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Awesome Planner 2012 - The Food and Travel Guide

Updated 12/6/11: Here is the photo and a size perspective of the 6x8 Awesome Planner. 

Awesome Planner 2012 - Food and Travel Guide

Dear Traveling Foodie, 

Mabuhay from Our Awesome Planet!

2012 is the year of the Foodie Road Trips. There's no better way to have a grand year than by experiencing the awesome foodie havens that our country has to offer. This planner has been designed to help you maximize the full potential of your road trips.

I would like to thank all those who supported the first release of the Awesome Planner. I have incorporated all the suggestions in this release. I hope you like this new product designed with the foodie in mind.

Awesome Planner 2012 Cover

The 2012 Awesome Planner has five (5) main sections:

OAP Vision Board

1. Travel Vision Board - Where would you go on a trip today if you had no personal or financial constraints? Claim that road trip or dream destination by either drawing or pasting pictures on the Vision Board. Each day, I encourage you to visualize in your heart the feelings you have while you are in that destination. Release that feeling into the universe and let it be.

Awesome Calendar

2. 2012 Awesome Calendar of the Philippines - All the major 2012 Philippine holidays, festivals, fiestas, local liturgical events and other awesome happenings are nicely integrated in the monthly calendar and the weekly pages of the planner. If you are planning your trips throughout the year, this calendar should be the first one you consult.

Here is the updated 2012 Awesome Calendar of the Philippines.

Monthly Road Trips

3. 12 Awesome Road Trips in 2012 - Each month, we feature a road trip destination that we feel is the best place to visit, given the season. We highlight the not-to-be-missed places and the yummy food to try and discover. We also give you insider tips and secrets to maximize your travel experience. In other words, we want you to have the trip of a lifetime each month!

January 2012 - The Ultimate Visayan Road Food Trip
February 2012 - The Allure of Baler 
March 2012 - Bicol Love
April 2012 -The Classic Road Trip to Pagudpud
May 2012 - The Boracay Spirit- 8 Awesome Experiences in Boracay
June 2012 - The Magic of the Batanes Isles
July 2012 - TAGAYTAY 101 - Escape to Tagaytay 
August 2012 - Northern Mindanao Road Trip
September 2012-Pangasinan Beach Escapade
October 2012 - PALAWAN 101- Exploring the Eco-Paradise of Palawan
November 2012 - Bohol Eco Food Adventure 101
December 2012 - Pampanga 101 - A Taste of Kapampangan Food Culture 

weekly pages

4. Weekly Travel Pages - This is composed of the weekly calendar on the left and the notes page on the right. The calendar helps you fix your priorities each week. The notes page is where you capture your insights and feelings in journal form. You could also make it into a scrapbook page where you paste pictures or tiny mementos of your trips.

Awesome 100 Restos

5. 100 Awesome Restos - This is my updated list of 100 go-to restaurants based on our family’s awesome dining experiences. We considered the cuisine, the ambiance and that elusive x-factor that makes every foodie rave about it.

I hope you enjoy this planner as much as we had fun making it. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the planner, just email me at

Our Awesome Planner 2012 (limited edition)
The Food and Travel Guide of the Philippines
Planner Retail Price - P588. 
Delivery/ Shipment to anywhere in the Philippines - P100. 

Available in our food markets starting December 7, 2011 Wednesday:

It will be available in the following markets:

Distrito at Makati
Amorsolo Open Parking Lot
(Beside Makati Medical Center)
Makati City
Wednesday - Friday 9pm-3am

Mercato Centrale @ BGC
34th St. and 9th Avenue,
(Beside MC Home Depot)
Bonifacio Global City
Fridays and Saturdays 10pm-3am
Saturdays and Sundays 7am-2pm

Soderno @ Molito
Madrigal Avenue corner Commerce Avenue
(Molito Lifestyle Center)
Fridays and Saturdays 6pm-3am
Saturdays and Sundays 7am-4pm


You can order online by paying via Bank Account or via Paypal:

BPI Savings Account #0829-0710-88

Please email a scanned copy of your deposit slip to
with subject: "OAP Awesome Planner 2012"

Check out the official website for the planner:

Happy foodie road trip!


Live an Awesome Life,

anton  signature 
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
Email Me:

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. 

P.S. BONUS: The first 100 owners of the Awesome Planner 2012 get a limited edition OAP Shirt :)





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reserve one for me! =)

this is so cool!

anong dimensions ng planner? sa pictures para syang kasing lapad ng desk planner.

hi anton! do you accept advance payment for the planner. I'd love to have one. thanks!

hello po!! soderno @molito alabang po ba ito? may date na po ba next month para po makapunta at maka-avail ng planner and/or calendar. thanks po.

I WANT ONE!!! Very Cool!

Hi Anton!
Could you please write the addresses of Mercato Centrale, Soderno and Distrito as I don't know exactly where these places are. I'll be visiting Manila in Dec/Jan and would like to buy your very well-thought of planner. Is there a way to reserve one and I could pay and pick it up, say in beginning January?
Many thanks

It is the normal planner size like the BDJ planner.

Yes we are accepting advanced payment already because some people wants to be the first 100 :)

I'm confirming lang with the printer what date it will be available.

Thanks, I've been working hard on it. I'm excited too :)

Mercato Centrale,
34th and 8ave (near MC Home Depot)
Bonifacio Global City, Taguit

Madrigal ave corner Commerce
Molito Commercial Center
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Ayala Avenue
Makati Medical Center Parking Lot

It will be available in December, but you can pay and reserve your copy.

Anton, reserve one for me as well. =)

Hi Anton! I'd love to have this! Please reserve one for me and will make the payment. Thanks! :)

--Kristine Malibiran

hahaha... daya mo di ka ngreply sa txt ko kahapon. dapat nakabayad na ko and isa na ko sa 100. adik much! :p

thanks. SB and BDJ out! I'm getting me this one. Bagay sya sa makating paa na tulad ko

Do you still accept reservations? Thanks!

Yes Pao, we do accept reservations/ pre-orders. Thanks! Just email me once it is paid.

Hi sir, I emailed you my paypal transfer confirmation to reserve. Hope you can acknowledge when you have the time! Thanks.

hi anton! if i'm getting 2 planners and i want them delivered, should i pay 100 each? thanks!

If the same location, just pay P100. 

Yes,  I got the paypal payment but Ill acknowledge within the week. 

got it:) i'll send the payment tomorrow..thanks again!

Thanks for the addresses.

Thank you! Email sent.

Hi Mr.Anton, just curious if you can send the planner thru PhilPost to Saudi Arabia?(with Tracking Number service)I am willing to shoulder the mail cost if not that much. Thanks...

Please reserve one for me.. :) I'll pay in Distrito this nov. 25.. is it possible? :) thanks

Abot po ba ang public release before December 10? I have a tita who's coming back to Saudi Arabia, I might send it thru her kung abot.

Thanks sir!

hi, please reserve also one for me, ill make my deposit this coming friday

OK Donna.... the planners will be available on December 1 :)

About reserving/ordering- I just pay through the bank and e-mail the scanned deposit slip?

Yes, and will confirm it. The planners will be available on December 1

Hi, are the first 100 all out? :)

I'm excited about this planner. I hope you don't mind that I blogged about it. Can't wait for Dec1!

Hi Sir Anton! I super like and excited about the planner!!!

Hi Sir Anton! Already paid mine. Hope to get it soon (hopefully with the OAP shirt!) :D

Hi Anton, are all of the stocks that will be in Distrito already reserved? I'm planning to buy one when I go there on the 1st. thanks.

Thanks for blogging about it! Yes, about to release it this week :)

paid na mine, just now. meet rache there.

sabi ni rache, next week na daw dadating yung planner e. galing ako distrito ngayon e.

Hi S'Anton! Already paid mine today. I emailed my deposit slip. Hope to get it soon and hopefully with the OAP shirt too.. :) thanks! im so excited! :D

Hi Anton, have already emailed rache the deposit slip and details for shipment....hope i'm also included to the top 100.... hoping to hear from you soon. thanks!

It will be available this Saturday and wont make it in time for distrito.


May I reserve two? I'll pay through bank on Monday. Kaya po ba? :)

Yes please send as soon as you paid.

Hi Anton, you mentioned that we could pay in the Mrs Awesome Planet Booth in Soderno. Can I ask where exactly is the booth? Went there last night and Friday night and I can't seem to find it. Not sure if I was looking at the right places. Hehe. Let me know. :)

It is in the human nature booth po.

wow I would love to own this planner. sana may magregalo sakin!!

Bank deposit slip sent :) 3 planners na po yun.
Thank you!

hope to get one soon!=)

I'll surely get one of this. I was thinking of purchasing the Filed Planner kaso I fine this cuter. Dadaan ako sa break time namin later jan sa Distrito. Sana meron na nito doon. :)

I'll surely get one of this. I was thinking of purchasing the Filed Planner kaso I find this cuter. Dadaan ako later sa Distrito to buy myself one of these. Sana meron na nito doon. :)

Hi Anton, may available planners ba at Soderno or Mercato so we can buy there na lang or we have to reserve and pay it first muna before we can get the planner?

Yes you can buy there directly in Mercato, Soderno or Distrito.

I will definitely buy this =)

Great! I'll ask my friend to buy me one at Soderno later... =)

My friend just called and he is now at Soderno kaso wala po daw yung booth nyo...

Please go to the Human Nature booth please

Sent from Mobile

Got my planner last Friday night and it's awesome!!! Thanks Anton...

Thanks Kristin :) 

Anton, will there be coupons on this 2012 Planner?
May I know the list if ever there are?



Will there be coupons on this 2012 Planner?
If there are, can I check the list?



Hi Apple,

We dont have coupons on this planner for now because I believe it is a conflict with my Awesome 100 list. Ill figure out how to have a coupon maybe next year.


Good Day Sir Anton!

I just bought the Awesome Planner 2012. As i browse the resto list, i noticed that in the chinese resto part, there no one coming from the binondo area. Is it intentional or honest mistake? Because we troop there once a month and it's really a food heaven. Ying ying, Lan Zhou La Mian, Dong Bei, Sincerity. Thanks!

Yes you are right. I intentionally did not include any Binondo places. I love Ying Ying, Dong Bei and Sincerity. Sige, we will include them in the list and maybe expand the Awesome 100 list.

Got my planner already! :) Posted about it here too! Thanks so much for this!

Do you still have available planners?

Yes we still do have stocks po

Sent from Mobile

Can you please reserve 1 for me? I'll be sending payment tomorrow and will email deposit slip.
Thank you.

OK Shylz, we will reserve one for you... Please email once you have paid it.

Hi Anton, I have already emailed my deposit slip.
Thank you.

Hi Anton,

I just want to ask if Distrito would be open on Dec. 29? I'm planning to buy one at that date but I'm afraid it would be closed due to the holiday season. Thanks! :)

Got the planner already, AWESOME talaga! The best thing was, I got a bonus tshirt unexpectedly for free!

For those who don't have planners yet, this is a very good choice! Grab one now, for you, and your friends & family!

Yes Distrito will be open on Dec 28, 29, 30

Sent from Mobile

Thanks for purchasing and for the support :)

i got my copy and it's really nice except for one thing, the calendar for 2013 at the end is messed up.

when will it be available in bookstores?

Is this still available, Sir Anton? :)

Yes it is available pa.

This January hopefully.

Is it now available on local bookstores? or is it available this friday (January 6) at Distrito?

I want 2! Is it still available?

Yes Girlie, just email or contact us 0917 5318949.

It will be available in National hopefully next week. Distrito is closed already. It will be available in Mercato when it opens on Jan. 13.


Thanks for the feedback. Not sure how it got messed up. Very good feedback.


I emailed but didn't reply. I already paid 3 planners + shipping to your paypal (

is it already out in National Bookstore?

Yes it is now available!

Sent from Mobile

Great! Is is available in all NBS branches or selected branches only? Thanks! ;)


Sent from Mobile

Got my Awesome Planner already! Thank you!! :))

Glad to know that you got your copy! Thanks for the support :)

Sent from Mobile

magkakaron ba ng 2013 planner?

i so love this planner! Will you release a 2013 planner? Please?

Not sure yet... will keep you posted...

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