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Tamagoya! Ramen

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We are in search of the best ramen in Manila and, so far, Ukkokei Ramen Ron is leading, with Ramen Bar and Shinjuku battling for the second spot.

We heard about this noodle house in Antipolo by Mr. Abe that foodies are raving about. My Japanese foodie friend Atsushi Matsuura confirmed that. "I really think their ramen is the best in the PH so far.  Yeah, RON could be best, but considering 'cost', I will vote Tamagoya."

Marikina and Antipolo foodies have been keeping this restaurant a foodie secret for some time now. Well, the secret is out, and it is worth driving all the way to Antipolo just to savor one of the best ramens in Manila. :)

The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:



Tamagoya! is located in the lower part of Antipolo, which is near Marikina already. We had to go there on a Sunday via Marcos Highway because, on a regular day, there's heavy traffic in this area. Turn left at the intersection of Sumulong Highway (this intersection has slightly heavy traffic due to the tricycles). Take note that if you turn right, you'll be going up to Antipolo.

You need to go straight until you see a Petron Gas station on your left. Turn right into Soliven Avenue. There, you'll see the big Tamagoya! sign immediately on your left.

Tamagoya! Noodle House MenuNoodles MenuRice MenuNew Menu

I love its authentic Japanese ambiance. The ramen dishes are affordable at less than P180 (only cash is accepted). There is no service charge and the waiters do not accept tips.

The first floor has a noodle bar and two small tables. The owner, Mr. Abe, is always in the kitchen.

We decided to stay on the second floor, which was then crowded with families and groups. You can call to reserve a table in advance.

The acoustics are bad, though. People's voices immediately bounce back from the cement walls. Not a good idea to talk about business there, but it would be a pleasant enough place for chitchat with friends and family.

Yaki Gyoza (6pcs. - P98). Japanese pan-fried dumplings.

We started with the gyoza, which was cooked well and served with a tasty dipping sauce.

★ Gomoku Ramen (P168). Noodles with mixed vegetables and seafood.

This seafood ramen is their best seller. We loved the soup, which was thicker than most other ramen served in Manila. Plus, it had a deeper flavor. The ramen noodle itself was wonderful to munch on -- fat, bouncy and cooked al dente.

★ Stamina Ramen (P168). Noodles with chilli miso paste-based soup.

For the chili lovers out there, you have to try this dish. It has the right level of spiciness. It may look like you are eating curry sauce or laksa, but it has its own distinct, spicy ramen flavor.

★ Hiyashi Chuka (P158). Cold salad noodles.

This is a dry and cold noodle. We loved how it was a nice constrast to the super hot ramen option. The ramen itself was good already, and the vegetable and meat toppings just added texture and additional flavor.

★ Yakiniku Don (P158). Stir-fried beef with special sauce rice bowl.

The meat was tender and went well with their sweet signature sauce (way better than the other more-commercialized copycats). We recommend this rice topping as a good alternative to the noodles.

Mixed Yakisoba with Beef (P178). Stir-fried noodles with seafood and beef.

This dish is part of the new menu. We did not like it that much, so we ate it at home. The noodles were still good when reheated but the yakisoba had an overpoweringly offending taste of ginger.

Overall, Tamagoya! gets high marks for its ramen dishes. Highly recommended for authentic ramen lovers out there!

Tamagoya! Noodle House
2 Soliven Ave., Mayamot, Antipolo, Rizal
Telephone: +632 861-8631
Facebook: Tamagoya Noodle House

The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:


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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals and we are not connected in any way with the owners of this establishment.

P.S. Thanks to Malen for the foodie tip!  Magical World of Bea | Lenten Season: Easter Dinner

★ Highly Recommended Dishes :)



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ang layo, but place and food looks good.

Yeah a bit far nga... but we will travel for food hehe :)

Wow, quite the trek indeed but the ramen looks inviting!

You Should try the Ramen in Sumotori? Sumoutori? in Shell gas station along SLEX after Filinvest Alabang :)

great! it's just 10 mins away from my place! :P

Yes!! This is just near our house!!! Thanks Anton!! :)

Have you tried Kenji Tei in BF? It's also good :) I'll try this one out, even if its quite far! Thanks!

Soo near our place in SSS! Thanks Anton!

Try Ajisen Ramen in Greenhills. It is along Connecticut Street in Northeast Square. Really good!

plus points for being more affordable than the other sosyal japanese restos!!!

Thank you, Mr. Anton, for mentioning and siting my website. :-)

I live in markina and would drive to makati for my shinjuku ramen fix. But sadly it seems their makati branch is closed. Looks like the land is being prepared to be torn down. And so I searched for any news as to why it was barricaded and I ended up here on your page. I'm so glad I did because I tried tamagoya upon your review and for the past week I have been going every day for dinner. I have tried everything on their menu and their service ladies giggle whenever I pop in. I will have to shake mr. Abe's hand and thank him. Tamagoya ramen is very very very good and I have tried them all. They stopped serving their chilled cold noodles though. I did not ask why. It was marked off the menu with tape. And price wise it cannot be beat. I pass by this area so many times thinking it was just another rai rai Ken spinoff but my god was I wrong. Their gyoza has the same similar taste as shinjuku but tiny in comparison. But again it's cheap. I will ask mr Abe to come up with a yasai itame variant I hope he puts on his menu. Thanks Anton.

You're welcome! Glad to share this discovery :) Thanks for sharing your experience and comment :)

Anton .. do you know how to distinguish a good ramen from a bad one?

Ramen bar is not even in the same league .. please get that right

We will find time to try this - looks promising :).

value for money. this may make me think twice as i was betting on ramen bar and shinjuku for my number one on my list.

Ya we've been there many times together with my family. We loved the ambiance it's so japanese, the taste is magnificent and so cheap. That's why we keep on coming back. Thank you so much ANTON.

wow kahit sa picture palang ulam na.ang sarap :)) ma try nga jan minsan :)


I tried the Stamina Ramen. The spiciness was just right but the bowl was so big, it took me 30 minutes to finish it. My friends and I tried the other ramen; we needed to share for us to finish everything. Thank you for the tip! It is really good!


Hi anton! Tried it today and it was so so. I like the noodles they used. Authentic Japanese noodles. But the soup, not much flavor for the miso ramen. Gyoza not bad as well. Thanks for the tip!

Tried Kenji-Tei. I was not impressed so asked if there is a Japanese behind the kitchen and as I've expected, "none".

The taste of the soup is similar to that of Shinjuku. So they may have stolen their recipe or a cook who transferred.

Ajisen I think has expanded too much without trying to "strictly" keep its authenticity.

I've given it a try but I ain't going back.

Gilbert, try those ramen houses suggested by Anton and believe it.

I'd love to try their Yakiniku Don and my default japanese side order of gyoza :)

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