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HAPPY TUMMY & Wright Park


Happy Tummy-19.jpg

Happy Tummy is a Thai resto hidden just across the horseback riding area in Wright Park.

The first time we went to Wright Park, we did not even notice that there was a good place to eat nearby. (Thanks to JP Alipio for the tip about Happy Tummy!)

I loved this combined experience of horseback riding + eating home-cooked Thai food. It is one of our best experiences in Baguio. :)

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My first horse ride-1.jpg
It was in Baguio's Wright Park that I got to ride a horse for the first time. It's like a Filipino tradition to troop up to Baguio to bring the kids for their first horseback ride.

Wright Park-1.jpg
Aidan was very excited and insisted on riding on his own. He was very proud of this, and we kept talking about it over and over again.

Wright Park-5.jpg
Joshua was a bit hesistant, while Raphael was very curious about riding the horse. It was the boys' first time to ride horses, so the moment was very special for our family. :)

Wright Park-15.jpg
The horseback riding rates are standardized already. For the boys, a 30-minute ride (P200/horse) around the track was enough.

You can also wander around the park for an hour (P300/horse/hour + P300/guide) and you can go down to Happy Tummy.

Happy Tummy-1.jpg
Happy Tummy is just across Wright Park, along Romulo Drive. It does not have an elaborate sign except for the Happy Tummy menu in front of its entrance, which is why we missed it the first time.

Happy Tummy-8.jpg
Inside, it's like eating in a home garden with its different quaint tables and huts.

Check out the Happy Tummy Complete Menu.

Happy Tummy-14.jpg
One thing I love about the place is that it is in the middle of big trees and pine trees.

(I'm glad this is far away from SM Baguio's drive to cut down trees in Baguio.)

Happy Tummy-25.jpg
We had a Thai feast since the prices were quite affordable at an average of P150/dish, and the portions were good to share, family-style.

Happy Tummy-17.jpg
★ Tom Yam Gung (Shrimp) - P150.

We started with a big bowl of Hot Tom Yam Gung soup. The taste of the Thai food is tailor-fit to the Filipino palate so it's not spicy and is a tad sweeter.

Happy Tummy-18.jpg
★ Pad Thai (Thai Rice Noodles with Monggo Sprout, ETC) - P150.

The Pad Thai was good, but the noodles were a bit overcooked. Just take note though that it's a little sweeter than usual.

Happy Tummy-20.jpg
★ Chicken Pandan (P150).

The chicken was marinated well and cooked with no burnt portions. I loved the sweet tamarind sauce they used. :)

Happy Tummy-16.jpg
★ Chicken Curry (P150) with Thai Fried Rice (Large-P150).

Although the curry was on the sweet side too, it was nicely milky and yummy -- perfect with the Thai Fried Rice. It's not spicy, so the boys loved it.

 Happy Tummy-22.jpg
★ Fried Fish Fillet (P150).

The best dish we ordered for the boys was the fish fillet with sweet sauce. The serving was very generous, good for 2-4 persons. The boys liked the taste, and it was very easy for them to eat it.

Happy Tummy-13.jpg
They are building an expansion; I can't wait to go back to see the improved area. :)

Happy Tummy-9.jpg
Overall, we loved Happy Tummy's home-cooked comfort Thai food that caters to the Pinoy taste buds.

Service can be a bit slow though since there are always a lot of people and they only have a limited number of servers. It's best to know what to get and order them immediately when you arrive.

Plan your trip to Wright Park in the morning and don't forget to have lunch at Happy Tummy! :)

Romulo Drive (beside Wright Park) right after Pacdal Circle (where St. Joseph Church is located)
Baguio City
Mobile: 0923 878-4968
FacebookHappy Tummy

★ - Recommended 

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P.S. The existing restroom is not that clean. Hopefully, they improve it when they expand and renovate.



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