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27 posts from July 2012

July 31, 2012

SHILIN MARKET Taiwan: Xiao Tze (Small Eats) Food Trip Guide! (Part 2/2)

LAS FLORES: Modern Spanish Resto by (former) Barcino + Andilana (Spain) Group

Las Flores-9.jpg

LAS FLORES, which means "The Flowers", is a collaboration between the former Barcino owners and the popular Andilana group of restaurants in Barcelona. They flew in a Catalan chef to help create an authentic modern Spanish restaurant here in Manila.

My P&G friend Mon Gloria started the Spanish Wine Bar Resto called Barcino. When he moved to P&G Singapore, his Spanish partners (Uri, Dani and Sergi) took over the business and expanded it to a true Spanish restaurant experience.

If you are looking for a different type of Spanish cuisine from your usual Mestizo Spanish food in Manila, you've got to try Las Flores.

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July 30, 2012

SHILIN MARKET: #1 Shopping Attraction in Taiwan! (Part 1/2)

Shilin Night Market-33.jpg

SHILIN MARKET is the premier night market in Taiwan for bargain goods, clothes, accessories and yummy street food. It's our favorite night market and one of the reasons why we fell in love with Taiwan.

Here's a photo essay on what to expect in Taiwan's #1 Shopping Attraction...

Flavors of Taiwan Series (2012):

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July 27, 2012

OREO MOMENTS: Our Friends' Awesome Oreo Moments (3/3)

Read First: We want you to be part of the 100 OREO Awesome Moments!

Ray Serion 1.jpg
Thank you to all our OREO Lovin' Friends who shared their own Awesome Oreo Moments with us!

I personally love this collection of OREO Moments... Enjoy!



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OREO MOMENTS: In Search of the Best Oreo Dessert in Manila (2/3)

Read First: We want you to be part of the 100 OREO Awesome Moments!

Jony's Shake-7.jpg
Our family loves OREO, especially the kids. Oreo has been a part of our family history.

Over the past seven years of blogging, we've hunted down the best OREO desserts to cap our memorable family meals.

Here is a glimpse of our quest for the Best Oreo Desserts in Manila:


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