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The Misibis Bay Experience: How much and How to get there? (3 of 3)

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-39

Misibis Bay Resort is one hour away from the Legazpi airport by land. You can also get there via a fast craft from Embarcadero in Legazpi City.

OAP | The Misibis Bay Experience Series
1. The Misibis Bay Experience: What to do?
2.The Misibis Bay Experience: What to eat?
3.The Misibis Bay Experience: How much and How to get there?

Here are some tips on how to plan your trip to the resort and how much to budget:

Misibis Bay is located on the East Coast of Luzon. You can easily tell because the sun sets at the back of the beach and not in front of it.

Yes, this is the part of the Philippines that would have been affected by the tsunami from Japan. Although, if you look at the map, in the event that there's a tsunami, it would hit Rapu-Rapu Island and Batan Island first.

Misibis Bay has a good tsunami evacuation plan and, in case of emergencies like that, they will evacuate people to the eco-park, which has a higher elevation.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-1 Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-93
Misibis Bay can arrange an airport pickup for you at the airport itself or in Hotel Venezia, located inside the Renaissance Gardens near the airport. We were on a road trip, so we left our car in Hotel Venezia and arranged for our pickup at the hotel.

If you decide to go via land transfer, you'll know that you are near Cagraray Island once you see the cool solar-panel street lamps, a project of the owner of Misibis Bay.

TIP: For people going to Donsol, I suggest you book your arrangements separately from your Misibis Bay Trip. Most Donsol resorts can arrange an airport pickup for you. From Legazpi airport, go to Donsol first and arrange for a drop-off at Hotel Venezia, where the Misibis Bay Resort staff can pick you up.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 3-28
After 45 minutes of scenic driving and passing by the 300-year-old Sto. Domingo Church in Albay, you'll arrive at Sula Port. You have to cross the Sula Channel via barge -- a mini RORO.

There is no bridge that you can cross. There was once a cable car connecting the two islands but it was damaged permanently by Typhoon Reming.

TRIVIA: If you are into diving, check out the Galleon Shipwrecks under the Sula Channel.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-9
The barge is a 5-minute roll-on, roll-off ride. It is included in your Misibis package, but if you were to cross it on your own, it would cost P1,500 two-way.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-17
A traditional Ibalong Dance, depicting the ancient heroes, will welcome you upon your arrival. The Ibalong festival is celebrated every second week of October in Legazpi.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-18
You will also be greeted by warm, friendly faces, a cold towel and a refreshing green melon shake.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-19
This is the view from the reception area -- a well-landscaped garden, the Spice Market on the right side, and the main infinity pool in the center.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-32
I would recommend getting their 3 days and 2 nights Escapade Package, which already includes full-board meals, round-trip transfers, and free access to the health club and pools.

The package also includes free use of non-motorized sports equipment (Hobiecat sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, snorkeling set, and wind surfing) See: The Misibis Bay Experience: What to do?

Poolside Villas (cost based on twin sharing)
Junior Suite Deluxe (7 rooms) - P20,888/person
Premier Villa (3 rooms) - P23,888/person
One Bedroom Deluxe (7 rooms) - P26,888/person (this is where we stayed)
One Bedroom Premier (5 rooms) - P28,888/person (with outdoor jacuzzi)

TIP: You can wait for deals from daily deals sites, specifically in Deal Grocer, for high-end resorts.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-24
All my boys are below 7 years old, so they were considered FREE as long as they shared the room with us. We did not need an extra bed because the day beds were sufficient already.

The rooms are equipped with wifi, in-room safe, LCD TV with cable, Ipod docks and DVD/CD player.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-25
I love the bed! This actually reminded me of the exact bed and layout at Discovery Shores Boracay.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-26
The boys enjoy playing in and around bathtubs, so they were happy to see the bathroom.

WARNING: The floors are a bit cheap in quality because they get super slippery when wet. All of us slipped at one time or another. My son Raphael (1 year old) slipped the most, so be very careful. :(

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-41  
Misibis Bay offers Crabtree & Evelyn soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 2-13

You have the option to stay in the ground floor pool-side villa or on the second floor.

We opted to stay on the second floor, which is better in terms of privacy (but I think the ground floor is better if you have kids with you).

The ground floor tends to get noisy, though, when a group of people are swimming in the pool. Also, most of the people passing by can see you inside the room -- unless you pull down the blinds all the time.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 1-136
There are three swimming pools: the villa pool, the children's pool (photo above) and the main infinity pool in the center of the resort. The boys loved hopping from one pool to another.

Misibis Bay Resort Day 2-3
If you can, I suggest you reserve the beach-front villas for a more scenic view.

Beachfront Villas (cost based on twin sharing)
Junior Suite Premiere (2 rooms) - P26,388/person
One Bedroom Luxury (2 rooms) - P30,388/person
Luxury Villa (3 rooms) - P34,388/person

Misibis Bay Resort Day 3-25
We decided to return via land, and it took us only 45 minutes to get to Hotel Venezia. (Next time, it would be cool to go back via Embarcadero.)

Hope this guide helps you in planning your trip to Misibis Bay and allotting the budget for it. Please feel free to add your tips in the comments section.

OAP | The Misibis Bay Experience Series
1. The Misibis Bay Experience: What to do?
2.The Misibis Bay Experience: What to eat?
3.The Misibis Bay Experience: How much and How to get there?

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Hi Anton,

What's the green melon shake? Is that the Honey Dew?

Yes Honey Dew :)

how's the beach sand? Is it comparable to Boracay's sand? Tnx!

No its not. It is beige fine sand.

Sent from Mobile

I've been planning our itinerary for our family summer vacation next year which was opted to be in the Bicol Region (we had this year in Ilocos). I've read a feature in a newspaper regarding Misibis Bay and I was really fascinated by the place. At first I was lost where Misibis was and after running through the article I was really surprise that it is in Bicol. Reading through your blog makes me go crazy for the place especially with the pictures of the pool knowing the kids I will tag along will really enjoy that! But also sadden at the same time. The price you posted was way, way, way out of my league. I have 3 kids and 1 teenager to bring plus me and my hubby. Our travel savings will definitely not suffice the price for this place.

I still enjoyed reading your post. It nice to see beautiful places in the Philippines through a kababayan's eyes. Your kids are surely lucky!!

Hi! Very nice blog. The place looks really enticing. I was wondering whether the full board meals (breakfast,lunch and dinner) included in their package will be at the Spice Market and Outdoor Grill (one you mentioned)respectively? Thanks!

Yes, the meals are in the Spice Market and Outdoor Grill at night if weather permits.

hello, Anton. I came across this article by googling Misibis bay. I am wondering whether the price you posted is per person per night? or per person for a duration stay? in my experience at 5star cebu resorts. you pay per room per night (for example Php 28T/per night based on 2 people sharing..any other person will add a certain amount per night). PLease clarify..your blog post about Misibis bay was one of the most informative.

Hi Riza,
The prices I indicated in my blog posts are per person with full board meals.

They have different prices on a room basis with meals billed separately.

Also, their rates are seasonal so it is best to coordinate with them directly.


Hi Anton! You've both been in Misibis and Discovery Shores which are one of the two places I am eyeing for my wedding. If you were to chose between the two, what would you recommend for a wedding venue?

Hi Alyn,

Misibis has a nice church and a very nice resort.

I would still go for Boracay though just because it is Boracay. Also, you might want to consider Shangrila Bora for its privacy.

I just find the White Beach too commercial already and holding it on the beach might not be that special anymore.

BTW is it a Christian wedding?



Mga how much po budget 3 days and 2 nights? Kahit estimate lang po..



Hello Anton,
Would you know if Misibis bay has options for day trips only?? I would be traveling with my whole fam (5 adults, 2 children) and staying for the 2 nights with onboard meals would be soo expensive... but daytrips with lunch would be suitable I think. Any idea on that?

Wow, that looks a lot better than my recent vacation to Belize. Wish I had gone there, boo. :( Maybe next year!


How/where can I arrange for a day trip to Misibis? Do you have an idea how much it costs?


I advise against it since it is a bit far and I dont think its worth to go on a day trip here.


Hey Anton. Is it advisable to drive from Manila to Misibis Bay? I know it would be quite long but we took the Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud trip using your guide and we had an awesome experience! I was wondering if you can do the same thing rather than going there by plane. I also found out from the peeps at the resort that a bridge is connecting Misibis Bay to the main land.

Yes its possible thats what we did last time with stop overs in Naga and Legaspi.

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
Founder and Digital Publisher

Hi, I need help with transfers to and fro from islands in Philippines. since we are travelling in the super peak season of christmas and years i had to book with dates that were available at hoetels. Here is the my itinerary. I dont mind ferries or private boats. but not to go back and froth to Manila all the time. PLS HELP! THANKS!
23th to 26th dec Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Kaputian, Island Garden City Of Samal Davao
26th to 29th dec Eskaya beach resort, Panglao
29th dec to 2nd jan Misibis Bay, Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol Region
2nd to 5th Jan Pangulasian Island Resorts, Palawan

The resorts can provide your transfers to and from the airport.

You would need the following flights:
Manila to Davao
Davao to Tagbilaran/Cebu
Tagbilaran/Cebu to Legaspi
Legaspi to Manila to El Nido

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
Founder and Digital Publisher

Hi Anton,

This Blog is Awesome! Planning to book there for our Honeymoon, as a Wedding Gift for my Hubby-to-be. Based on your Blog, I'm sure hindi naman ako mapapahiya. haha. Thanks for the WARNING. We'll be extra careful on their "slippery when wet" floor tiles. lols BTW, hope your son is okay. :)

Cheers to the Awesome Life! :)


Thanks for the comment and hope you enjoy the Misibis trip!


Hi, we are planning to go on a road trip from Manila to Bicol, can we bring the car to Misibis using the barge? thanks!

Yes :)

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
Founder and Digital Publisher

Me and my husband are planning to have our summer vacation in the philippines since we are now living here in CA. and we're also looking for a good place to enjoy our summer together with our family i think we should try this one!its so is still more fun in the Philippines..thanks for posting this..:)

Hello Anton
Just found your blog when I read about misibis bay. I like it and maybe you can give me some idea about underground river in Puerto Prinsesa and any place (tourist destination) which is a kid friendly since I have a 4 yr old girl. I'm going back to Bikol Albay for a vacation this June.


Hi Rose,
On underground river, I was not able to blog about it but theres a hotel along Sabang Beach called Sheridan that is kids friendly :)


Hi Anton,

Which room did you stay at?

We stayed in the Poolside Villas as pictured here in this post.

Hi, are they strict on bringing food into the Resort? Do they check bags? Thanks!!

They dont check bags naman...

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
Founder and Digital Publisher

Hi! Would you know if they accommodate day trips only?
I am in Legazpil and i would love to see it. Thank you!

Yes they do but last time Ive checked the day trips are expensive. It would be better to stay overnight.


Hi Anton! would you recommend this as a honeymoon destination?

hi if i drive to there , how much i will spend time

if i drive my car from manila to there, how long kilometer and hours thank u

we are going to by car , but i dont know how long and hours from manila to misbis bay

i dont know how to set up

how much will it cost us for th beach wedding in Misibis Bay?

Hi, just want to enquire if you a package promo for 2 this coming may, we'll be from Quezon province by land, by the way we're also bicolanos. Thanx hope to hear from you soon.

Membership din ba ang Misibis Bay like Balesin and Pico De Loro?

Hi I'm from Naga city me and my husband booked a 3days,2 nights stay in Misibis. I didn't get the package by mistakes. My question is how and what is the easiest way to get there from naga? Thank you. Hope to get your reply soon.

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