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Hong Kong Roast: A Bagtikan Hole-in-the-Wall Favorite

Hong Kong Roast-4.jpg

When I first visited Hong Kong Roast, I had this nagging feeling that the food seemed familiar...

Later on, we found out that this HK-canteen-type resto along Bagtikan St. in Makati was actually the morphed version of Fortune Empire, an Ultimate Taste Test 5.0. winner and one of the pioneers who helped us launch Mercato Centrale last November.

Some of their dishes are awesome (like our favorite roast pork), but some are not recommended. Read on to find out what to order in Hong Kong Roast (HKR).

Ultimate Taste Test 5 (171 of 425)

But first, a backgrounder...

Fortune Empire's Roast Pork
official-ultimate-taste-test-logo-rating  3.55

We love Fortune Empire's Cha Siu or Roast Pork, with its authentic HK-style taste! Sarap! :)

What is the Story of Fortune Empire Food Specialty?

Our Vision
Bringing "Authentic Hong Kong Food" to the people around Makati and beyond.

About Us
To truly enjoy an authentic Cha siu, one has to put aside time and effort to sit and enjoy it. Fortune Empire Food Specialty gives our target market the luxury and convenience of having our Hong Kong style food served to them at their own place.

Hong Kong has been our backyard for quite some time now. The cuisine there has been our comfort food ever since. We would like to share to our customers, that there is more to Hong Kong food than sweet and sour pork.

Our desire to cut no corners in creating our food is what we offer our customers. Leading us in our goal are two professional chefs who enhance our food senses.

Read More: Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Winners! (3 of 3)

Hong Kong Roast-19.jpg
You'll find Hong Kong Roast (and its panda logo) along Bagtikan St. The facade  and first floor seem small but they have a spacious second floor.

Hong Kong Roast-2.jpg
It gets crowded every lunchtime, so we prefer dropping by late in the afternoon or around dinnertime.

Service is fast but the waiters are not able to give good recommendations.

Hong Kong Roast Menu: Short Order, Rice Toppings | Noodles, Dessert and Drinks

Ultimate Taste Test 5 (172 of 425)
BBQ Roast Pork Asado - (P180).

The Roast Pork is what this restaurant is known for. Sometimes, they run out of it when you go there at night.

Hong Kong Roast-9.jpg
Roast Chicken Rice

They have a chicken version of their Roast Pork, but it was sadly dry and not as flavorful as its pork counterpart.

TIP: Don't order their version of Hainanese Chicken either.

Hong Kong Roast-3.jpg
Salted Bake Chicken (half- P310)

This is one of their best sellers! It is cooked like pinaupong manok, but the chicken is shredded already when it is served. It had the right amount of saltiness and was just a bit oily.

They say this is one of the Hong Kong comfort food favorites. (Although, I do find paying P310 for a half-chicken a tad too expensive.)

Hong Kong Roast-10.jpg
Hot Lemon Ginger Coke (P65).

If you have colds or a sore throat, why not try this unique combination of salabat, lemon slices and hot COKE? It was actually very good. A meal at HKR is not complete without trying this. :)

Hong Kong Roast-16.jpg
Sate Beef Noodle (Light - P115)

Aidan and I loved this Sate Beef soup. The beef had a nicely different flavor and the thin, curly noodles were cooked just right.

Hong Kong Roast-21.jpg

The owner let us try the Black Chicken Sesame. Personally, I did not like it because it reminded me of the pigeon my wife's family cooked for Rache when she was pregnant.

The dish did not have a lot of meat, was on the oily side, and had lots of garlic. The naturally black chicken skin looked slightly freaky. The small chicken head was cut in half, revealing its brain. Nevertheless, my wife LOVED it and raved about it until the last chicken piece disappeared.

TIP: For those who love chicken feet (like Rache), order this instead of HKR's chicken feet.

Hong Kong Roast-8.jpg
Sate Beef Hofan (Light - P160).

The hofan noodles were soft and oily, while the beef tasted fine. The dish was just OK.

Hong Kong Roast-23.jpg
French Toast (P65)

The owner gave the kids a serving of French Toast. Now, some of you might wonder, "What's French Toast doing in a Hong Kong-style restaurant?" I don't know, but it was sinfully good. :)

Their version of French Toast had Chinese peanut butter in the middle and was coated with overflowing butter. Best for merienda with coffee or milk tea. Sarap!

Hong Kong Roast-17.jpg

Overall, Hong Kong Roast offers a refreshing take on Hong Kong comfort food (if you know what to order). It fills the foodie void created when Bread Box closed its doors in the Saguijo area. It is good to know there's a resto like HKR giving life to the foodie street of Bagtikan in San Antonio Village.

Try it and let us know what you think. :)

Hong Kong Roast - HKR Food Express
(Formerly Fortune Empire)
7467C Bagtikan St., San Antonio Village, Makati City
Telephone numbers: +632 553-7846, 984-7760
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10.30am to 9.00pm
Facebook: Hong Kong Roast

Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals except for the complimentary dishes the owners let us try. We know the owners from the UTT 5.0 event and Mercato Centrale, but we don't let that influence how we evaluate this resto.

NOTE: ★ - Highly Recommended :)

P.S. Bagtikan St. is one-way. From Ayala, go past Buendia and turn left along Yakal St. Turn right into Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo). After a few blocks, turn right into Bagtikan St. Hong Kong Roast is near the corner of Dao St., leading to Sacred Heart Church, before Card King.



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I love hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Plus, the hot lemon ginger coke looks interesting!

Will definitely check this out! :)

Hi! Thick sliced French toast is popular and ubiquitous here in HK, especially in the cha chaan tengs. The buttery bread is cut super thick, and is served with condensed milk. Comfort food for a lot of Cantonese and great with milk tea. :)

Thanks for sharing this info. Butter + Condensed Milk + Milk Tea is indeed a winning yummy combination. Will try that next time.

pass this place on our way home. carlos celdran also twitted about it on time. will check out the place soon.

Nice Review. A map would also help a lot. :)

another excellent hole in the wall rstrnt which serves very good roast pork is wai ying, next door is their frozen food take out counter where you can buy assorted dimsum. the pork spareribs dimsum is very good, you just thaw then steam it at home, tastes just like the freshly ordered item. their sister rstrant, ying ying serves awesome seafood fresh from the aquarium. another great place is golden fortune which serves very good & different dimsum selections plus my fave, salt & peper lambribs, & steamed clams with garlic & szechuan prawns.

btw, the rstrnts i mentioned are all in chinatown. i can never recall the street names 'cuz they change so often but i have the numbers. wai ying 2420310, ying ying 7103856, golden fortune2442888(high end na to chinatown standards). happy eating.

just wondering why you mentioned that the half baked chicken is expensive when Wee Nam Kee's chicken is way more expensive and much overhyped by your blog. =/

I agree dan, its superb!, HKR baked chicken is really a must try a taste of hong kong.

Had lunch there with my family last Sunday. Yeah, they have good food and their iced Horlick's is similar in taste like the one they serve at Cafe de Corral in Hongkong.
They don't accept credit cards though.

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