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My Awesome Life in 2011 (a Travel Log Planner)

(virtual copy: My Awesome Life Planner 2011

Finally, I am releasing My Awesome Life Book, a travel log planner for 2011 on a limited edition basis!  It is a travel log, planner, and guide book in one. I am excited because this is my first published work :) Thanks to Belle de Jour team for making this happen!
I am only releasing 1,000 copies to friends of Our Awesome Planet. This would also serve as a beta group to provide inputs for the 2012 travel log planner.
Here are the highlights of the 2011 edition:

My Awesome Life 2011 Cover

This is the winner of the OAP Planner Cover survey.

January Monthly Pages with Awesome Events

The 2011 Awesome Calender of the Philippines is integrated into the Monthly Pages.

Top 8 Most Awesome Filipino Restaurants in the Philippines

I've included the following articles never been published before in OAP to encourage you to explore the Philippines:

  • Top 8 Most Awesome Filipino Restaurants of the Philippines
  • Preparing for that Awesome Road Trip
  • Top 10 World Renowned and Must-See Places in the Philippines
  • Top 10 Beaches in the Philippines
  • Top 8 Most Awesome Adventures to Live For in the Philippines

My Ultimate Day Vision Board

Two vision boards for you to visualize your Ultimate Day and your 2011 Travel Plan using pictures.

January Monthly Highlights

At the start of each month, there is a highlight on awesome food and events for that month.

Weekly Pages and Quotes

The weekly pages are open for you to document your food and travel happenings.

There are weekly food and travel quotes that I uniquely created for the planner:

"America has Disneyland... London has the Castles... and Singapore has all the latest man-made wonders... But the Beauty of the Philippines is in all the beaches and natural wonders of the 7,107 islands... One lifetime is not enough to explore its beauty. Once you discover it, you'll fall in love with it and you will proclaim that it is indeed the best place to Live an Awesome Life!"

Travel Log

At the end of each quarter, there is a travel log spread for you to document your food and travel adventures in a scrapbook manner.

Road Trip Map to Pagudpud

I've included two road trip guide maps going to Pagudpud and Bicol, highlighting the food and travel must stops along the way.

Notes Pages

At the end of the log planner, I added blank note pages for your thoughts and insights.

Top 100 Most Awesome Restaurant

Finally, an initial list of the Top 100 Most Awesome Restaurants of the Philippines with their contact numbers. 

My Awesome Life Planner Owner

My Awesome Life Book 2011 (a travel log planner - collector's edition) - P599 retail price. It will be available in Mercato Centrale/ Midnight Mercato by mid-February. I will announce the actual date in February.

For those purchasing their planners online, you can buy at a discounted rate of P500 by

1. Paying via Paypal ( or credit card.

Planner Delivery Option

2. Depositing your payment within the week:

BPI 6750 Checking Account #3205-1148-14

(Note: Please add P100 if you want it delivered within Metro Manila, and P150 if outside Metro Manila)

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. For any questions, please email me directly

Live an Awesome Life,

anton  signature 
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.

P.S. I underestimated the time to design the planner, and I did not want to sacrifice the quality in terms of content. It is a bit late to release this so I'm releasing it in limited quantity and just plan for the 2012 planner together with the first 1,000 owners of the 2011 edition.

P.P.S. I decided not to put in restaurant coupons because it is a conflict of interest for my food and travel recommendations.




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hi anton! have you tried food in batangas? there's this restaurant called Casa Rap, really nice food, you should check it out.

this is so nice! too bad i already have my bdj planner :)

I was waiting for this! The planner looks and sounds awesome! Never mind that I already have a bdj planner. I will use this purely for foodie trips! Great job Anton!

looking forward having my own OAP Planner.. will definitely treasure this.. ;)

@antondiaz shucks, so nice :) i will reserve a copy. too bad Feb pa the release, but better late than never! great job!

Congrats and im so excited to have my own copy!

Thanks for the comment! Yeah there are 10 more months pa in the year so I figured might as well release it. I also wanted to get feedback from this initial version to really have a great 2012 planner :)


Thanks Cathy for the support! Will email once the planner is ready :)

Thanks Natsumi, yes this is primarily focused for the foodie trips!


i would like one of your planners! will deposit payment to your bank account tom (jan 17) or tues (jan 18).

Ok Chet, thanks so much! 

Astig! Ang galing master!Simply awesome!

Hi anton, i just paid for the planner via paypal. How soon will it be delivered! Im super excited to document my foodie trips!

Congrats Anton! Nice planner!

Liked the way you used Issuu to show the entire planner.

Great! will deposit this week for my copy :)

Thanks Arleen for the support :)

Thanks for purchasing the My Awesome Life Book 2011!  I will email you once it is ready for pickup @ Mercato Centrale in February.

The planner is AWESOME! Can't wait to get my copy. Good job Anton!

can i buy a copy anton? :)

Yes Cat :)  Yehey!

Hi Anton, love the planner! :D will reserve one! :) More power to ya!

Hi Anton,

I hope I would be able to get a copy of this. Can you reserve me one as well? :D

Hi Anton,

Nice to have a project like this...Definitely i'll get one! More power to OAP, God bless...

Hi, Sir Anton. This is Mark, one of the guys you've met during the Go Negosyo Youth Summit. Congratulations! Ito pala yung reason kung bakit hindi ako makabili bili ng planner. Thank you so much! Will get one! God bless! :)

Thanks Jeatte!

Thanks Grace for the support :)

OK Mark, will reserve for you. Just email me when you deposited already :)

Hi Anton. Im pam, i got an error after I pay thru paypal. I sent you an email regarding this. I dont know if my order was processed.

deposited earlier today. hope to get my copy soon! :) Is it alright to get more than one copy? ^__^

Yes, Ill confirm your deposit soon. Yes, you can get more than one copy.


haay sana there would still be a few copies by friday. :)

would it be alright to reserve one? and my payment would be friday, january 21, morning pa?

Hi Anton. I just paid through paypal but when I was being redirected back to your site there was an error. Please e-mail me if payment went through.

Thanks so much!

Yes Patricia. Ill reserve, just send the deposit slip via email on Friday :)


yay! thank you very much!

I was able to deposit my payment this morning. Please let me know if you were able to receive it. ^_^

Hi anton! I have my bdj planner but i still want one! Am i too late? Will activate my payp again otherwise pay over the counter. Thanks!;-)

just paid via paypal but when I was being redirected back to OAP site there was a 404 error. please confirm if transaction is still successful. thanks

Hi Anton,

I just ordered via online. How long will it take for the delivery as I will be for a short vacation this coming CNY in Manila. Hope I'll get it by then. :-)

hi anton. i already sent in the deposit slip to your email. :)

hi anton! i sent an email (re. planner reservation). hope you can check it out!

thanks :)

Ok thanks for the patience. Im offline on weekends because of Mercato Centrale. Ill check it out.

got it! have some questions for you in email.


Hi Ayen,

thanks for the purchase! I just replied and confirmed your payment :)


Yes the transaction is successful. I confirmed it in email.


Hi Kitty,

Just pay via BPI. Thanks so much!


Hi Anton!
Congrats! When i first saw it, i quickly grab my credit card and ordered one. =) You truly are amazing and never cease to inspire that Philippines is such a great place to live in. Please continue on this great work and I will always be grateful to you for sharing such wonderful information. Just by reading your blog, it feels like I am experiencing it too!


This is awesome! :) Are there any copies left? Would love to purchase one.

More power, Sir Anton!

Yes there are still copies left. Please send payment na lang para I can reserve your copy :)


Thanks so much Salvi for purchasing the planner!

Hi Anton!

Please reserve a copy for me! Will send payment via BPI by Monday (Jan 31), latest. Thanks! :)

OK Kabbie, it will be available to ship out by first week of Feb :)

Hi Anton,

I paid through paypal, were you able to receive it?

Yes, I replied to your email na :) the planner will be ready by Mid-Feb.

Hi anton, saw your reply already. Hehehe. Thanks thanks!

Hi Anton! :)

May we still get a copy? If yes, I will deposit payment thru BPI immediately. Thank you bunches! :)

Yes you may still get a copy. Please send me the deposit slip right after.


Are there still copies available please?

Yes Sheila and they are now available at Mercato Centrale!


Hi Anton!

Were you able to get my email last week with the slip? If yes, I will be passing by Mercato Centrale this weekend. So excited! Thank you! :)

Hi Isobelle,
Will confirm the deposit slip in a separate email. See you this weekend in Mercato!


Hi husband harold made a deposit yesterday in your account from bpi- Bulacan branch. Could you pls check if you have received it?

Hi Anton,
If I order tomorrow, when will it be delivered? Shipping address will be Cebu.


Hi Kitty,
Can you email me where to ship the planner?


Hi! I'm form Butuan city. How do I purchase online?

Hi, I already paid the planner via paypal, I'm so excited to receive it soon.

Hi Anton. My cc was already charged P600 on Feb 11. When should I expect the planner delivered to the address I indicated? Thank you!


Hi Gensan,

I replied to you via email already. We are shipping the planner today via XEND.


Hi Cristy,

Im shipping the planner to Caloocan today via XEND. Thanks!


For those purchasing their planners online, you can deposit P600 payment to:JOSE ANTONIO DIAZ
BPI 6750 Checking Account #3205-1148-14
(Note: Please add P100 if you want it delivered within Metro Manila, and P150 if outside Metro Manila)

Hi Anton,

I already received the planner yesterday morning. It is awesome! :)

Thanks a lot.

You are more than welcome, Cristy! Thanks for the feedback :)

Hi do you still have copies? I want one of these and plans to deposit tomorrow ;)

Yes we still have copies. Let me know once youve deposited already.

Sir Anton,

It's nice to hear you've tied up with Viviamo, coz I'm a fan of their planner (Belle de Jour) for three years now.

Do u still have copies of ur planner? I am planning to give it as a gift to my best friend who's a frequent traveler himself. I've showed him the planner and I can see from his face that he wanted to have one.

I would love to hear a response from you. Hope I could still make it. Thank you!

Hi Angel,
Yes you can still buy the travel planner online via BPI or Paypal, or you can buy it in Mercato Centrale.


hope you'll be coming out with another planner for 2012...

YES I'm announcing this soon in the next few weeks :) watch out for it!

Excited for your 2012 travel planner!!!

Anton, when are you coming out with the 2012 planner? :)

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