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OREO MOMENTS: Oreo Childhood FUN Under the Manila Sun :) (1/3)

Read First: We want you to be part of the 100 OREO Awesome Moments!

Oreo Moment Shots-13.jpg
OREO has been a part of every generation's childhood for the last 100 years. Eating Oreo is synonymous with childhood fun, and for adults, it evokes memories of our playfulness when we were young.

Have fun with this Collection of Oreo Moments from Manila's Generation Z. Enjoy!


Oreo Moment Shots-1.jpg Oreo Moment Shots-2.jpg
Aidan and Joshua's Mini-Oreo Goggles :)

Sophia Uy Oreo 4.jpg Carlos Uy Oreo 7.jpg
Kuya Carlos and Siobe Sophia's love for Oreo (Aidan's Cousins)

Oreo Moment Shots-4.jpg Oreo Moment Shots-6.jpg
"Wanna have an Oreo?" - Raphael

Nicole and OREO (Mimi Salonga).jpg
Nadine (Mimi Salonga's daughter) is a certified Oreo Lover!

Oreo Man - the fat Iron Man by Luis_.jpg
Luis' OREO MAN (Iron Man ala Oreo)!

Lileya Santos 1.jpgLileya Santos 2.jpg
Lileya as our Oreo Guitar Lover (Love your guitar!)

My little Scientist knows the secret to Oreos 3.jpgMy little Scientist knows the secret to Oreos 2.jpg 
Scientist Liyora's Quest to Find the Secret to the Yumminess of Oreo.

Khloe Parallag's Oreo Moment 2.jpg
Khloe Parallag's Oreo Moment -- It’s her favorite snack that she always eats at home and even in school. Always a WOW moment for Khloe!

Una Isabella Bilbao Oreo-1790.jpg
Beautiful Una Bilbao loves Oreo as her midnight snack!

mayad (6).jpg

Sasha Tirol's mini Oreo bites, gone in a minute.

Gaby by Cookie Dunking Oreo.jpg
Gaby loves Oreo, and this is her first time to dunk an Oreo cookie in Milk.  Do you think she loved it the first time?

PSPorto Pic2
Gabbie-and-Mama-Bunso Oreo Funatics :)

Oreo Ice Cream Served Upside Down (Anne Ramos).jpg
An Oreo Innovation? (by Anne Ramos).  No Oreo cavity seen.

Ainsley (Ellen).jpg
Ainsley's Twist, Lick and Dunk! Way to go, Ainsley!

Zion Tagle Oreo Madness.jpg
Zion Tagle's Twist, Lick and Dunk Moment the Nth time :)  Can I have more, please?

Ximon and Enzo's favorite Oreo with Milk. Who was first to finish it all?

Andy Xavier Mendoza (left) and Carl Johann Mendoza (right)'s Oreo Moment.  Now, you know who the real Spiderman is!

Optimus OREO.jpg
Tomax and Boris' Optimus Moment with Oreo :) Tra-la-la-la-la!

Michelle JAM Father and Son.jpg 
Chef John's and Alfonso's Twist, Lick and Dunk Moment -- Father & Son sweet bonding time.

Carlos and Sophia Uy Oreo 6.jpg
Sibling love for Oreo! Sinusulit to the bits!

Oreo Moment Shots-8.jpg
The Diaz Boys, always ready to eat Oreo! Anytime! Anywhere! Together!



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Full Disclosure: I'm joining the Blogger AmbassadOREO contest, and the 100 OREO Awesome Moments Collection is my entry to the contest. Hope we win! :)

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