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Countdown to Ultimate Taste Test 5.0!


5 days to go before the highly anticipated Ultimate Taste Test (UTT) event in Manila :) 

Here are 5 Reasons NOT to miss the UTT 5.0 this coming Friday, November 5:

1. Be a Food Critic for a day by tasting and rating these latest Foodie Discoveries:

 Foodie Supplier   Specialty Dish
 The Hearty Onion  Roasted Pandan-Wrapped Salmon and Mini Pulled beef sandwiches
2  Sweet Finale  Dark chocolate flourless cake
3  Rafael’s Green Kitchen  ANAK Ng TINAPA sa SARAP! and POMODORO TINAPA
4  Souk Kafe  Mana pizza
5  Madonna’s Cuisine  Homemade baked macaroni, classic kare-kare
6  Nasi  Hainanese chicken rice
7  AMG Experience Francaise  Quiches, sandwiches, breads and pastries
8  Fortune Empire  Roast pork
9  Sals Corp  Crumbs' ice cream burger
10  Pot-Hole The Pastry  Connection  2 kinds cheesake, opera cake, adobo lasagna with cream cheese and spinach
11  Algaventures  Chuckle! Cheese Spread/ enchantea herbal iced tea
12  Merry Moo Ice Creamery  Apple cinnamon, honey and tea, coffee kahlua ice cream
13  Sweet Sherise Cakes 'N Bakes  Cassava de leche, cassave chocolat
14  Kitchen of Elaine & Carla
 Peppermint bars
15  Sweet Nothings Mktg Corp
 Chococo by glow coconut sugar
16  Tres Amores HomeMade
 Apple  Pie
 Apple pie
17  DKC Bakeshop  Almond butterscotch bars
18  Sassy K  Korn krisps and gourmet dips
19  Sweet Life  Green tea espasol with filling

 Dulces Y Tapas aka
 Christina's Kitchen

 Carrot cupcakes, creme caramel bread pudding
21  Fideles Food Services  YOH-GEE Premium Froyo
22  Bote Central
 Freshly roasted Philippine origins coffee
23  Manila Q  Bagwang and fish ham
24  Manolo's
 Paella porchetta, fabada, chorizo tapas
 Risa Chocolates  Chocolates
26  Mrs V’s Homemade Goodies  Fresh lumpia ubod, macaroons, cupcakes
27  MAMA  P’s  Bagnet and longganiza
28  OctoInfinity Foods
 Snow ice
29  Jam Foods  Japanese Teriyaki or Korean beef
 Mother Lee's Home Cooking  Hungarian Goulash
31  Carol Jorge  classic chicken liver and pate grand reserve
32  DessertBarn  Amnesia, Bananalicious
33  Simple pleasures  XXX Cakes and Seaweed peanuts
34  Dulcelin  Korean Red Rice Salad and hickory smoked US pork belly
35  Chef Lolly's Kitchen
 Homemade Pork with Shrimp Siomai and Camaron Relleno ("Giok-Pit-He")
36 Marketing  Organic gourmet tea
37  Pepita's Kitchen
 Lechon sisig
38  Jan Viray  Brownies, revel bars, NY cheesecake
39  Christa’s Kitchen  French macarons
40  Hero Sausage  Dundee 'Kroko' ALL Meat SisigDundee; 'Kroko' ALL Meat Express.
41  Angelo Yaneza  Honey Shrimp Paste
42  Aunt May's  Ecargot and Beef Tapa
43  Concept Specialist    
44  United Village Breadhouse
 Garlic bread with parsley, assorted spread and crostini toasts
45  Kitchen ala Ching  Oatmeal cookies, espresso kahlua cake, food for the gods
46  Hacienda Macalauan  Fresh Milk, flavored milk and yoghurt
 47  Luxe by Goldilocks    
 Luxe Cookies            
48  Pasta Box  Longganisa bolognese. Bollywood, Dirty Harry, Popeye's Favorite
49  GUSTAZO  gourmet tuyo, Pomodoro Tinapa, Bistek Tinapang bangus
 XOCOLAT      Bake-to-Order Cookies (Insomnia, Smores, Cookie Monster, Plain Jane)

2. Savor the taste of the limited edition San Miguel Pale Pilsen Oktoberfest brew! 
Your UTT ticket comes with a bottle of San Miguel Beer and you can buy additional beers for P40 each.


Also, the Oktoberfest San Miguel Beer Limited Edition Pack (P300) will be available during the UTT5.0 event. The pack includes Cerveza Negra, San Mig Strong Ice, San Mig Light, San Miguel Super Dry, Gold Eagle Beer, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Red Horse Beer, San Miguel Premium All Malt, and San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest Pale Pilsen.

3. Personally meet my foodie family -- Aidan, Joshua and (hopefully) Raphael :)

Foodie AidanIMG_8041IMG_8071

4. Contribute to the construction of St. Michael the Archangel Church in BGC :)


5. Finally, witness the official launching of OurAwesomePlanet TV during the event!

Live an Awesome Life,

anton  signature 
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
Follow Me FacebookTwitterFlickrYoutube

Disclosure: Food/ drink suppliers will provide FREE food tasting portions to 1,000 foodies during the UTT5.0 event. The top food/ drink suppliers with an average rating of 3.3 and above will be featured in OAP this month.

UTTticket  P.S. For Foodies -- Good News! We have a few more tickets left because some of 
  the people who reserved failed to claim their tickets. We sent out an email to the
  official waitlist on how to buy tickets to the UTT 5.0 event this Friday.

  P.P.S. For Foodie Suppliers - we still have room for a few suppliers because some
  backed out the last minute. Please email or text/call
  0917-5318949. To participate in the event itself is FREE, you just have to provide
  FREE tasting portions for 1,000 foodies :)

  The top food suppliers will be featured in Our Awesome Planet after the event.





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im excited! i got my 2 tickets already :D hope to see Aidan, Joshua and Raphael too :)

Missing this because of a trip... geeze...

OMG and OAP TV?! I really am a loser... such a loser LOL

Congrats Sir Anton!

Wah tickets!

i didn't get an email. waaah.

hi Anton! can we still get tickets for UTT 5.0?

hi Anton! can we still get tickets for UTT 5.0?

Hi Anton, can I still get 2 tickets?

Hi may available tickets pa? thanks

Hi,4 tickets for me if available pa sana =)

How can i join the UTT? :) Thanks

Hi! May available pang tickets? Thanks.

Hi anton, may available Tickets for 2 or 3 persons? THANKS

hi! how to avail tickets and how much??

yey! got mine! :)

Hi can i still get tickets??

Hi Anton, Can i still get tickets too?

Any tickets left? =p really wanna gooooooo...


was just wondering if you still have tickets left for this friday? i'm hoping to get at least 2?

Anymore tickets? I'd love to go!

Are there still tickets? Where do i get them?

I hope to get mine! Yey!

The list looks deliciously fun!

Are there tickets pa? :)

Hi Anne,

Yes meron pa but the UTT Tickets are selling out fast. You can buy UTT5.0 tickets (P385) from:
Creative Juice Office 

2F Fun Ranch Frontera Verde Pasig (Beside Tiendesitas)  
November 2, Tuesday -  November 4, Thursday (9am to 5pm)

For inquiries, you can call Angela @ 470-9925
Only 1,000 tickets exactly are being sold for this exclusive event. First come first served for the remaining UTT5 tickets.

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
Follow Me Facebook Twitter Flickr YouTube
Latest Blog Post on Our Awesome Planet: Borough, 24x7 NY Comfort Food in a Mall?

Go buy from my sister's booth! Dessert Barn pastries! :) It's worth a try. ;)

Support from the States! <3

Awww gee shucks! Tickets already up for grabs among waitlisted foodies and still I can't make it - no thanks to it coinciding with our desserts bazaar participation at The Venice Piazza. Life just ain't fair at times. :-(

But no participation this time by Dulcellin, Tina Raines, Divine Desserts, Denim Kitchen, Chile Vitas and a few other faves from past UTT events? Hmmm... Based on the aforementioned list of suppliers, the sense of anticipation has somewhat gone a bit down compared to UTT 4.0 IMHO. But still a formidable roster nevertheless.

I can personally vouch for Tres Amores Home-made Apple Pie - Amor's creations are the closest thing to honest-to-goodness apple pies hereabouts.

At any rate, congratulations on this latest feather to your cap, Anton and Rache! And OAP TV? It's about time - nay, long overdue! :-)

Hi there, I hope this is allowed [if it isn't, please just delete my comment, so sorry]. I can't go to UTT 5. I was really, really excited to, but something important came up.

I've got four tickets that I'm willing to sell for PhP350 each. Please do text me at 09175153381 or email me at if you'd like to buy them. :)


ERRATUM: I saw just now that Dulcellin is participating after all - they're # 34 on the above list. Sorry, my bad - and now I feel even worse that I can't go. :-(

Thanks for the comment Ted as always :) It has always been the vision of the Ultimate Taste Test to give a break to new foodie suppliers :)

Also, one of the reasons why your favorites are not joining is that they are preparing for the opening of Mercato Centrale :)


I somehow had an inkling about what my fave UTT suppliers are up to nowadays. Here's hoping I can join their esteemed company at Mercato Centrale. :-)

Hello guys! I have an extra ticket to the event. Anyone interested? :)

hi. are there still tickets available?

Hi, what's your contact details?


tickets are sold out already for the event :( 

can we bring our kids or do they need tickets too?

Kids 4 and below are free

Sent from Mobile

Hello! Any reminders for the folks coming later? (Also, do we bring our own water bottles like last year, and can we bring a camera to document our experience?


Hi Anton! Just want to ask where else can I buy the Oktoberfest San Miguel Beer Limited Edition Pack? I wanted to attend UTT 5.0 but the tickets were sold out
right away!

Thanks anyways!

Congratulations to Anton for the success of the UTT 5.0! My husband and I had a blast last night!

Congrats also on the OAP TV! Can't Wait! On which channel will it be shown?

More power! Cheers!

I hope OAP TV will be something that can rival Discovery's TLC. There are so many talented Filipinos who can do to OAP what others have done to TLC. Congratulations Anton! I have been a follower of OAP since the early years.

Yeah, we are trying our best- OAP TV is a big step for Our Awesome Planet and thanks for all the support!


OAP TV will be shown in The Filipino Channel and choosing where to air it either in ANC or Studio 23. We are limited to ABS-CBN sites...


We might sell it in Mercato Centrale :)

successful event. congrats anton. although i had one comment though, i was expecting something like Sitti, Richard Poon, and OPM jazz artist(Johnny Alegre or Brass Monkeys) to perform, and not the likes of Salbakuta.

Haha, well it was a food song that I thought might be appropriate for the occasion... thanks for the feedback!

When is the result of UTT 5.0 coming out?

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