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LE CHEF AT THE MANOR @ Camp John Hay, Baguio

Le Chef-5.jpg

LE CHEF AT THE MANOR by Chef Billy King is regarded as the BEST fine-dining restaurant in Baguio. People would go up to Baguio just to taste Chef Billy King's food with the classic Baguio log cabin ambiance.

It's lovely to dine here during the Yuletide season with the cold Baguio breeze caressing customers while Christmas tunes play softly in the background. 

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Le Chef-2.jpg
LE CHEF MENUClassic Favorites (Steaks) | Seafood and Meat Creative Combination | Filipino Specialties, Asian Creative Combination | Chef's Creative Pasta & Rice Dishes, Classic Pasta Dishes | Hot & Cold Salad Combination | Soup, Pasta, Sandwiches, Children's Choice, Pica-Pica, Desserts | Drinks Menu

The menu is a mix of classic continental dishes. Prices are comparable to Manila standards but relatively better value for money because of the overall quality of food, ambiance and service. Budget P800-P1,000 per head.

Le Chef-3.jpg
The freshly-baked soft rolls and focaccia are more fun eaten hot while the cold Baguio weather embraces you. We love the salsa, and we can't get enough of ordering fresh batches of bread and salsa.

Le Chef-15.jpg
French Onion Soup (P180 +10% service charge).

Don't miss to order the French Onion Soup, a classic staple at Le Chef. We like to savor the melted cheese on top and the sweet onion flavor that lingers for a while.

Le Chef-14.jpg
Caesar Salad "The Classic Way" (P220 +10% service charge). Romaine lettuce in anchovy dressing with croutons, bacon bits & parmesan shavings.

I like the way Le Chef delivers dishes the classic way -- no fusion, no pretentious presentation, just the same old reliable taste and serving size.

Le Chef-13.jpg
Mini Beef Burger (P250 +10% service charge).  with fries, mayo & ketchup.

Our kids are now in the burger phase, wanting to order it every time we are at a resto. We would like them to taste what a really good burger is so that, hopefully, they won't look for the fast-food type of burgers anymore.

Le Chef-21.jpg
Best of all, Billy King is known for his good quality steaks and seafood :) 

Le Chef-20.jpg
Steak & Prawn (P760 +10% service charge). U.S. top blade steak & tiger prawn in lobster butter sauce with lyonnaise potatoes.

Le Chef is the best steakhouse in Baguio. I like the flavors of their steak and the way they grill the meat (just right). You'll never go wrong with ordering this surf & turf version at Le Chef  - -   grilled juicy tiger prawns with a light lobster butter sauce.

Le Chef-28.jpg
Brown Rice Selection: Chicken & Prawn  (P390 +10% service charge).

Also, order the Brown Rice or the Wild Rice selection as your starch portion of the meal. It's good to share, healthier and better than its fried rice alternatives.

Le Chef-1.jpg
Overall, I'm impressed with its excellent quality and consistency throughout the years. Its classic ambiance never goes out of style. Chef Billy King is one of the best and iconic chefs in Manila! 

Camp John Hay, Loakan Road, Baguio City 
Open Daily from 6:00AM to 11:00PM 
Telephone: +63 74 424-0907 (Don't forget to make a reservation)
Facebook: Le Chef at the Manor

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P.S. We like to check out the Premium Factory Outlet shops just right outside the Manor inside Camp John Hay. We love the quality of the clothes at bargain prices :)

Camp John Hay Mile High Center




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The French Onion Soup looks really tasty :) Chef Billy King is really one of the best chefs out there.

Thanks Anton for posting this article. Nakakagutom naman iyong mga foods sa pictures. I am glad that there are many foreign restaurants anywhere in Philippines. I am sure that they are really delicious and good.

Steak looks overcooked :s

Hi! Lovely photos, can I grab some for a web project? Thanks!!!

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