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Va Bene Pasta Deli @ Petron - Best Authentic Italian Pasta Place in Makati!

 Update Sept 2014: Check out the 2nd branch VA BENE Pasta Deli by Chef Massimo Veronesi @ BGC Cinemas!

Va Bene Pasta Deli-18

We've been hearing a lot of buzz about this Italian restaurant. According to Makati foodies, the  "Best Italian Restaurant" in the area is hidden inside a Petron Gas Station. We wanted to eat there after hearing mass on a Sunday, but the restaurant was closed.

Finally, we were able to go on a packed weekday dinner night. Indeed, it's the BEST authentic Italian Pasta place in Makati. And the secret lies in the hands of the ex-Mi Piace Italian chef and his Filipina wife, the tandem behind this gasoline station restaurant.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-24
Va Bene is pronounced as "vah beh-neh", which means Very Good (food)! They make fresh pasta every day, which they also sell in the resto.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-6
The place is warm and inviting. The fact that it can get a bit cramped strangely adds to its charm, especially when you see the packed place at night. It feels good to eat here because it's like you've discovered something special, and you just want to keep it secret a little while longer.

Va Bene Menu: Special Menu | Antipasti and Soup, Pizza Altaglio, Pasta Fresca | Signature and Beverages.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-23

Italian Chef = Authentic Italian, ✔
Handmade Fresh Pasta = Freshly Made, ✔
Experienced Chef = Worked for 5 years in Manila Pen in Mi Piace and Old Manila, ✔
Pogi Italian with a yummy-sounding name = Chef Massimo Veronesi, ✔
Chef/owners who love kids = ✔ (That's a winner in my book!)

Va Bene Pasta Deli-8
Most families would love this place because it is kid-friendly. They are ready with paper and crayons to keep the young ones occupied. The owners themselves have a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old.

Since their kids study in a nearby school inside Dasma, they decided to establish their business near it. Locating the restaurant inside a gas station adds to its charm as well.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-7
The complimentary bread with tomato and oil dip was really good -- one of the best complimentary starters in Manila. How we wished we could ask for unlimited refills! :)

Va Bene Pasta Deli-15
Tagliolini All Uovo Boscaiola
(P360 + service charge). Portobello Mushrooms and Cream Sauce with a touch of Truffle Oil.

The truffle oil and portobello mushroom pasta was absolutely delicious! Besides the taste, the reason why their pasta is really good is because of its texture. It's different from the common al dente pasta you'll find in other restos. This one has a bouncy kind of bite.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-17
Black in Seafood Marinara (P350 + service charge).

Their squid ink pasta was executed differently. Since they make their own pasta, they mix the squid ink with the dough before they cook it. The pasta itself is black, so you don't have to worry about the black ink staining your teeth (which might turn off your date).

The pasta came with generous servings of seafood with thick tomato sauce. Sarap!

Va Bene Pasta Deli-19
Basil-Crusted Lambchops
(P960 + service charge) The dish comes with Tomato Fondue, Garlic Confit and Potato Gorgonzola Ravioli.

Every week, they have specials in the menu, and the lamb chops were highly recommended. This dish did not disappoint! Its unexpectedly excellent quality was worth every peso.

The meat was tender, tasty and sarap-to-the-bones. It was complemented very well by the ravioli and the vegetable side dish.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-26 Va Bene Pasta Deli-28Capellaci (P280 + service charge). Filled with Salmon and Potato, served in a Vodka Cream Tomato Sauce.

We still felt a bit bitin, food-wise, so we had a follow-up order of some salmon ravioli. I liked the pillow-y texture of the ravioli and the taste of the salmon in it.

I heard that the spinach and ricotta cheese version was the best, but it was out of stock already. :(

Learning: We came in late, around 8pm, so most of their best pasta dishes were sold out. Better go early, before 7pm, if possible.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-29
Marinated Strawberries in Balsamico with Ice Cream(P180 + service charge).

The best-selling dessert -- profiteroles with ice cream -- was sold out, too. We decided to try the next best thing -- Strawberries in Balsamic Vinaigrette. The balsamico used for the strawberries was not too strong and went very well with the ice cream.

Va Bene Pasta Deli-25
As mentioned in a previous post, Joshua just loves ice cream. Again, how can you resist a face like this, pleading for a cup?

Va Bene Pasta Deli-30
Paradis Ice Cream, Agasajo - Chili Chocolate with Saffron flavor
  (Medium - P180).

I only recently discovered Paradis Ice Cream, which is made from natural and healthy ingredients. I personally love their Coco & Vanilla, Thai Milk Tea, and Chili Chocolate with Saffron (called Agasajo) Ice Cream flavors.

Warning: This chocolate ice cream is really spicy hot!

Va Bene Pasta Deli-31
We had a debate on whether to try Tutti Frutti Froyo on the ground floor of the Petron gas station, or eat ice cream here... The boys chose Paradis Ice Cream. :)

Va Bene Pasta Deli-22

Carol Veronesi (in black) personally serves all the guests, while Chef Massimo cooks the food (a set-up similar to Claude and Mary Anne Tayag's tandem in Bale Dutung).

Congratulations on a job well done with Va Bene! It's time to create a full-blown Italian restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. :)

Va Bene Pasta Deli-32

This is definitely one of the best pasta places I've tried in Manila. Masarap talaga! They currently serve focaccia-style pizzas; hopefully, they will have a brick oven for their pizza soon.

Highly recommended!

(Note: They can close the restaurant for a minimum group of 20 with a set menu of P700-P1,000/person, depending on your preference. Very good for a birthday party or an intimate foodie feast. :) )

Chef Massimo Veronesi's Va Bene Pasta Deli
2nd Floor, Petron Gas Station, Edsa Corner Pasay Road,
Dasmarinas, Makati City
(Across Dusit Hotel, Edsa side)
Contact: Carolyn Veronesi
Telephone: +632 556-9442, 904-6063
Mobile: +63 917 345-6869
Operating Hours:
Tuesdays-Saturdays only
11.30am to 3.00pm and 6.00pm to 9.30pm
(Late-night dinners after 9.30pm are possible with prior reservation.)
Parking is available in Petron.


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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.

P.S. This Petron station is also home to San Lo's famous empanada, this unique hampanada on the ground floor, and Tony Cuervo's Mango Torte. Indeed, a foodie haven hidden in a Petron Gas Station.



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The Black in Seafood Marinara sounds and looks really good! Tell Rache to take me there next week :)

Hi Anton,did you notice an access for the disabled (wheelchair)? Like a ramp or an elevator maybe? Thanks! :)

Grazie mille! Thank you so much! Salamat to Mr. Anton Diaz and his lovely wife and children for dining with us! To Mr. Anton Diaz we are so grateful for this WONDERFUL WONDERFUL review! VA BENE PASTA DELI @ Our Awesome Planet BY the best , MR. ANTON DIAZ! THANK YOU!

Ang lapit lang nito sa Ayala Triangle right? Masubukan nga

wow! i'll drop by one of these days... sarap!

The best for me STILL is Amoroma, unfortunately it closed shop na. I wonder if the Alabang branch is still open though..

Will give this a try after my ge-lai!! :)

Thanks for this!! :)

What's the best time to go, i.e. the time when there are not too many people dining?


Thanks for the info, we will definitely try this Italian resto.

Well, I think you can reserve. It's best to go during the peak lunch and dinner times because most of the good ones in the menu get sold out quickly

Thanks Didi! Yes, this is the best place to celebrate after your ge-lai :) hehe. You might change your mind after eating here.

Paradis has a branch in Tomas Morato, right beside 7-11 and Bliss.

Hmmn, parang i did not see any wheelchair access :(

Youre very much welcome :) We will be back :)

You got me sold on the mushroom pasta! Anything with cream and mushrooms excites me hehehe!:) Do they have gnocchi? I thought from the picture this was in Jupiter and I have to double check and it's in front of Dusit. Malayo-layong lakaran pamula sa opisina pero swak na pang ehersisyo para sa carbo loading. So far, I liked La Grotta here in Makati but if the owner is Italian like Bellini's it has to be good.:) Thanks for the review.:)Will give this a try.

Yes nothing beats an Italian Chef running his own Italian restaurant :)

this was our favorite secret italian resto before you featured it.. now we can't even get seats anymore bec you turned the masses on to it! Argh!

Do they serve red wine?

Theres no wine in the menu. Ive update the post to include links to the menu.

love the bread with tomatoes =)


i first read about this restaurant from heart-2-heart's blog,late last year.
Now,ikaw nmn ngfeature Mr.Anton.iintayin ko pa ba si ms dessertcomesfirst ang magreview bago ko itry?:)
Will definitely try this one.^^

could you give driving directions coming from greenbelt? thanks!

to didi
amoroma has moved to tagaytay
the one in alabang also closed shop.

Just go Pasay Road going to Edsa, turn left and youll see Petron in the corner.

Hi Carol, thanks for answering...

Wow, the food looks really delicious.

There are only few authentic italian restos that serve really good pizza and pasta.

I'll definitely try this one soon.

I also suggest you guys try Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen in BF homes.

I tried the best seafood carbonara there.

Went there this morning a little after they opened at 11:30 and all the tables were already reserved!!! There were no tables available anymore for walk-in customers. So to those of you who'd want to eat here, make sure that you make a reservation beforehand... just to be sure.

are taxi's available around the area? thanks :)

Been here last friday and I have to say.. The food was great! easily the best pasta place here in makati. I love the squid ink pasta... the flavor was good, but the most notable was the texture and bite of the pasta itself.. what a great lunch we had!

my wife and i just went there for desserts after eating dinner elsewhere. that was about 9pm, friday. we had the Marinated Strawberries in Balsamico with Ice Cream and the ciocolatto with orange ice cream (sorry, can't remember the full name), and cappucino.

sadly, we were disappointed. we paid about 500php for 2 desserts! i'm willing to pay for good food; those 2 were not good at all. i'm much happier with the green tea yogurt from frutti froyo downstairs afterwards.

the marinated strawberries weren't how it looked here in the site. mejo tipid sa ice cream; i guess they ran out of vanilla ice cream and weird naman to eat just the strawberries with the balsamic reduction. you won't really see and taste anything great -- something you can google, then experiment to make from your kitchen.

i like the orange ice cream. my wife didn't like it so much.

my wife and i still plan to back for their pasta... based on write up and feedback in this site -- we have high expectations. :)

Best pasta, really! Loved the baked ones and the black ink pasta. But was a bit disappointed that we waited more than an hour for food to be served.

Va Bene was excellent food and we bought the wonderful pasta. My personal favorite Italian restaurant in Manila is Casa Nostra in Pasong Tamo- the wife and kids have a craving to go every week!

Glad you posted about this. It's a restaurant I've been meaning to try..

went there to try just before dinner time, unfortunately ( I didn't know) they're only open for lunch and dinner. Haha.

For authentic italian, have you tried Bellini's at Marikina Shoe center? They have awesome panna cotta.

Will visit this place soon. Thanks for the review! :))

Hi! Va Bene's such an inspiration. Tried it last weekend and boy, the food was gastronomic! Anyway, I'm actually a chef in our local community, and our restaurant just recently branched out. Problem is, I'm having a hard time managing inventories and recipes! Can you guys give me an advice on this? Thank you in advance!

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