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How to Extend the Validity of Your Philippine Passport

How To Extend Your Passport Validity?

My Philippine passport is expiring on March 1, 2011, and I have to fly to Malaysia this weekend for an OAP.TV shoot. I forgot to renew my passport, and when I applied for a passport renewal appointment, the earliest was mid-April already.

I was planning to cancel the trip until I learned how to extend the validity of the passport. It took me an entire day to line up at the Director's Office at the DFA and I got the extension of validity 2 days after.

What a relief! It was extended for another two years with a gentle reminder that you need to renew your passport asap.

This is how I did it...

Passport Application Process

First, you have to renew your passport at least one year before it expires.

I was planning to go to Taiwan last year, and when I applied for a visa, they did not accept the passport since it's not valid for more than 6 months. Since the appointment time takes longer now (about 2 months in advance), you have to initiate the passport renewal process 1 year before its expiry date.

Just go to to schedule your passport renewal appointment and prepare the requirements.  Regular Processing costs P950 (20 working days), while Rush Processing is P1,200 (10 working days).

How To Extend Your Passport Validity?-5

There are only three conditions when you can request an extension of passport validity:
1. For Medical Reasons (with supporting document/s showing the urgent need to undergo treatment);
2. Incident of Death (with supporting documents or proof of urgency); or
3. OFW (with Job Order, working visa and ticket).

 You can call these DFA Emergency numbers: +632 834-4424, 834-4855.

TIP: You have to go personally to request for the extension of the validity of your passport. You have to enter Gate 3 and tell the guard you are going to the Director's Office on the first floor to file your request.

How To Extend Your Passport Validity?-7

There are two road blocks. The first road block is this guard checking if all your request requirements are complete. Here are the requirements that I brought with me:

1. Personal Request to extend the validity of the passport stating the reason why, addressed to the Director's Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
2. I had supporting documents from the Malaysia Tourism Board and Star Cruises, certifying that they indeed invited me to travel to Malaysia.
3. You also have to have confirmed flights already to your chosen destination.
4. Lastly, you need to have a photocopy of the first two pages and the last two pages of your passport.

Also, manong guard gives you a piece of paper, which serves as your official "ticket" to fall in line in the queue.

I came at around 9am+ and there were a lot of people already inside the office, so I had to wait outside. It was only after lunchtime that my name was called and I was able to enter the office.

TIP: DFA opens as early as 7am, so better go there earlier than spend the entire day waiting in line.

How To Extend Your Passport Validity?-6

The second road block is this guard, who queues your "ticket" for the interview/investigation unit. This is much faster and the people are friendlier.

This step basically involved a simple interview about my situation and why I was asking for the extension of validity. They will keep your request, including the supporting documents. (Make a duplicate copy if you want to have a copy of your documents for your reference.)

How To Extend Your Passport Validity?-2

The fee for the extension is only P200, which I had to pay at the second floor. They asked me to go back 2 days after at an appointed time (10-11am).

When I went back, the process was seamless. I just presented the receipt to the guards, and when I submitted it at 10am, I got the passport with the extension immediately.

How To Extend Your Passport Validity?-3

That's it. Hope that information helps!

You can avoid having to apply for a request for extension by renewing your passport now! Schedule your appointment here --

Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Office
ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City
(Beside S&R and across McDo along Macapagal Boulevard)
Here's the DFA Location Map

Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) 7am to 5pm


  • Passport Processing & Releasing
  • Consular Records / Assistance to Nationals (ATN) Civil Registration
  • Authentication Processing & Releasing


  • Courtesy Services
  • Diplomatic & Official Passport Processing
  • Visa / ABTC Processing (3-5pm only for 9e visa Filing & releasing)

Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. I'm NOT connected with DFA or any government agency.  I'm NOT connected with, compensated by, or represented by any PR firm.

P.S. FINAL TIP: Parking is P30 per 3 hours + P5 every hour after. If you have an S&R card, better park at S&R. Food choices are limited -- you have McDo, S&R, and I'm not sure if there is a canteen inside DFA.



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Anton perhaps you should block out your passport number?

I agree with Ria! block it out Anton... although you'll be applying for a new one when you come right?

But this article sure helps! hope people use it for valid reasons din talaga... not to abuse the info. Like you said you had all the invitations and tickets booked already.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for catching that. I removed it already. Thanks Ria for that quick feedback -- youre a life saver :)


Very informative. Thanks for the tips. I didn't know that we now have to make an appointment to schedule passport renewal. Thanks again. More power to your blog. :)

Thanks I blocked it out already. Yeah, this tip only applies to urgent situations backed up by supporting documents.

hello po, question lang po: di ba pwede namang lumipad to other country if your passport is still valid 6 months before your scheduled flight?

mag eexpire kasi yung passport ko on feb 2012, and we have a scheduled flight on may 2011.

Another tip: better to make an appointment earlier than 10am, the queue during this hours is shorter. Also, you don't want to be there during lunch time, the queue tends to move slower since staff takes alternate breaks to have their lunch (esp at the Picture Taking).

Your passport should still be valid for 6+ months even after you return from your trip. Otherwise, youll have a problem with getting a visa or when you are in the immigration.


thanks anton, ill be back on May 2011 din naman. for tour reason lang naman yung trip. so thats ok lang, 8 months before my passport expires. :) thank you

thanks for this info. i still think though that the old passport renewal system (over the phone via nso) was much simpler. with the new one, not only do you have to contend with appointment schedules as far as two months, there are still pretty long lines at the dfa.

This is helpful. But we don't need the extension; we're getting our new passports on March. Thanks for going through the process for our benefit, hehe!

thanks for this, i've been trying to renew my passport which i overlooked and expired this february. The call center gave me the number to call but i can't get anyone on the other line....

will give this a try since i need to fly for work related stuff...thanks

Hi Anton - thanks for this useful info. I am just wondering how come they stated only 3 reasons for passport validity extension but they gave you an extension even if your case did not qualify for the only 3 reasons! :). Weird, no? :) They should have just stated "other reasons", subject to assessment of the situation. I a glad you were able to have an extension and your trip will push through as planned. Have a safe trip!

Its work/tourism related for Malaysia and we will be featuring the Star Cruise. Well the interviewers are fair naman in assessing your situation.


thats good to hear. we renewed our passport yesterday and applied for a new one for my 2 y/o daughter. our interview time was 2pm and we were there by 130pm. it was seamless because of the courtesy lane since we have a minor but we finished at around 530pm courtesy of the very intelligent guard who issues the number stub for the picture taking. we should have been placed in the courtesy lane since we had a minor. DFA should employ competent and able employees who knows his job description (get a ticket and give it to the applicant) and do that simple job well...

I think you got lucky with yours, many other people do not get the same courtesy as you did. The DFA appointment system is so bad, one can schedule an appointment without confirming and paying and the slot gets used up.

Also with all their technology you have to wait 2 months.

Passports should be renewed 6 months before they expire, or before that, noone tells you this until it happens to you.

Here's a trick what I did last year. DFA Manila appointment too far away? Call up DFA Batangas or DFA Pampanga, they can tell you when the next appointment is.
For DFA Pampanga you can email to reserve a slot while for DFA Batangas you have to go there to get an application form with a date on it.

With the South Super and North Highway, going either way is way way faster now and easier. It will just cost you some gas and you can save weeks on your Passport appointment.

Hi, my husband is now lining up in DFA having his passport renewed, they say the extension-scheme is allowable only for trips within Asia, not for trips to Europe. Is this true? Can anyone validate? Thank you!

It really depends on the person interviewing you sa DFA. Just apply and they are considerate specially if it is OCW related. 


I was somehow impressed with the new system. Though its really a bummer that you have to wait 1-2 months for your appointment, but once you show up on your scheduled date, everything is a breeze.

My appointment was for 10:00am, and arrived there a little past 9, but I was able to finish exactly at 12:00pm. I agree with Michelle that would be better if you pick a schedule earlier than 10:00am.

Great tip and for all the feedback from the readers! It reminded me I have to renew mine, expires in Sept. 2011! :)))

Funny you should blog about this when we were just talking about my expired passport yesterday.

Very timely! As i just renewed my passport (or tried to) last Saturday. And here's my story:

I was fully aware of the 6 months policy but somehow can't find my paspport last Dec. It was holiday break then so I thought I left it in my drawer in the office. Come January, I totally forgot about it and just remembered by Feb. I also know you have to wait for 2-months to get an appointment in DFA (based on my colleague's experience) and my next flight is end of March! I still tried though but the earliest date is April 8th.

I asked some colleagues what to do and they referred me to a travel agency. I was surprised to get an appointment for the following week via travel agency! I asked the agent how they can get an appointment that fast. He said they (travel agencies) are "buying' these schedules ahead of time from some insiders. Now I know why it's hard to get an appointment. Btw, I paid 4k (express) for this agency.

Now I earlier said "I tried to" renew. It's because when I was at DFA, they told me that they can only release the passport by April. I told them I paid for express (10 days). They said they just received a memo last Friday stating that there would be no more passports released this month. I called my agent to verify. He talked to some people and called me. He said we'll just have to wait and see as he said according to their insiders, DFA just don't want to commit this month because they ran out of passport papers (from Bangko Sentral). Apparently, BSP put a hold on their paper delivery (being DFA's supplier) because DFA has not paid a huge amount from previous supplies.

So now, I'll have to wait and see for a week. Otherwise, they are also offering this extension which means I have to go through another process. Haaay.

i just went to DFA last friday,you have to pick the 8am schedule if you want to finish early.we went home at around 820am though, we were there at around 730am.process now is much more organized.

FYI: for OFWs, might as well renew it abroad, its faster and convenient. that's how my dad renewed his and our passports

You said that there are only THREE conditions that permit you to have your passport validity extended. But none of these conditions apply to your case, so how did you do it?

I guess in our country there are exceptions?

It is tourism work related and I got an official letter from Malaysia. In any case, there is an interview which assesses your request on a case to case basis.


And I think they would be more lenient this month in extending passport validity due to their "insufficient passport supplies".

thanks for sharing, this is very helpful!

for passport renewal, everything is a lot faster and easier if you get a travel agent to assist you. i spent an entire day doing it on my own, while my mom was in and out in less than 2 hours. so i'd say the assistance fee is so worth it.

That sounds nice, thank you for sharing Anton. Weird thing is that for DFA Pampanga we were informed that DFA Manila is not printing passports since the 18th of Feb. Anyone else experienced getting their trips cancelled and paying more because of this DFA thing?

Same here, I thought I'm the only one who experienced this thing in here. It's just sad that I had to cancel a trip but much worse is the people who are scheduled to go out of the country for work reasons. I was able to talk to some ofw's who were waiting for their passports, it's just heartbreaking. I asked them why not go to DFA Manila, they just told me that they were informed to go back to DFA Pampanga for some paper stuff (LEC) if that's the right term, sadly it's seems like nobody from DFA Pampanga knows what's that paper thing and would just rather wait.

I'm planning to leave the country for a vacation on May. The problem is, my passport expires on November 3, 2011. Using the online appointment system, the nearest schedule is on May 4 (which is so late). I'm not sure if I can get a better schedule by phone but I'll try later. Anyway, let's say I leave by May 2. That would be within the 6-month limit right? But then, I intend to return to the Philippines on June 5 (less than 6 months from date of expiry). Would it be possible to travel without renewing my passport?

Hi Jeremy,

Its not. You wont be allowed to leave or get any visas. Dapat your passport is valid for 6 months when you return. 

Try the extension process I described in this blog post.


No it is not possible. Passport should be at least 6 months valid on your return flight.

Hi Anton,

Thanks for this helpful information. I am really on panic now. My husband just inform me last night that he wanted me to join him in Singapore on March 5, 2011. I just learned a few hours ago that I need too have a passport which is valid for 6 months. Mine will be expiring on June 29, 2011. I am really desperate now...what should I do?

My husband by the way is a seaman. He is supposed to come home on the 3rd week of March but he is to be extended for another contract. He is given a week to stay in Singapore for him to rest and at the same time wait for the ship that he will be joining for his next contract.

Can I ask for an extension of validity of my passport? Will I still make it to fly on March 5? Please help.


Yes, if you apply now for extension of the passport, it would still make it for March 4. You need to have supporting papers from your husbands employer and your husband. Go for it :)


I might try Lucena na lang. Wala daw silang appointment. Walk-in lang ang renewals. Problem is the queue. I'll just try to go as early as possible.




yes you have to renew it already and get an appointment in DFA via

Try to get an appointment at the DFA Batangas or Pampanga or any other DFA that you can get to. For sure the appointment is earlier than 2 months away

You are a gifted writer and blogger. Your blog is a blessing to many Filipinos. I thank God for what you are doing.

Thanks for the appreciation! Youre very much welcome :)


This blog is sooooooooo helpful, I want you to know. I have the same sitch with you, I have to travel to the states on May, i tried to schedule an appointment last month but earliest was april 13 and it definitely wont work with my situation. So I was adviced to bring letters of urgencies to the passport direc's office. I don't have a ticket yet 'cos I havnt applied for visa processing cos of this passport problem. is that okay?


my big question...?

Puede rin kayang Ipa-extend ko nalang yung passport ko? kahit last April pa sya expired? What do you think, Anton?

Last question, Were you able to know the name of the Passport Director?

Please reply...I need you experience insight on this.haaaaaa...



P.S. I intend to go there to RENEW my passport. Puede kayang I-pa extend ko nalang din sya?

You have to just apply your request and bring as many supporting documents as possible. They will decide on the spot if they would give you an extension. Good luck!


Try mo munang ipaextend the validity and renew it afterwards.

This site is awesome. By the way, i was the one who rang your phone this afternoon trying to get answers to my question. :-)

i'll keep checking these contents, all are interesting & very informative!

Hi Anton..

thanks for the INFO. i really like your blog.. very helpful.
I had the same problem with yours. i got extension also for 2 years, medyo afraid lang kasi bka hindi i-honor ng SG immigration.

by the way, so ikaw natuloy ka ba sa Malaysia? did they question you about your expired passport?

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you

Thank you so much for this post! I am in a similar situation right now so I will try what you did with the extension of validity of passport.

Like Gwen, I would like to know your experience upon arriving in Malaysia. :)

My mom's passport is about to expire on Sept 2011. She was scheduled to fly to Dubai with my Dad and Sister on May 2011 (May to Sept is only about 4 months, so the 6 months validity rule applies. I already applied Visit Visas for them and my mom's passport number is upon that Visit Visa. My mom's case is different from the three conditions written here. My question is - can she still request an extension of her passport validity?

I read that DFA is having problems with their renewal, and it is taking longer than ever to process renewals.

According to the article, you can now opt to get extension instead, if you can't avoid not to travel. However, typical of Philippines, he made no mention of how exactly to do that. Your experience however, helps a lot! I just wonder if the procedure is the same, given the article in philstar

It should be the same.

Yes, just request for the passport extension.

Just can’t thank you enough for posting this! If it wasn’t for your post, I would not have had the courage to go to DFA and request for an extension of my passport. You’re post validated that indeed DFA does offer such services for emergency cases like mine. It proved so useful that I was given the good news today that my request for extension was granted!

My story goes like this…last January I booked myself for a trip to Singapore on April 8. I was confident that my passport would not expire anytime soon since my last trip out of the country was sometime 2009 and thought that it was renewed about that time. Little did I know that my passport would be expiring on June 2011, which is not within the 6 months period for traveling. If it weren’t for my stepfather reminding me to check my passport last March 25, I would not have known that I would be travelling with an invalid passport.Take note my trip is April 8 already!

Anyway, went to DFA last March 29 and did as you said. I brought necessary docs, they gave me an appointment for today, March 31. This morning I got interviewed and they approved! I get my passport on Monday!

Guys, I can attest to this too! Super thanks for posting this useful information! Thanks again and more power Anton! Keep on sharing secrets and helpful information! =)

Youre welcome Nicole! I had second thoughts posting this blog post but Im glad I did :)

Hi. I already bought my ticket for Philippines this coming May. I am visiting with travel documents since my passport expired last year. I will be there for a month, so I am wondering if DFA Batangas processes rush application just as quickly. And do we need to set up an appointment or do we just go there as early as possible?
Ps. I am a minor travelling without a guardian.
Thanks a bunch!!

Just go in as early as possible. You need an appointment if it is a passport renewal.

Hi! Thanks for this post! We'll try if this will work for us tomorrow.

We had been traveling to HK and Singapore since 2006, and then, we decided to go back to HK again this May. It's just this Sunday when we realized that our passports (my Mom's and mine) are expiring in less than 6 months. We didn't know that the DFA now works on an appointment basis. We already booked our flights and reserved our Hotel room.

If it was just me and my mom, it'll be ok to just cancel the trip. But we are going with my aunt, who will be experiencing this for the first time. And she's so excited for the trip as it is her first time going out of the country. My mom actually planned this trip to celebrate their birthdays.

I'll go back here to say if our appeal for extension of validity was successful.

Update: It was a success.

We went to DFA on April 5, then we were asked to go back on April 7 for the interview. Our passport with the extended validity was released on April 12.

Thanks for this post again.

Excellent read! Thank you for sharing this information. I am in a rut myself as I have to go to Singapore soon as part of my re-assignment. I'll revert back to this blog as soon as I get an extension of my passport.

hello sir. my sister and i were to travel to singapore next week maybe may 17 but unfortunately our passport i only valid for 5 months. we were to travel pa lat month but we came back here last monday and decided to go back to singapore next week since the start of classes is still on june 7. Instead of staying here we decided to go back first to our mom and spend the rest of the summer. If we will go to the dfa on monday do you think that they will approve the extension that day? we will present our ticket that we are traveling the next day but were afraid that if the process takes days the we would not be able to catch our flight. hope to read your reply soon sir. Thank you very much.:)

Hi Fina,
You can get approval on the same day but not sure if you can get your extension stamp immediately. Ask DFA directly.


thank you sir anton. Pero pano po yon kung yung ticket po namin the next day na edi sayang po pag di approve. ano po kayang best way na gawin namin? thank you very much po.

you have to go today or tomorrow. Im not really from DFA so Im not sure if they will approve it if you apply one day before. 


were still in baguio sir but thank you very much sir. :) i'll update you on monday:)

Hi Sir Anton,

I am Architect, and my client invites me to go to Guangzhou, China on May 27, 2011 to look for new Building materials for her beach house. I think there is an Expo or trade fair on that date. But my passport will expire in 5 months. Do you think my reason is a valid reason for an extension of my passport? I can't think of any supporting documents except for a plane ticket(which i haven't purchase it yet). Do you think my plane ticket is enough for supporting my reason? Thanks in advance.

Get an official letter from the client and use it as a supporting paper.

super thank you for this post. you saved my life!!! this is very informative.. btw, the DFA office is also open on Saturdays, I went there yesterday and only few people were in the Director's office to apply for an extension

Thanks for letting me know that they are open on Saturdays :)

Hi Sir, just to confirm, I don't have to file an appointment to DFA if its for extension right? All I have to do is go directly to the Director's office even if I don't have an appointment schedule? I'm planning to go tomorrow for extension kasi. Thank you.

Yes no appointment and it is first come first served.

Sent from Mobile

thanks! info has been most helpful. thanks for the details including pix! mabuhay ka bro!

Thanks for appreciating our work :) youre welcome!

Hi sir! thanks for posting this topic. My passport has already expired 4 months i still allowed to apply for extension? im invited to conduct a seminar in the US this november. and the embassy requires a valid passport 6 months before the trip date...

what can you advise, sir?

This does not apply to expired passport I think. Renew your passport now.

I am staying here in Taiwan and i also want to extend my passport's validity because we are planning to travel to Philippines this June 23 and Korea on september 5-9, 2011. My passport will expire on March 12, 2012, and I am counting the days After september 10,2011, i still have at least 6 months and 2 days allowance. is it advisable to extend my passport validity now? thanks

Hi Anton, I'm about to travel to the US for work this July but my passport is expiring on Jan 2012. Medyo alanganin na, so my boss advised that I should apply for a renewal na. But the next appointment (according to our travel agency) is 1st week of July pa. Do I just go to DFA with the supporting docs even if I haven't applied for a passport renewal online yet? As in punta lang ako sa Director's office and line up?

Thank you very much for this post! Very helpful in getting my passport's validity extended! God bless!

hello anton,

my passport will expire on dec, 4 2011 and i just found out today from the ticketing office that i will not be allowed to travel because of this, i have a confirmed ticket and hotel for june 26-28. and i really want to go. but i havent paid it yet because the ticketing told me that i should extend my passport. what is my chance of getting an extension..?

many thanks!

Hi Anton,

thanks for inputs, its very helpful, just to clarify on the request letter.
I'll put Director's Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs? thanks to kindly advise.

Best Regards

Thank you for this post kind sir.

I'm currently experiencing the same dilemma because I need to go to Jakarta for a job which will start on July 11. My passport will expire on Aug 2012 and the embassy of Indonesia requires the passport to be valid for more than 18 months if you are going to apply for a working visa. So, for the last two weeks I have been so stressed out because I can't figure out what to do. But God is so great He made me stumble upon your blog. So you see kind sir, I cannot thank you enough for this post. I feel like a thorn has been plucked out of my chest. haha!

Seriously, more power to your blog! :)

Thanks Kiki for appreciating this post! I'm stil amazed at how many people this blog post helped already.

Good luck!

hi anton
what if your reason for applying for an extension is just for vacation but already bought the tickets, will they approve the extension? because the visa will not be approved if the passports is less than 6months the way, thank you very much for your post, it helped me lessen my worries...

Hi Anton - Your post is very very helpful to me who's been trying to call DFA for 5 hours now but not lucky enough to get a hold of anyone. My Lola needs an extension since I need her help and company badly to travel back to Canada with 2 kids (2 yr old and 4 yr old). She's the only one I know here in Philippines that can travel and accompany my kids to travel back in Canada. Her passport is expiring in January 26, 2012 and our travel dates are August 3, 2011. We miscalculated and did not renew her passport well enough in advance. Do you think the assessors will accept our reason of urgency? Thank you!

You got to try it. This is the only way that they can reconsider your passport extension. Although Vacation might be the weakest reason for considering passport extension. Might as well just renew your passport.

Do you think I could still get a passport renewal a week before my flight? I have been accepted as a delegate in a international leadership symposium. do you think they will approve it?

Just try it. usually, one day to apply and 2-3 days to get the extension.

My sister has her Immigrant Visa interview at the U.S. Embassy on July 25th. She traveled from Cebu to Manila July 19th for the Physical exam at Saint Luke's. Her passport is good for three months. Saint Luke's turned her away because it needs to be valid for at least six months. This was a surprise and big let down for us. I am here in the U.S. to research the renewal process. I found the renewal could take up to a month with rush processing. I then came across your blog; gave my sister your instructions for extension and then prayed for the best. By a miracle it is now July 21st and she has her extension for two years. Also she returned to Saint Luke's today and she is finishing her medical examinations.

Thank you so much for your blog. In our case we were able to get an extension and it was not medical or work related. We are so happy.

I feel so relieved when I found this blog. Here is the story. My fiancee is in the US ARMY who just finished his 6month training this July. He started his training January 2011. And his passport got expired last March2011. There was no way he could renew it since he was in his training. (Although i know, he should have renewed it even before it expired.)Now, he wants to apply for the renewal, but he can't go off post to personally appear to the Philippine consulate whenever he intends to, and we know that it would take him 8-12wks for the release of his new passport (since passport booklets are made in Manila, and he is in the states). He couldn't wait that long because he might get deployed to the warzone sometime in Feb'12. He is taking his leave days and needs to go back to the Philippines by November of this year. We tried to ask about the issuance of a Travel document, but it would only allow him a one-way travel. So, we were looking for other ways, then we learned about Validity Extension. Do you think these circumstances would be valid enough for this?

Take note of the fact: His passport has already expired last March2011.

We surely do hope, we get the same luck as yours. Thank you! God Bless.

My passport was extended in Doha, Qatar until June 2013. I'm leaving for Brunei on September 1, 2011. Am i allowed to depart Manila with this kind of passport?

thank you!!!! very helpful ang blog mo...
mabbigyan kaya ako ng passport extension kung sasabihin kong mag aaply kasi ako for us visa...

this very helpful information, thanks for sharing.

sir pwede po bang makakuha ng bagong visit visa or working visa ang extended passport?

Not really. You need to renew asap.


hello po sir. Papauwi po ako sa Pilipinas para sa 3 weeks vacation at para kunin na rin ang pamilya ko dito sa Canada. Ang passport ko ay mag-e-expire sa february 14,2012. At March 2012 naman sa misis ko. Meron kaming permanent residency visa na kailangan namin mai enter sa Canada before expiration which is February 14,2012 kasabay ng aking passport expiration. Nakabook na po ang ticket namin ng December 4 papunta dito sa Canada. Less than 6 months na po passports namin kasi by the time na irerenew sana namin saka naman nirequest ng immigration para sa visa so wala na kaming time irenew. Papayagan po ba kaming magtravel? Para dito na lang sa Canada namin irenew ang mga passports. Maraming salamat po!

Well, you will still need an extension so that you can travel.


Kailangan po ba ng appointment ang extension o pwedeng walk in na lang?

Yes puede but you need to have all the documents. 

18 days lang po ako diyan sa Pilipinas, enough time sana para makapagrenew kaso naka attach na po sa passport namin yung visa. Valid pa rin po ba yung visa dun sa old na passport ko if ever mairenew ko? ano po ba requirements sa validity extension? maraming salamat po!

Please call DFA for proper guidance. 18 days should be enough for extension.

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