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Summary: Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 Top 14 Winners!

Read First: Ultimate Taste Test 7.0: And the Winners are...

Congratulations to the Top 14 Winners of Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!

IMG_0098 IMG_0092
1. Merry Moo's Queso de Bola and Food for the Gods! 4.14

Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!-6.jpg
2. Mio Gelati and Mochilato 3.88

Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!-70.jpg
3. 5hr Roasted Japanese Lechon with Crispy Skin by The Specialty Kitchen 3.75

4. DULCELIN GOURMET's Honeyed Beef Bourguignon and Shrimp & Uni Pasta 3.74

5. Choclery Artisan Chocolates 3.72

6. Joan and Jane Cake Bites 3.59

IMG_0101 IMG_0110
7. Jing Regalado's Edible Options 3.63

Fish Fingers N Chips-1.jpg
8. Fish Finger's N' Chips by Fillet N' Dips 3.59

9. Happy Tummy's Spam Musubi 3.55

10. Taguig's Inutak! 3.57

11. Sassy Sisig! 3.53

Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!-30.jpg
12. Swiss Gourmet Sausages 3.48

Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!-39.jpg
13. Japanese Wagyu by Mediado 3.47

Ultimate Taste Test 7.0!-90.jpg
14. Jack Daniel's Brownies by Blackiness 3.46

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P.S. The ratings are tallied by a 3rd Party independent provider who aggregated all the food critics data from the Ultimate Taste Test event.

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Awww sayang hindi nanalo yung Papa Roti. They're my favorite, voted them #1.

i tried it just once when my brother invite me to a night market..he said there's a lot of food there to choose..oww iam so amazed with lots of different food..i want to taste it all but unfortunately i just have a small tummy..i wanna go there again some other time..:)

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