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QUIZNOS' Toasty Subs Now in Manila!


Finally, QUIZNOS Sandwiches are now toasting in the Philippines! We really enjoyed their different sandwich combinations. :)

It's great that we have another healthy alternative in the metro.

Here's what to expect when ordering in Quiznos...

Quiznos-16.jpgAlthough it's a fast food joint, it doesn't really look like one with its high ceiling-ed dining area. Here, you have to line up, order, and pay at the counter.

You can also have your car wait outside and just order to-go. It would be nice if they could have a drive-thru in the future.

(TIP: There's no restroom, but you can use the nearby Bonifacio High Street restroom.)

QUIZNOSSignature & Classic | Sub Sliders & Savory Steak | Soups, Salads, & Flatbreads | Drinks

Check out the pricing of their Classic and Signature subs. Note: Small is 5", Regular is 8" and Large is 11". (A bit different from Subway's 6" and 12" versions.)

You have the option of ordering Artisan Wheat, Italian White, or Rosemary Parmesan for your bread. We like the wheat version, which has a soft but chewy texture.

The size above is 11" and it's already good to share for 2 persons. We prefer the 8" (indicated by the middle line in the green-colored cutting board above). The 5" is a bit bitin.

They assemble the sandwich in front of you while you wait.

(Note: Since they just opened, it takes a little while to get your order since the servers have to refer to their kodigo for the sandwich combination.)

Quiznos-4.jpgThe meats and cheeses are assembled first for 'The Traditional' before they toast it.

A few minutes of toasting gives it crunchy edges, melted cheese, and a nice, toasted flavor.

Then, the vegetables and other ingredients are added to finish the sub.

The Traditional (Regular 8" - P175) with Artisan Wheat, Roast Beef, Chicken Breast, Ham, Cheddar, Black Olives, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Ranch.

I like the Classic versions because of the additional lettuce and tomatoes. You can opt to have the Chicken Ranch & Swiss with just the All-Natural Chicken, no beef, with vegetables, at the same price.

Chicken Carbonara (Regular 8" - P185) with Artisan Wheat, All-Natural Chicken, Smokey Bacon, All-Natural Mozzarella, Sauteed Mushrooms, Parmesan Alfredo Sauce.

This is really good for kids because it's like the ever-popular carbonara (but with bread instead of pasta).

Double Cheese CheeseSteak (Regular 8" - P295) with Artisan Wheat, Steak, Double All-Natural Swiss, Sauteed Onions, Mayonnaise.

For cheesesteak lovers, we recommend this double cheese cheesesteak :) The Savory Steak Subs are P100+ more expensive than the Classic and Signature Subs.

Don't be afraid to customize. You could even add more vegetables to make this a complete meal.

I personally like their Quiznos' Batch 83 Four Pepper Chili Sauce -- it's sweet, not too peppery, and the kids love it too. :) Don't forget to ask for a serving when you order for takeout.

Congratulations, QUIZNOS, for finally opening in Manila! I prefer it over Subway, but I do hope more accessible branches can be opened soon. :)

QUIZNOS Philippines
Flagship Branch
Ground Floor One Parkade
7th St. corner 28th St.
Bonifacio High Street, 
Bonifacio Global City Taguig
(At the back of ROX, beside Bonchon)

Facebook: Quiznos Philippines
Twitter: @QuiznosPH
Open Daily 9.00am to 12.00 mn

Let me know what's your favorite Quiznos Sandwich in the comments section! :)

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. You can park in One Parkade -- P45 for the first three hours. Open from 7am (Mondays to Fridays) and 10am (Saturdays & Sundays) until 12 midnight.



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cant wait to try!!!

Why are the sandwich pictures so overexposed and horrible?

Looks promising. Will give this a try soon :)

Thanks for the feedback. Tried to fix the photos already. It was overexposed because of the flash.


OMG i've been craving for this for the longest time! Looks like a visit to Boni is in order... :D

Wow, there's Quiznos Sandwiches in Philippines. It is also a popular sandwich here in USA and its competitor, Subway. I like Quiznos Sandwiches here with a can of soda for free (sometimes) at some locations in San Francisco Bay Area.

I noticed that the prices of sandwiches in Philippines are almost the same here in USA if you will divide by 41.80. Right now, $1 = PHP 41.80.

Here's the website of Quiznos sandwiches menu here:

Wow talaga -- same pricing as US? Thanks for the info!

Quiznos is here! Yay!

Another american crappy food. Kaya walang alam ang mga pinoy sa pagkain dahil americanized masyado ang kultura natin. Kung ano meron dun o uso dun, yun ang gusto natin dito.

Mr. Diaz dapat di ka na nagfeafeature ng mga ganito.

I've been curious to try Quizno's after Oprah endorsed them. How different are their sandwiches from Subway though?

Quiznos is way better than Subway. Too bad they have no turkey sandwiches, my favorite and the healthiest option.

I will certainly Drop by in Quiznos this week. And please do check DPC yellow Canvass if you would want to look for Nice and unique restaurants. DPC Yellow Canvass is a canvassing tool and it is free of SERVICE,

Do check out their video for more info.
Here’s the link:

I love Quizno's but I wouldn't exactly call it "another healthy alternative" when small subs are about 500 calories and a large sub up to 1,300 (or more than half of your daily suggested intake). If anyone's interested, the nutritional value can be found

Those sandwiches looks very delicious but still healthy for the customer's, nice sandwiches there! Want to try one of those

Saw the bill board along edsa before but didn't know where it was until last weekend. So Happy to see Quiznos BGC. Missed their Chicken Carbonara (LA). I just hope that it will taste the same.

they have one na here at Alabang Town Center. i first tried it when I went to Singapore. i miss the pepper bar though which they have in their Singapore outlets.


I've tried the Quiznos at BGC, Greenbelt and Shangri-La Plaza, ordering the meatball sandwich, and they've been consistently...burnt. I complained about it and was told that's how it's supposed to be, and given a knife to scrape the burnt (black) part off. Unbelievable. There's something wrong with a sandwich place that can't even toast bread properly. And the carbon taste does not go well with meatballs.

I love Quiznos Wahiawa in hawaii better than subway. I love their Carbonara, Baja and Pesto Ceasar, Black angus for the steaks and pepercorn prime rib. cant wait to go to the Philippines and try one of the Quiznos. Flavor toasted floasted..

If Quiznos filed for bankruptcy last April in the U.S., how did they manage to open up branches in Metro Manila?

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