beachfront hotel with a pool for the kids.

District Swimming Pool-14.jpg
Also, make sure that the place would have life vests available for the little ones :)

Check out: THE DISTRICT Boracay Experience: Perfect Location for Families with Kids :) 


#4: It's more fun to drink juice for kids in Boracay

OJ's Roast, Bake and Grill-8.jpg
Beach Hut Bar is more known for its alcoholic drinks like Mojito Madness and draft beer. But, this is also the perfect place to order fresh- fruit smoothies in take -home yardglass for the kids :)

OJ's Roast, Bake and Grill-14.jpg
Go for the mango juices, and avoid the strawberry- flavored because they use artificial syrups. It's a bit expensive at P250, but you get a refill for less P50 :)


#5: Balloon Ride @ D'Mall is a must!

Lemon iCafe-35.jpg
A visit to Boracay with kids is more fun with a ride in the mini-Ferris Wheel in the center of D'mall.

Lemon iCafe-30.jpg
Children that are less than 3 feet need to be accompanied by an adult.

Lemon iCafe-29.jpg
The ride is P30/head and each carriage can carry a maximum of 3 persons.


#6:  Play Table Football @ EPIC

TIP: During lunchtime when most of EPIC's customers are asleep, it is time for the kids to play Table Football :) It's one of those games that the boys and the parents enjoy playing together.


#7: Boracay Experience is Not Complete without Sunset Paraw Sailing

Sunset Paraw Sailing-25.jpg
Paraw is a unique sailboat that are mostly found in Boracay and the Visayas. It has two outriggers or katig, and motorless. It is usually designed with a net where people can sit and appreciate the sunset.

Sunset Paraw Sailing-6.jpg
The best time to go sunset paraw sailing is at 5pm when the sun is just about to set.

Sunset Paraw Sailing-8.jpg
It is best to talk to the Paraw boats crew directly rather than with the middle men along the beach.

During the peak sunset time at 5pm, you can get the boat for P800, good for 2 adults for 30 minutes. The kids should be free of charge if you talk to the boatmen directly.

If you sail on or before 4pm, you can get it at a low of P600 for 2 adults (with kids free of charge) and sailing for 1 hour.

Most middlemen would charge: P1,000 for 1-2 persons, and P1,500 for 3-4 persons.

Sunset Paraw Sailing-9.jpg
Make sure to bring your own lifevests for the kids from the hotel because the paraws don't have one.

Sunset Paraw Sailing-22.jpg
The paraws have a special net bed where you can sit and lie down to enjoy the sunset.

Sunset Paraw Sailing-12.jpg
Tip: to complete the Boracay experience, make sure to buy Jonas Milk Shake and Choriburger to bring along during your sunset “cruise” :)

Sunset Paraw Sailing-32.jpg
In December, Boracay's Sunset is breathtaking, the lighting is picture-perfect and the colors are overwhelmingly beautiful :)


#8: Bungee Jump for Kids!

Bungee Jump for Kids-4.jpg
Beside The Sand Bar in Boracay’s Station 1 is the Bungee Jump (P200) with trampoline that the kids can enjoy.

Bungee Jump for Kids-9.jpg
Aidan (7 yrs. old) and Joshua (5 yrs. old) enjoyed it when it was not yet too high but got scared when they bounced high above the coconut trees.

Bungee Jump for Kids-10.jpg
The little boy Raphael (2 yrs. old) just wanted to jump on the trampoline...


 #9: Watching the Fire Dancers along the Beach

Poi Exhibition-15.jpg
Another must- watch for kids at night are the fire dancers along the beach. The best performers are the Solara Fire Divas that perform in The Sand Bar with their Sparkling Poi finale :)


#10: Watching Boracay's Musical Pyro :)

Boracay Pyro-4.jpg
Don't miss The Sand Bar Boracay's Musical Pyro exhibition on Saturdays of December which is from the same Pyro organizers of the Pyro Musical Competition in Mall of Asia.

That's it! Let me know if you have additional suggestions or recommendations for what to do with kids in Boracay in the comments.

The District Christmas Tree-3.jpgHope you have a magical and wonderful Boracay White Christmas with your Kids this December :)

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Full Disclosure: We paid for all our meals, and experiences featured in this post except for the Bungee Jump which is courtesy of The Sands Boracay who allowed us to try it for free. I wrote this blog post myself, it expresses my own opinions, and we only blog about things that are awesome. I have no business relationship with any company mentioned in this post or any organization promoting it. As a policy, I don't receive compensation from food and travel places we feature in the blog.

P.S. Make sure to boost your kid's immune system when swimming in the waters of Boracay. We never had any problem, but it's better to be prepared. Read E. Coli: More Fun In Boracay?



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ATV ride to Boracay's highest peak! We went there one summer and rode with my then 5 y/o kid. Had a great time!

Thank you very much for this article! Very useful :)

Thanks for this suggestion :) Although we had second thoughts riding the ATV with the 3 boys. Pagmalaki na sila...


Have you tried Boracay's Happy Dreamland Theme Park already? Not sure if your boys are fond of theme park rides, however. It's located in Pinaungon, near Fairways.

Thanks for this tip! We heard about it, but not sure how good is it. Will check out reviews on the web.


Hi! Mojito Madness is a non-alcoholic drink! It's really refreshing! :)

Hi Anton, I guess we visited Boracay at the same time and shared the beach as well. Nice post!

hi anton. the link for the district article is not working, so im just gonna ask it here. is the hotel strict in their policy regarding the number of guests? their websites say only 2 kids are allowed per room. did you have to pay extra for the third child? thank you.

Whether it is night or daytime, Boracay is still the greatest place to experience nice views. But, others say that Boracay is best during night because different colors of lights can be witnessed. Fire dancers are also present during night time, so they are always glowing in the dark.

Anton, I'm interested to go to the Discovery Tunnel. Can you point us to someone who can book us a trip?

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