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"NUTELLA ROCKS!" by Baked Bites

UTT8WinnerUTT8: Global Gastronomy Winner #10:


58 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
87 foodies rated 4- I love it!
85 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  7 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  3 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.


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Sometimes you get sick and tired of bakers just copying whatever's the "in" thing to bake and sell in the market -- from red velvet cupcakes to different versions of brownies and food for the gods.

So, when you get to taste a unique innovation that's yummy and unforgettable, you can't help but rave about it. Just like how foodies at Ultimate Taste Test 8 kept on raving about Baked Bites' Nutella Rocks!

My first impression was that it looked hard and would probably be the usual brownie (just in circular form). Well, that first impression didn't last. It was moist and chewy; its hazelnut taste was spot-on; and its cute, rock-like cookie sandwich shape was charming. What's not to love?

Nutella Rocks


"Nutella Rocks is the coming to life of a childhood dream of Nutella Hazelnut spread in a cookie as chewy as Mrs. Fields’, but resembling a Ferrero Rocher [in shape] having had Mr. Rocher marry Mrs. Fields, their love child, the Nutella Rock, was born.

If you LOVE Nutella ON your bread, you will LOVE these Nutella Rocks because the Nutella is not just ON your cookie, it is IN IT, it is ALL OVER it!"

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  • I can taste the Nutella! 
  • Chocolaty. Handy. 
  • Bread is moist & very tasty even w/o the icing/topping. 
  • It was too sweet
  • It was dry-moisty would be okay
  • wasn’t able to taste the nutella but okay
  • good with coffee,nice! 
  • Love how rich it tastes
  • cool, yummy and definitely good! 
  • Too sweet for me. 
  • Tastes like tea? Very good. 
  • Masarap pero nakakaumay! 
  • Not too sweet
  • not a fan too much chocolate can't taste the nutella
  • i was missing the nutella taste
  • too sweet for a small bite
  • nice idea!
  • jaw breaking goodness
  • it was dry
  • unique presentation
  • nutella nuff said
  • always love chocolates
  • chocolate treat is good
  • new twist
  • hard to eat but good with coffee
  • interesting


It would be great if they could offer other flavors and texture variations. With the right packaging, this would make a great present for people who love nutella, or a unique food gift this Christmas season. :)

Congratulations, Baked Bites! Your Nutella Rocks really rock!

BAKED BITES by Bettinna Carlos
Sold at Rain Tree Teapresso Blends, White Plains, Quezon City, 
Moonleaf Teashop Sgt. Esguerra & Columns, Makati Branches

Telephone:  +632 936-0257
Mobile No.: +63 917-814-3711
Email Address:

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Hello, Anton,

Have you tried the latest resto in the Fort, called Premio? It's in F1 Hotel, right across S&R. The Chef's from New York.

Not yet, I've seen it but it looks like more of a bar than a resto?

Love Nutella Rocks!! :)

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