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Jamba Juice Opens in Manila!

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Jamba Juice-23.jpg
The first Jamba Juice store in South East Asia finally opened in Bonifacio Global City!

Bonifacio High Street Central Restaurants:

Here are the scenes from the opening night...

Jamba Juice-33.jpg
The Jamba Juice Flagship Store is located in the Bonifacio High Street Central which is the new BHS district across ROX.  

Jamba Juice-21.jpg
It has an open air amphitheater with mini fountains where the unveiling program was held. 

Jamba Juice-24.jpg
Manila gave Jamba Juice a truly warm welcome! 

Jamba Juice-9.jpg
We got to meet the fun and friendly people of Jamba Juice in Manila!

Jamba Juice-12.jpg
They are always ready to serve with their Jamba smile :)

Jamba Juice-16.jpg
Don't know what to order? These Jamba Juice ladies are ready to explain the different options.

Jamba Juice-17.jpg
I'm happy that they are able to bring the complete line-up of healthy smoothies and breakfast options.  

Here is the opening menu of Jamba Juice in Manila: 

Jamba Juice-25.jpg
If you like the Classic Smoothies go for Strawberries Wild or Caribbean Passion
If you like an all fruit smoothie without yogurt/sherbet, go for the Five Fruit Frenzy

Jamba Juice-28.jpg
If you like the creamier smoothies, go for the Matcha Green Tea Blast

Jamba Juice-27.jpg
Pretzels anymore?

Jamba Juice-29.jpg
I recommend the Apple Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal for Breakfast :)   

Jamba Juice-18.jpg
Aidan's generation is lucky because Jamba Juice will be part of their healthy and active life. 

Jamba Juice-3.jpg
Congratulations to Jamba Juice for a successful opening in Manila!  

Jamba Juice-34.jpg
Jamba Juice opens 11/11/11 onwards from 7am - 11pm in Bonifacio Global City.

Jamba Juice Flagship Store
7th Ave. corner 29th St. South, 
Bonifacio High Street Central, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating Hours: 7am to 11pm 
Facebook: Jamba Juice Philippines

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Bonifacio High Street Central Restaurants:


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Full Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is part of the Jamba Juice Philippines Ambassador Team. :)

P.S. With all the 11/11/11 activities, don't forget to drop by Jamba Juice in BGC :) I heard that Erwan Heusaff will serve in Jamba Juice at around 7pm. 





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I hope they open a branch in Eastwood..=)

first it was the coffee. now, yey for expensive shakes. i hope the local juice bars wont pattern their prices after this US brand.

I'm with Kim. As an American living in the Philippines, I don't miss Jamba Juice at all. It's tasty, but way too expensive. I would prefer a fresh buko shake from a local stall. Just my 2 cents.

ang bilis mo mag post!

not all drinks are created equal!

look out for calorie-bombs! just because they sound healthy, doesn't mean that they are. even the healthier, all-fruit ones can be sugar bombs if you get the larger sizes. everything in moderation!

scan through the eat this, not that section of or here

I wanna try the pretzels!!

Jamba Juice is GOOD! but I agree with Kayenne...fruit is good but let's be careful with the use of the word "healthy" especially in this day and age where diabetes is as common as a cold. The natural sugars in their fruit drinks are deadly!

They have a secret menu.

Tried the Red Gummi, Butter Finger and Reeses Pieces.

it's good to know that they are now in BGC :) yehey!!! Im gonna look for their store tomorrow!!!

anyone interested in updating their online or print menus? i do food photography and prop styling! check out my site! thanks!

Just love to be there,after a long time,Jamba Juice is awesome..

expensive. much like starbucks! as per sammy, i'd rather drink buko juice. a lot moooore healthy and cheap! :)

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