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Join us for the Grand Opening of Mercato Centrale @ BGC!

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Together with Pinoy Organics, we invite you to the opening of Mercato Centrale @ BGC!

The Opening of Mercato Centrale-42
Meet organic farmers offering their fresh produce every Saturday and Sunday starting at 6am until 12 noon.

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Meet Herbana Farms, THE Organic Farming pioneer in Manila, to experience what real organic farming is all about...

The Opening of Mercato Centrale   
Drop by after your long run in BGC... it is just near Bonifacio High Street (at the back of The Spa)

The Opening of Mercato Centrale-114
Have breakfast with us together with your friends and families...

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Get a chance to bump into celebrities in the market...

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Meet the healthy & cool people of Manila in an airconditioned setting!

The Opening of Mercato Centrale-122
Mama V, Papa V and Chile Vitas invite you to join us @ Mercato Centrale!

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Yes, you can now experience Bale Dutung every weekend only in Mercato Centrale @ BGC!

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Plants & Zombies invite you to Mercato Centrale :)

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Joshua with Plants Cupcake available at Little Miss "OC" Kitchen (Tent 2)

The Opening of Mercato Centrale
Gang Badoy and her league of musicians serenade us every weekend! Please bring a book to donate to their cause.

The Opening of Mercato Centrale-105
Mommy Mundo, Our Awesome Planet and RJ&Vanessa Ledesma invite you to the newest organic and food market in Manila.

Please join us this weekend to witness the historic grand launch of Mercato Centrale @ BGC!


Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. We are on waitlist right now but email if you want to join us as one of the partners for Mercato Centrale @ BGC! We are also looking for artists who can jam with us every morning.



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We had a great time last Sunday. We'll definitely be back. Food. Produce. Friends. Fun. Family.

i wanna goooooo!! :D is this ongoing even after the Holidays? or just for DecembeR? (hope not! :c)

It is opened every weekend at BGC until next year

Sent from Mobile

aspiring we can have the same thing here in Calamba. Family have to go to Nuvali just to experience this organic market

Congrats to the wunnerful team of Creative Juice, OAP and RJ Ledesma! :) Sooooo happy and proud of you guys!

Mornings lang? doesnt that clash too much with Salcedo on Saturdays?
Wasnt it supposed to be until 5pm before?

I have one comment - AWESOME! Thank you for giving Filipino businesses, particularly the small and growing ones, a wonderful venue to thrive and reach a wide market of customers and patrons. :)

Hi, Anton. Seems like people are risking life and limb to get to Mercato. Just as I turned the corner of CAV, this taxi slammed into an SUV, and right before my eyes, it turned turtle in slow motion. Thankfully, no one was hurt!

Very interesting booths!

great!! hope this will be an ongoing weekend thing like the salcedo/ legazpi markets! hurray! :D

OMG! Bresse Chickens! I wonder what the price is?! Ack!

wow lol! i can even sense the freshness & the crisry-ness of these organic produces they looking so food flowrs natural....i am so happy this place was materialized evrytime i see natural open market vendors like these it tells me that HUNGER & extreme poverty in the philippines will be eradicated sooner than later bcoz it is food-drinks besides housings education & availability of jobs for the masses is what filipinos really need to succeed in showing the world that hunger extreme poverties cab be eradicated just a matter of 'patience' for the right time it can be 'properly' applied worldwide since the success must be 'locked' to ensure that this pprograms really works not just NINGAS COGON{failure}reasons why this kind of projects as a whole must be tested in the philippines first if jobs availability is scarce in a country like the philippines wow i say good good great job to family diaz's leaderships to make dreams-beliefs possible ....this activities of open natural markets makes me really homesick but must stay in america to help america's past now & future economic social educational problems it exoeriences daily etc. etc. good luck to beautiful talented loving happy smiling adventurous filipinos-philippines lol!

I better check out that Breese chicken. I have been to Agrilink and other events but this is the first time that I heard about it.

Awesome place, great place to go with family. Went there Saturday morning..amazing organic products, I bought a Malunggay pesto, and the Tinapate is awesome. Would definitely make it a habit of going there every weekend :)

If you are familiar with Chef Heston Blumenthal (Owner of Fat Duck restaurant, once voted as the best restaurant in the world), search for his show "In Search of Perfection". He used Bresse Chickens in his Perfect Roast Chicken episode.

It's priced quite at a premium because of the strict quality control on how this free-range chicken is raised.

If indeed somebody is selling Poulet de Bresse here in Manila, I am willing to pay a hefty sum just to try it once in my life just to have a taste if indeed there's something there versus our native chickens. I believe it's priced at around 15 euros in France or about US $21 per kilo.

sana may plants vs zombies cupcakes pa next week :) thanks anton for sharing. :)

i saw you last saturday during our visit, but i was too shy to approach and ask for a photo op. :-) having been an oap follower for years, it was great to see all the effort you'd poured into the market you'd organized.

anyway, i now have mercato centrale to thank for a donut burger breakfast c/o the off-beat cafe. i'd choose it over a double down any day. :-D

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