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8 Most Admired Upcoming Filipina Bloggers

These are the Filipina bloggers I admire for starting to create a difference in the Manila Blogging Scene. They are highly respected and no doubt, they will be the next blogging superstars in Manila!

1. Tricia of Tricia Goes Places -- Now, the Number 1 Fashion Blogger in Manila. 


Tricia Gosingtian has a cult-following in the fashion blog scene. She was a co-awardee in Go Negosyo's Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur of 2010. She is the daughter of Josiah Go, a marketing icon in Manila.

2. Ana of Sex and Sensibilities -- Leading authority on female sexual health


Ana Santos is the "Margie Holmes" of this generation. She is the leading expert on single mom issues and sexual health. She talks about taboo topics but in a professional and caring way.

3. Jhoey of Pinoy Organics -- Consumer Advocate of "Buy Pinoy. Choose Organic"


Jhoey Hernandez is the consumer advocate who promotes living an organic life by choice and to buy Filipino-made organic products. Pinoy Organics is an official partner of Mercato Centrale, the biggest organic weekend market in Bonifacio Global City.

4. Ana, Nikka and Niña of Writer's Block Philippines - The Leading Freelance Writers Community


Ana Santos, Nikka Sarthou, and Niña Terol-Zialcita are among the top freelance writers in the country today. They collaborated together to build and enhance the freelance writing community in the Philippines.

5. Hannah of Flair Candy  - Social Media Filipina Icon

Flair Candy

Hannah Villasis is building Flair Candy as one of the most respected Social Media Brands in Manila. She is pretty, very talented and down-to-earth -- the right ingredients to become an online celebrity.

6. Issa of You Want to Be Rich - Girl Talk on Money Matters and the Journey to Financial Freedom.


Melissa Remulla-Briones blogs about money matters in a very caring and loving kind of way instead of the usual spammy sites focused on this topic. What's unique about her blog is that she uses the artworks created by her husband as a visual icon in her blog posts.

7. Jonha of Jonhappiness Blog -- Definitely, The World's Coolest Intern!


Jonha Ducayag Revesencio is a recent blogger discovery -- she is very aggresive, she knows what she wants, and she is very humble.  She impressed the online community when she landed as one of the top 10 candidates for Standard Chartered Bank's Search for the Coolest Intern. She gets my vote because of her determination and SCB would be lucky to have her as an intern. 

8. Stacy and Danah of Plump Pinay - First Body Appreciation/ Fat Acceptance Blog

Stacy and Danah are very brave to introduce the first Fat Appreciation blog in the Philippines. I admire their advocacy of loving your body NOW and to eradicate the annoying insult that comes with the word FAT when it's only an adjective.

Live an Awesome Life,

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Disclosure: Ana, Jhoey, Nikka, Niña and Issa are my students in Maven Secrets.

P.S. Can you share your list of upcoming blogs you admire in Manila?




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Cool list! Very empowered and beautiful women on that list! Was this the list for hottest Filipina bloggers too? ;)

Hey Anton, aww I am very very honored to be in this list... I look up to you a lot even when I was still corporate and by following you, I got inspired to start blogging. My (ex) co-workers were witness to this. When I first met you at the Sandbox event, I was all giddy (still kept that photo lol) Kudos to you for being an inspiration to many of us. :)

nice list... i love the pinay travel bloggers too: gael hilotin (, gay emami (, nina fuentes (, monette fernandez ( and chyng reyes ( so many great filipina bloggers out there... thanks for sharing your list...

Wow. I love this list! Some of them, I already know. I particularly love the last, the Plump Pinay. Just discovered them today, thanks to you. :)

Thank you, Anton! SAS was an idea given life that was given life by Maven Secrets. And for that matter, so was Writer's Block. We owe you a lot. =)


Ikaw na ang gumawa ng Hottest Filipina bloggers list. magingat ka lang sa mga sasabihin mo, hehe


Hannah -- you're welcome! I'm impressed on how you have gone na, more to conquer and 2011 will be an awesome blogging year for you for sure :)

Yes, I've been wondering about these Pinay travel bloggers... I need to meet them one of these days and see.

You're welcome Ana! and to think scholar ka pa nung time na yon hehe...


you HAVE to add two up and coming pinay food bloggers
to this list to complete a neat Top Ten : )

Any suggestion for the last 2?

Cograts to fellow Mavens!!!! I'm so happy and proud of you guys!!!

Wow! What an honor, Anton. And I have you to thank for taking me down this path - it is a wonderful, exciting road. Thank you!!! More power to you too and to all your endeavors, especially with Mercato Centrale (am excited about it, truly something to watch out for at the Bonifacio Global City). What can I say - ang galing! :)

Congrats to all who made it to the list!

.....looking forward to the Top 10 Pinay Travel bloggers.

WOW lucky 8! Any mom-blogger deserving to be on the list? :)
Pinay Travel blogger (living in Canada) -
She my friend, writes so well and has traveled extensively around the world. Check it out :)

Nice list! What about Manila Fashion Observer?

I think is also doing a great job!

i love this article! more power to you!

@Maylene, hindi UPCOMING blogger si Chuvaness..sya ay antigo na...writing since the 80s. LOL

Thanks for coming up with this list. Although u should have given a time frame on when the bloggers started , for them to deserve being in the list. Am sure there are many others deserving...:)

Too early in the morning for me -- given life appeared twice. =)

Thanks for including me, Anton! And haha, now people know who my dad is.

It's also Tricia Will Go Places, not Tricia Goes Places, fyi. :)

i maybe not destined to be a professional full time blogger bcoz of my certain personality-privacy needs but i have needs to share even just those little things i have experienced i have done that has no 'significance' as i was growing up including those days{wihtout knowing-unaware of any significancestimes-years i spent travelling alone or with friends with groups with families & friends etc.that there will be a time i will share those-these memories{past}in public has may be no significance to some but to some it has meaning all those american-european etc.physiscists who have visited where i live in the past lol! so i kept searching for the 'right' blogs to share my unusual no significance but maybe relevant past not here in our awesome planet though i have shared so many already but not those time years i spent playing & fascinated with things places events{festivals symposiums theaters concerts hills mountain tops etc}i am still searching for that right blog & will keep searching till i found the right those past younger years when i felt overwhelming fascinations but i could not figure out why some open markets some mountain tops hilltops some houses or some buildings are so much more are much more interesting than others like my fascinations with cobble stones and architecture lead to my discovery of a certain building where i kept coming back just to look at it sort of a kind building inspections
bcoz i found it intriguing but could not understand the significance of why i was intrigue.....i fould out decades later that the building was where dr. albert einstein of relativity used to lived and worked i did not know that untiil a european doctor told me that same thing happens when i saw many people entering a certain building in vienna{austria}it was the house of beethoven no wonder i was humming it was in the same road whre beethoven's once lived lol! but i have to choose which right blog i will share those younger past decades old life experiences i have had lol! till then and thank you our awesome planet for finding out that sharing can be complicated but kept me busy in a way entertaining my kababayans who else the filipinos of course lol!

Yay! Thanks for compiling this, Sir Anton! Yay for The Plump Pinay :P

Great and Amazing! I'm amazed on how the mind of the Filipina works. I'm really impressed.

isn't bryanboy of THE number 1 fashion blogger in the Philippines?

filipina bloggers needed to talk publicly about that NO TAXES in lotto winners almost 800 million pesos winner na binili raw lotto winning ticket sa former american base so the balikbayan is not paying taxes duty free if lottery winning tickets should not be exempted in paying philippines taxes kasi that is stealing from filipinos since the balikbayans can take those money out of the country as part of money laundering if balikbayan wins must pay local taxes that is fine it doesnt matter what he does with his winning incomes in the phils. pero huwag kurakot para ilabas sa bansa ang pera papaano na pag drug addict sya eh di sa dealers lang napunta ang almost 800 million ppesos filipinos work working hard to make philippines a better country while the system allows them to take money out of the country without paying taxes HOW CRUEL to those hard working sacrificing filipinos i am upset

Next year, I want to be on your list. Heh! :)

Been looking for new blogs to follow. Thanks for this awesome recommendation Anton!

Issa of You Want to Be Rich is one of blogs that I love. Thanks anton for the list.

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