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Chef Tatung's Private Dining

1/10/12 Update: Check out Chef Tatung Garden Cafe Revisited!

Chef Tatung's (3 of 27)

Chef Myke Sarthou -- "Tatung" to his friends -- is known in the organics circle as the chef who uses local, sustainable ingredients and uses them for his dishes that are world-class in taste and presentation.

Chef Tatung's private dining concept is simple: a 4-course meal for P500/head that changes frequently, depending on the artistic mood of the chef. He never uses frozen ingredients or not locally available ingredients.

This new offering at Chef Tatung's house in the Quezon City area gives us a welcome break from the franchised restaurants that recently opened in Manila. It's perfect for the upcoming Valentine's season. :)

Chef Tatung's (12 of 27)
Chef Tatung's private home can accommodate about 50 guests. You have two options: eat inside the house for that homey atmosphere or dine outside for a garden feel.

Chef Tatung's (23 of 27)
The chef's mom is an avid collector of European art. They change the art display occasionally, probably to keep the decor of the place interesting and appealing.

Chef Tatung's (4 of 27)
My blogger friends from The Foodie Club got a nice table beside the garden.

Chef Tatung's (20 of 27)
We opted to dine outside as well, particularly since it's still cool during this time of year. Here's Chef Tatung explaining his Buddhist bead necklace.

Chef Tatung's (10 of 27)
The meal includes Softdrink or Iced Tea, but you can upgrade it to pineapple juice +P10 or shake/wine for +P45.

Chef Tatung's (9 of 27)
Fresh-Baked Bread by the Chef himself.

Chef Tatung's multigrain breads are very popular at the ISIP center in Rockwell. He serves just the simple plain wheat or ciabatta bread to start off the 4-course meal.

Chef Tatung's (18 of 27)
SOUP: Zucchini Cream Soup

What I like about the meal is that the dishes are never cliche. Chef Tatung can transform an ordinary zucchini into a good soup dish. I liked how its taste was balanced, but I wish they served the soup piping hot.

Chef Tatung's (5 of 27) 
SALAD: Grilled Vegetable Salad with Feta Cheese and Olives

You'll never go wrong with a fresh serving of salad with vegetables that come directly from the garden. :)

Chef Tatung's (7 of 27)
It was a privilege to eat with BG, the designer of the new generation P20 and P1,000 bills.

All the new bills have been released already but most Filipinos keep them, which is why you don't see them in circulation.

Chef Tatung's (13 of 27)
MAIN DISH: Osso Bucco Milanese with Truffled Penne Pasta


Chef Tatung's (15 of 27)
MAIN DISHGrilled Red Snapper with Marinara Sauce, served with Buttered Linguine Pasta

The home-cooked taste of the dishes was enjoyable indeed. My wife loved the taste and texture of the beef with truffled penne pasta. I liked the fish and pasta combination -- it was simple but lovely.

The menu changes regularly, so better go there without any expectations.

Chef Tatung's (21 of 27) 
DESSERT: Mango Semifreddo

The dessert was awesome! It's my first time to try semifreddo (which is like a middle ground between a mousse and an ice cream) on a bed of chiffon or pound cake.

 Chef Tatung's (25 of 27)
The chef shared his plans of converting an adjacent room into a library to share his collection of self-awareness and religious books with the people who will dine in.

Chef Tatung's (26 of 27)
Starting last Friday, Chef Tatung opened his home for private dining on a daily basis (except on Wednesdays, when they have a Buddhist meditation session at their home).

Overall, I liked it. :) I found the dining experience refreshingly different and more personal. The food is OK specially for its price. Sometimes, one or two dishes would surprise you.

Chef Tatung's Private Dining
By Reservation only.
Open for dinner daily except Wednesday 6.30-10.00pm
17 Matipid St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Mobile: +63 915 846 3234
Telephone: +632 352-6121
Facebook: chef.tatung

Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals and we are not connected in any way with Chef Tatung.

P.S. In case you need the info...

Driving directions if you are coming from EDSA:

Chef Tatung's (1 of 27)

From EDSA, make a right at Kamias road, then make a left after Jollibee Anonas, going towards Sikatuna Village. Go straight ahead, turn right into Matipid St. after the 4th corner, starting when you see the Save More supermarket on your left. Go straight all the way to the end. You should see a blue gate (#17) on your left.

Matipid St. is just near Van Gogh is Bipolar, but I don't know the driving directions if you're coming from Maginhawa St. Please post in the comments section if you know. Thanks!




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do they issue O.R.'s with TIN number? or is this another of those who don't pay their income taxeS?

woweee thanks for the special mention anton! it was so fun to bump into you twice over the weekend!! :)

They dont issue O.R.s currently :(

hi anton! is there a minimum number of persons for the reservation?

Theres none. At least 2.

Sent from Mobile

katuwa naman si myke. dati sa pagmamanage ng band sya busy, ngayon sa pagche-chef na pala. will definitely eat here at chef tatungs!

You don't need ORs to pay income taxes.

Congrats to Chef Tatung! I really liked him and his cooking from day1, and saw how he and his friends transformed this house:)

Tatung catered for my brother's wedding. His food is exceptional, homey and soulful. I highly recommend it!

happy 2011 new year to all hardworking dedicated world citizens i am a bit teary but joyous that self sufficient businesses are here in OAP are there in pilipinas but why the initiative-spread of private home exclusively pinoy cookings-dinings-menus are so slow to developed so slow to multiply just like the roads to pilipinas forests wilds o jungles so everybody can explore further as to what inside those places{jungles}i am asking all filipinos to built those roads on route to forests-jungles-mountains so it will be reachable passable to discover to explore those rich varieties of natural resources still hidden still undiscovered.....OAP should extend all these new natural resources ideas of businesses in provinces like pampanga tarlac isabela baguio city in quezon batangas laguna capiz iloilo leyte surigao del sur zamboanga etc. etc. thru OAP departments surely you have best friends relatives who can help OAP department to make these wonderful escapades experiences to happened not just in metro manila but natiomwide oAP can help employed thousands if not millions of filipinos thru nationwide initiatives of these kinds but OAP needs friendly extensions-departments to better service the public thru nationwide inspirations not just metro but those rural areas w/ or without roads even those places with no concrete pavements as long as they have brooks rivers o streams it is not that complicated when it was already done in metro manila you just need didecated friends-associates to follow up your 'pioneerings' of everything OAP have done have raised have inspired since 2005 salamat

Wow looks delish! If the south has Manolo's, then the north has Chef Tatung's. Looks like another must try!

Anton, are there ample parking spaces?

Yes along the street...

Sent from Mobile

Hi Anton! After reading your blog, I decided to bring my husband there to celebrate our 11th year wedding anniversary. Just came home from the restaurant and I must say Chef Tatung's didn't disappoint us one bit! You're right, the food has this homey feel because of the fresh ingredients used. I appreciate that I don't need to check out a menu and that there's an element of mystery and surprise as to what will be served.:) This is the 2nd restaurant (which you've reviewed and blogged about) that I've tried. I always get excited when my yahoo/fb shows a new article from you! Cheers this 2011!

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for reverting back and glad you like it!


dapat may parking space kayo at madalas ang mga clients ninyo are blocking the way

Ambiance is very nice. Food tastes fresh but the pasta was toooo heavy. They also forgot to give us drinks that comes with the set. But Chef was really accommodating. I recommend this restaurant. You should try it at least once. <3

very bad food and price did not match quality. watery soup, cold bread, main dish (lengua & chicken) tasted like canteen food & seemed like they were rehated i/o being cooked fresh, dessert (brazo) was frozen hard and also tasted bad.
will never go back here

Hi Anton. Just noticed a slight error on the directions. SaveMore will turn out to be on the right if you're coming from Kamias. :)

You don't need to deliver OR to pay income taxes :) It is not in the customs to give out OR in little cosy restaurants like this one. But I bet they will give you OR upon request

Hi Anton, thank you for posting this one. My friend and I visited this place since our favorite Van Gogh was temporarily closed. I was so delighted with Chef Tatung's food! I personally complimented him. His dishes are carefully prepared and the flavors blended excellently. Very exemplary. Thank you! :)

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