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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

December 13, 2010

First World-Class Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines!

December 13, 2010

First World-Class Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines!

World Pyro Musical Theater!-91

I miss the World Pyro Olympics. When I heard that the WPO organizers were commissioned to do the first ever World Pyro Musical Theater in the Philippines for a private Christmas Party, I vowed to myself not to miss the event.

It was spectacular!

If you are a pyro fanatic, the combination of the stage performers, fire dancers, stage lights, lasers, dramatic soundtrack, and awesome fireworks is something you should see in your lifetime. :)

Here is my tribute to the first ever Pyro Musical Theater performance in Manila:

World Pyro Musical Theater!-14
The setting was Sykes' Christmas Party at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds entitled, "ONE - The Pyro-Music Love Festival".

World Pyro Musical Theater!-3
It was witnessed by 9,000+ Sykes employees in the Philippines.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-5
The crowd was very young. Sykes is one of the biggest call center companies in the country.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-15
The Pyro Musical Theater show started with a dance performance at around 45 minutes past midnight last December 12.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-17
The entire 15-minute fireworks show was accompanied by a dramatic musical score.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-26
The laser dance was cool, especially with the fireworks in the background.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-23
Each element of the Pyro Musical Theater, performed separately, symbolized each individual employee of Sykes.

Later on, all the elements performed together like a family synchronized towards a common goal, symbolizing how each employee in Sykes is very important in contributing to the overall goals of the company.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-38
This was the Laser Snake Dance solo.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-98
My favorite visual performance -- the fire dancers!

World Pyro Musical Theater!-62
They displayed their talents in the foreground while the fireworks danced in the background, synchronized with the music.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-31
It's an awesome feeling for a photographer to capture this rare combination of fire dancers with fireworks.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-54
The Stage Fireworks Shower served as the transition from one part of the show to the next.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-71
My favorite part of the night was the signature fireworks of the World Pyro Olypics team where they shoot fireworks with mini-parachutes so you can see them going down slowly.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-78
This was the most surreal moment for me -- watching the fireworks descending slowly, complemented by the on-stage video wall and dramatic music.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-84
And, finally, the transition to the most-awaited finale...

World Pyro Musical Theater!-87
It started with the fireworks in front of the stage.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-94
I decided to just stay in front to capture the play of the stage lights with the fireworks in the background. This was the best spot to experience the finale.

World Pyro Musical Theater!-96
All the elements came together in that grand finish. [I was expecting the performers to dance one last time with the fireworks, though, but it did not happen. (Bitin!)]

World Pyro Musical Theater!-97
It was indeed a crazily awesome finale!

Here is a video posted by Harvey Vejar in Facebook:

Congratulations to Sykes for the best Christmas Party I've ever attended!

World Pyro Musical Theater! (1 of 1)
Congratulations to Rob and Bea for the awesome, world-class Pyro Musical Theater performance!


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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. I am not related to or connected with anybody from Sykes. I'm just a World Pyro Olympics fan. :)

P.S. I was searching youtube for a decent video of that night -- but I couldn't find one. Let me know if you have a video of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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