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Guactruck: The First Food Truck in Manila!

Guactruck Second Night-5.jpg

Guactruck is the first LA-inspired food truck in Manila.

This is the next evolution of the original food trucks of Burger Machine and the jollijeeps in Makati. The key difference is that the Guactruck is mobile. Plus, it is themed and serves good food.

Guactruck (which stands for Guacamole Truck) offers open burrito bowls, which are like Mexican-inspired rice toppings. The truck does not have any kitchen but it does have a serving counter, a sofa and window-type airconditioning.

Finally, the food truck craze has arrived in the Philippines!

Guactruck Details-3.jpg
This was the first digital rendition of Guactruck when they applied in early July at Mercato Centrale. It has a natural wooden finish and a large full-length glass window. They intended for it to have a museum and showroom feel.

Guactruck Second Night-1.jpg
The back of the truck lists their contact information:, twitter @guactruck and the official website:

The foodies were naturally curious about what it was, and some were intimidated because of the overall aesthetic of the food truck. It gave them the impression that it was a bit on the expensive side.

Guactruck First Night-23.jpg
When it finally opened, the lovely Guactruck ladies won over the foodies. :)

Guactruck First Night-1.jpg
Guactruck officially opened its doors (or should I say windows? :) ) last September 9, on a rainy Friday night @ Midnight Mercato in Bonifacio Global City.

Guactruck First Night-14.jpg
Here is an elevated view from the inside of the truck.

Guactruck First Night-18.jpg

Here is a guide on how to order from Guactruck:

Guactruck First Night-17.jpg
STEP 1: The burrito bowl comes with one cup of Cilantro Lime Rice.

Guactruck First Night-15.jpg
STEP 2: The choice of filling determines the cost of the Burrito Bowl -- Beef (P155), Chicken (P150), Pork (P150), and Vegetarian with caramelized onions and sauteed greens (P140).

The food is simple, colorful and made fresh. You can see your meal being prepared and you can control what goes into your bowl.

Guactruck First Night-20.jpg
STEP 3: You can add Mild Salsa (sweet corn salsa with fresh cilantro) or Medium Salsa (tomatoes, red onions, fresh cilantro and a hint of green chili) or choose both options. 

You can also add lettuce, sour cream and cheese. To make it easy for you, just order all the toppings. :)

Guactruck Details-1.jpg Guactruck Details-6.jpg Guactruck Details-5.jpg Guactruck Details-4.jpg

What is interesting about their burrito bowl is that is it served in an eco-friendly and origami-inspired food box. It is like a bud blossoming into a flower, revealing your meal. Amazingly, only one piece of cardboard is used per container -- no glue or plastic around! The cutlery, on the other hand, is made from corn starch.

They highly encourage their customers to return the packaging to them for recycling. They offer an incentive of one free meal in exchange for ten returned containers. :)

Guactruck Second Night-9.jpg
Thank you to all those who supported the dry run of the first food truck in Manila last weekend!

Guactruck Second Night-11.jpgGet to meet the young and lovely lady entrepreneurs of Guactruck -- Natassha, Michealle and Micaela.

Guactruck Second Night-7.jpg
The Guactruck can be found in Midnight Mercato every Friday night and Saturday night from 10pm - 3am.

Guactruck First Night-4.jpg
Please note that they are still on dry run. They are hoping for your support and patience as they stabilize their food truck operation.

Guactruck will officially open on Sept. 12, 

See you this weekend @ Midnight Mercato!

Michealle Renee Y. Lee
Mobile: +63 917 808-1999

Live an Awesome Life,

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FULL DISCLOSURE: Guactruck is a vendor partner of Midnight Mercato @ Bonifacio Global City, which we organize.

P.S. Watch out for Street Meat (an LA-inspired food truck with a kitchen that serves gourmet burgers) and the Gelato Mobile in Soderno! :)

P.P.S. We are forming a Food Truck Association of Manila, so if you have a food truck concept or project in mind, please coordinate with us so that, together, we can change the food scene in the metro. :)



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wheres the kitchen?

what if they do this during lunch in Makati?

@Andre we thought about lunch in Makati too but still need to sort out permits... so for now, catch us at Midnight Mercato!

@tina Thanks!

I hope Mercato Centrale would have them also.

Big KUDOS to the Guactruck team for the eco-friendly food bowl and cutlery! Will try this out next time I'm at Midnight Mercato, I did see the truck last time but I think they were closing already. I am a bit worried about all the trash (especially plastic and styro containers) generated by Mercato.

splendid and very creative!! how would you like to franchise here in bicol? we have lots of festivals here. this would be great for biz-in-season and serve-food-anywhere-in-bicol

Congratulations on the great concept. You really take the "food on the wheels" to a whole new level. Although I have to admit that the price is a bit too steep for a mobile restaurant. For the same price, diners can have the same meal in a restaurant that would not require you to wait in line and eat while standing. Still, it's definitely worth something to try out.

atig! sana ganyan na rin ung mga jollyjeep dito sa Valero:)

nice! =) sosyalin :)

Awesome truck! They should roam around the country :P

How can a caramelised onions and sauteed green peppers burrito be almost the same price as a beef or chix or pork one? Something's very wrong there.

Love the packaging and choice of utensil material.

Thanks everyone!

@joanne hmm... good point about the price...note taken... will think about that.. how much do you think it should be?

Hello, I have a food truck project in mind. I need to sort out logistics before I can put anything in place. :) ayoko nama kase mapasubo only to find out mas expensive pala ang food truck rather than just renting a space.

Any feedback on how I can get started with this will be very much appreciated.


Cielo (


Great Post, I actually Help my friend open a foodtruck here in LA and its now doing hella good,. and i know at least 90pct of the trucks here since ive help her. If a plan pulls thru i might open one for sure in the Philippines. How can I sign up to sell at Mercato Central? You Should open one also! you got a lot of connection and im sure it will do great. Still hoping to open my Restaurant there in less than 3 years! Next year I might be going there for a vacation. WOuld love to cook for you. I'll cover anything. Maybe I can cook at your place. Friends and family are welcome.


super great idea!

Jay, sige I would love to savor the food that you would cook :) hehe, email me when you are here in Manila. Let's meet up.

capsicums/bell peppers cost P300 (and up) per kilo.

where did they get the boxes?...been looking everywhere to get something like that for packaging...:)

Michealle designed it herself. It is origami inspired and she is a great designer :)

hi may i ask how much the cost of the truck?

Hii Anton!

My friend and I have been thinking of putting up a gourmet food truck business as well. would you have an idea of how much a truck would cost? Would it be better to have a truck form fitted here in the Philly or should we import the ready made ones they sell in the US?


Just wanted to ask how much did you guys spend for the Guactruck? Thank you!! and I wish ya'll to succeed with your awesome idea. Cheers!!

This is a knockoff Chipotle. I didn't see Guacamole on their menu so why are they called Guactruck?

yup,Chipotle knockoff indeed :)

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