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Our Awesome Story! A Comic Biography

Our Awesome Story - by Jose Gamboa

JB Gamboa is a comic artist famous for Comic Biographies. He is known in the artists' circle for his first comic biographies entitled, Laban. A Love Story and  Pacquiao: Winning In & Out of the Ring.

We collaborated with JB for a comic biography of OAP, entitled Our Awesome Story.

We wanted to document and share our love story to our boys and to the future DIAZ generations.

A lot of people are curious about how Rache and I met, and we usually only reveal that story to our closest friends and family.

As we celebrate the 9th year anniversary of our marriage, we wanted to share the story to our OAP readers and friends. Thank you so much for all your loving support throughout these years!

(Note: To create your own Comic Biography, send an email to

Read the comic biography first before watching this video of our wedding...

Anton and Rache Wedding January 11, 2003 @ Caleruega, Batangas

Anton & Rache Caleruega Wedding! from anton on Vimeo.  (Video by Jason Magbanua.)

Our Marriage Vows

Caleruega Wedding-1.jpg

Anton's Vow: "I, Anton, take you, Rachelle, with all my heart. I offer myself to you as your wedded Husband. I thank God for giving me a wonderful gift that will take care of me until the last breath of my life. I will never ever leave you. I will take care of you until the end of our lifetime. I will comfort you in every moment that you feel to be in need. I vow to understand you well and to be a husband that you can share every word that you want to share, your fears, feelings, secrets…. I will be stronger in the times of the hardest challenges we may encounter in life. I pledge to be a good father to the children that God will give us. I promise to be a responsible, loving, and caring father to them and to you as your husband. I will forever remain faithful to you. All of this is through the love that I have for you that God has planned and made. May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit guide us and bless us each day, from this day forward, until death do us part."

Caleruega Wedding-38.jpg

Rache's Vow: "I, Rachelle, take you, Anton, with all my heart as my wedded husband. Through the Lord's Infinite Grace I pledge to love you through every circumstance that life may bring. I vow to be with you by your side not only in triumph but also in defeat. Together we shall brave the storm that will test our love for each other. I will respect your thoughts when at times may be different but not less than my own. If conflict dims our day I will exercise …. of true love, humble myself and admit my mistake. When I have been wrong, a listening ear and a forgiving heart I will offer you. I will be a source of strength when you need to be helped. I vow to be a faithful and an obedient wife and a loving mother to the children that God will bless us with. We will raise them together in an atmosphere full of love, trust, peace and understanding. All of these I shall do because in you I found the one my soul loves. May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit guide us and bless us each day, from this day forward, until death do us part."


Comic Biographies
Jose "JB" Gamboa

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Live an Awesome Life,

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Contact me: a iphone

Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.

P.S. Jason Magbanua was still starting at this time, but we already saw how talented he was in making awesome wedding videos. I would always tell him when we meet, I can't forget that he turned down my request for a same day AVP edit of our wedding to be shown in the reception because he does not have a laptop. Now, he is a big-time videographer and I'm glad that he was part of our wedding team.

Jason, if you are reading this, do you still have a higher resolution copy of the video and do you still have a copy of the pre-edited AVP shown in our wedding?

Also, Thank you to Fol Rana for taking wonderful photographs of our wedding.



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really amazing comic biography Anton and Rache!! :) kuhang kuha face nyo even that of your parents!! :)

Happy Anniversary =)

Thanks Franny for the comment! Yeah magaling si JB...

Thank you bro for the greeting!

Happy Anniversary Anton & Rache! :)

Happy Anniversary Anton and Rache! May you continue on with many many more chapters in your story book.

Happy Anniversary Anton & Rachel! continue to be an inspiration =)

Your comic biography is so cute, funny and cool! Happy Anniversary Anton and Rache! :)

Happy anniversary, Rache and Anton! So happy that your marriage continues to grow and strengthen in love each day. Really like the comic biography. Na-reveal ang mga "style" mo, Anton. Hahaha! And so funny bec it also captured Rache's "unique" sense of humor, pati yata yung mga paghampas nya. Hahaha! Happy A to both of you!

Happy Weeding Anniversary! God bless and more power!

nakakainggit ... nakakainspire

Happy Anniversary guys. Glad to be part of this event.

Ang astig! COngratulations! God bless you more!

Hi Anton, I'm wondering about the program at The Farm that you and Rache took? If it's ok, could you please let me know through email the details? My sister and her husband are on their 40s already.. and I am hoping that this might be their chance to finally be able to conceive.. Thanks so much.

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