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THE CHEF'S HOME in Baguio - A Must Eat!

December 2013 Update: They relocated back to their original location. 

Chef's Home-20.jpg

I first heard about Chef's Home as a hole-in-the-wall carinderia along Outlook Drive but we missed it on our first trip to Baguio. 

Foodies' in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines, can't stop raving about this Malaysian chef who decided to be based in Baguio with his Filipina wife (from La Union) after leaving an executive chef post in a hotel resort in Phuket, Thailand.

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Chef's Home-2.jpg
The couple has moved to a cozy Baguio home resto set-up surrounded by gardens just near The Mansion.   

Chef's Home-8.jpg
Acoustic, however, is bad and can be annoying when the restaurant is full.

Chef's Home-4.jpg
It is advisable to come early so as to get a choice table and make your order as the Chef cooks on a first-come-first-order basis.

Check out: Chef's Home Menu of the Day

Chef's Home-11.jpg
★ Crispy Papaya Salad (P250).

This is a good starter - crispy fried papaya with spicy Asian sauce topped with tomatoes, baguio beans and herbs. 

Chef's Home-12.jpg
★ Black Pepper Squid (P200).

We personally like the spiciness of black pepper more so with seafood. The squid was cooked just right -- soft and not too chewy. The sauce was a bit watery though and I prefer it to be thicker.

Chef's Home-13.jpg
★ Boneless Chicken (P210).

We ordered the chicken for the kids which  was served with a sweet and really spicy sauce. (Don't forget to request for the sauce on the side.)

Chef's Home-9.jpg
★ Nasi Goreng (P100 per serving).

The fried rice was a perfect companion for the fried and spicy flavors we ordered. 

You can order a Thai version and a family serving of the rice for P300.  

Chef's Home-16.jpg
★ Roti Chef's Home with Coffee Sauce & Banana (P350).

The best finale for the meal was the signature dessert of a simple crispy fried roti  cut into pieces and served with  sweet coffee syrup, bananas, mangoes and ice cream!

Chef's Home-22.jpg
And most of all -  fighting  over the dessert :) Yum!

Chef's Home-15.jpg
Budget about P500/head because prices are a bit higher than other Baguio restos.

Chef's Home-24.jpg
Here's the photo of Chef Alvin Emuang with the Boys.

Chef's Home-1.jpg

Overall:  highly recommended! This is even better than the Asian restos  in Manila as it is the Chef –Proprietor who personally cooks for you. You just have to wait for 30 minutes for your order.

(Note: Parking is limited along the street. Come early at 11 AM for lunch and 6 PM for dinner.)

★ - Recommended

Gina and Alvin Emuang's Food Place
13 Outlook Drive, Baguio City (near The Mansion)
Mobile: +63 916 444-5756 or 0999 774-6624 
Open from 11.00am - 2.30pm and 6.00-9.30pm
Note: Closed on Sundays. Cash Only.

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P.S. According to Chef Alvin Emuang, he is considering to close the Resto at  yearend and engage on a new endeavor. Don't miss this when you go up to Baguio this holiday season :) 




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I love that "Roti Chef's Home with Coffee Sauce & Banana", craving for that! And also your "Boneless Chicken" looks yummy!

Naks, bagong bago ang Mini Cooper. :-)

I love the dishes from Asian countries. I am glad that there are Asian restaurants in Baguio City. This is also a key for the tourism improvement in Philippines. I love Thai dishes although they are spicy.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful piece of blog and pictures which make me really hungry. Love to eat different kinds of dishes especially the Asian food which are very simple to make but delicious to eat. Yeah I agree that taste of foods also key to improve the tourism business for the country.
Gourmet chef Kentucky

Great! Thanks for sharing a piece of nice blogs and snaps. I like the Asian foods but some time feel that these are much spicy. Over all I like them. Thanks
Healthy Cooking Li

wow! Sana di pa closed to. would love to check it out!

Amazing! pics you shared really a mouth watering. I really like them very much and feel too much hungry. Thanks for share and keep it up.
Personal Chef Service New York City

thanks for sharing a great informative blog and pics.I also like Chinese food

Lovely and amazing Looks like will be a yummy recipe to enjoy. I am a fan of special type of food and me searching from internet and other sources.

Me and my wife went to the Chef's Home earlier today. It's now a small place very different to the one pictured above, located at No. 13 Outlook Drive, Baguio City. (From their facebook page, it's their original location) We were expecting a very good meal to make up for the lack of ambiance since the food is on the pricey side. Php400 for a scallops dish that's good for one person, Php35 for a serving of plain rice (service size is 1 and a half cup) and 800 for the Tom Yum soup. The service is good, the food is not spectacular, and the ambiance is like a school/office canteen. A single restroom serves both the gents and the women.

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