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PURPLE OVEN at Santa Rosa -- Finally, a Yummy Bakeshop in Nuvali :)

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-2.jpg
We've been looking for a really good dessert place in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa for some time now, so thank you to Purple Oven for finally opening a store in Solenad 2!

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Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-17.jpg
Purple Oven offers a lineup of freshly baked goods that changes throughout the day from quiche, croissants, turnovers, donuts, and ensaimadas.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-15.jpg
Spanish Chorizo Turnovers (P65/pc.) and Sausage Turnovers (P65/pc.)

If you want snacks-on-the-go, these turnovers are perfect...

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-14.jpg
Honey Glazed Donuts (P30/pc.) and Chocolate Dipped Donuts (P35/pc.)

...and these really good chewy donuts, too, especially for the boys.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-23.jpg
Grandma's Chocolate Cake (P570/whole). Within layers of lick-the-bowl good icing, Grandma lovingly placed bits of chocolate just for fun.

Birthdays and other special occasions are now complete with yummy cakes from Purple Oven.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-11.jpg
They gave out a taste test of their signature Grandma's Chocolate Cake. We liked it because of its balanced taste -- not too sweet, had good chocolate flavor -- di nakakasuya.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-5.jpg

You can buy these crunchy cake toppings for maximum yumminess. :)  They even have chocolate-dipped crunchy cake toppings.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-16.jpg
They only have one table dining set-up; I do hope they add more tables outside the store.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-22.jpg
Chocolate Revel Bars (P240 - 16 pcs.)

This sweet treat is one of our favorites in Purple Oven.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-7.jpg
Cookies. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (P230/8 pcs.) and Chocolate Macadamia (P240/8 pcs.)

The best-selling Chocolate Macadamia Cookies easily get sold out.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-8.jpg
Chocolate Dipped Cookies (P240/8 pcs.) and Chocolate Crinkles (P230/12 pcs.)

The cakes and ready-packed baked goods are sourced directly from their Pasig commissary.

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-6.jpg 
Apple Crumb Pie (P650/whole). Heat before serving and ride the aroma of crumbly-topped apple freshness.

This is best served heated and topped with home-made ice cream. :)

Purple Oven at Santa Rosa-3.jpg
Purple Oven, thank you for opening in Santa Rosa!

PURPLE OVEN at Santa Rosa
Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road corner Nuvali Blvd., Nuvali
Open Daily 11.00 am - 9.00 pm
Telephone:  +632 631-4221, 910-1363, 910-1364

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the establishment or any organization promoting it.

P.S. Nuvali is starting to be THE place to live in. We do hope more yummy establishments open in the Santa Rosa area. :)



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I'm not much of a sweets person so this place will suit my tastes perfectly. Will check this out soon!

Hurray! I love their marshmallow cake! Addictive, very chocolatey, and not too sweet!

uber love the Chocolate Campfire cake!! next is the grandma's choco cake :D

Wow, they opened a shop in Laguna, that is great. I think you can still order and buy their pastry in Metro Manila, you just have to drop by their location in Pasig to pick them up. I hope this one will last longer, their old shop was few blocks away from our house before they decided to close it and move to pasig.

hi anton! good to know that they've opened a new branch. i love their pecan pies and white chocolate sansrival > the best! btw, you said that we can buy the sweet crunchies. yes we can, but only if you buy the honey comb crunch cake :( i was in their st. peter's commissary when i spotted it. i begged them to sell it to me but they don't give in with my request. i just looked at my hands and be contented with my delicious take homes :)

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