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Finally... the Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 event we've all been waiting for!


Ultimate Taste Test 4.0-70

Our Awesome Planet and San Miguel Lifestyle Brews
invite you to the Biggest Ultimate Taste Test Event in the Philippines :)

What Foodies can expect in Ultimate Taste Test 5.0?

  • The latest and biggest food discoveries for the Holiday Season!
    Be cool by giving unique food gifts this Christmas...
  • We are now selling Tickets to UTT5.0 @ P385/person 
  • Includes a bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra
    (For Foodies 18 years old and above only)
  • Exclusive to 1,000 foodies with 500 sit-down capacity.
  • Be a Food Critic for a day by rating the best food suppliers in the country today.

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0-55

What Food Suppliers can expect in Ultimate Taste Test 5.0?

  • More Organized Food Tasting Event with guaranteed 1,000 foodies. If your product is really good, it would go viral and spread through the foodie community.
  • No Registration Fee but you need to provide bite-sized taste portion of your latest products enough for 1,000 foodies.
  • Optional P500 electricity fee if you would need to cook your products on site. Usage of LPG is not allowed.
  • The top 25 food suppliers who meet the average rating of 3.3 and above will be featured in Our Awesome Planet blog in November/early December. 

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0-96

Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Christmas Holiday Edition:

What: Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 -- Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: November 5, Friday, 7pm
Where: NBC Tent (Parking is available at The Fort Strip or around the NBC Tent)

Hosted by:
Ivan Man Dy, Food & Culture Guide of Old Manila Walks fame
Spanky Enriquez, Food & Political Blogger @ Manila Boy Blog

Contribution Fee:

For the benefit of the construction of the St. Michael the Archangel Church in Bonifacio Global City.

This is the Holiday event you should not miss!

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0

How to participate as one of the 1,000 foodies in the event, please fill up the form below:


Live an Awesome Life,

anton  signature 
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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P.S. For interested Food Suppliers, please email with subject: "Ultimate Taste Test 5 Supplier"



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nice :) a list
sana pwde mag PayPal button din (addon yung PP fee)

where can we buy the tickets? excited na! this is better to avoid the long lines and missing names in the list as what happened during the UTT 4.

i understand we have to reserve for the tickets here. hehe!

when and where is this? thanks!

participating suppliers?? :)))

We are still finalizing the list of suppliers...

Sent from Mobile

hi! how can we reserve tickets for this event? thanks =))

wala bang ibang alternatives sa pagbabayad like bank deposit or paypal??

Guys, the instructions are clear just read through the whole post! :)

People have been waiting for this? I attended 3 and 4 and after the mess of the last one my wife and I vowed never to go back again.

Went to the UTT4 and based from experience, I recommend that people eat a full meal before going to the event. This is just a tasting event and not a buffet.

Yes Damien, I would agree :) Thanks for this tip!

Im really sorry for the mess last time. In UTT5, we are implementing what we learned (i.e. controlling the number of people strictly with tickets, sit-down, etc.).

Hi Leira

For now, we just wanted to control ticket distribution to strictly 1,000 max. Anyway, once you are reserved that is good already and just pay when you pickup the tickets.

Thanks for the support as always!


I wanna join this taste test, but it's on a Friday... and I'm at work at this time... Woe is me T_T

7pm naman... join us already...

i recommend going early to get the food while its still there :)

Couldn't the event benefit a worthier cause than building yet another church? There are so many needy charities out there!

True there are, though I think this benefit is close to Anton's passion. Though it wouldnt be bad to have other benefits for other charities too.

Once i reserve the tickets and confirm my reservation ok na? :)

Yes, you just have to pickup the tickets and pay na lang (COD).


so sad couldn't go co z i'll be in singapore =(

can we buy tickets now?


Two things.

First, I've been following your blog for a really long time now and I just want to say how awesome and helpful your blog is. Keep blogging and I swear I'd keep following and reading. :)

Second, I'd like to know where I could buy tickets for this UTT. I've been wanting to go to the previous ones but failed because of very busy schedule. But now, I don't want to miss and I'd like to plan ahead of time. Are tickets still available?

Ronna :)

we are controlling the release of the tickets so it will be available for those who reserved.


Yes totally unexpected mess and too many people, theyre were overbooked 3x? anyway hopefully it will be much better this time. How long to pay for reservations? Bka may mag scalper :) lol

Hi Ronna, quick fill up the form in this blog post above the comments. Thats how you can reserve tickets.

Hi Anton,

Ive been waiting for this event and so Ive been checking your blog everyday. It just surprises me how in a few hours slots have already been filled up. I just hope more slots have been given to readers and not for 'very important' friends only, and ofcourse that a slot will open up for me, =)

850 are already reserved by OAP readers in less than 24 hours ...

Sent from Mobile

Awww...sadness. I've been waiting for this for months and i'm on the waitlist. ='(

How soon / late can we know that we got in?

This year we outsourced the handling of tickets so we will see how many would claim really from the reserved ones.

Make sure to signup in the waitlist.

Hi Rona,

Please sign-up sa waitlist here:


HI Anton.
How can we buy the tickets? Can I bring my 11 yrs old daughter?


Hi anton!

Will you have another event within december?

we are thinking about it and we have a concept already. Not sure if it pushes through, lets see.

Hi Myra,

The reservations are closed but you can sign up for the waitlist.


HI! do you have a cut-off date for those who reserved but have not yet paid? So that wait-listed readers like me, who are ready to pay and get the tickets asap, can still have time to plan for our day in case we can get tickets :)))

Sigh... Been waiting for this event to push through after a few postponements since August and now it is going to be held on a date when I will be unavailable due to a conflict in schedule. Tsk tsk tsk... Life can be really unfair at times.

At any rate, I sincerely hope that those who were fortunate, nay, quick enough to get the 1,000 slots up for grabs are mostly avowed foodies who intend to give objective and responsible appraisals of the food samples for the utmost benefit of the participating suppliers. It would be a shame if many of those who got in are peeps who are mainly in it for a food binge.

12 minnight ang tapos ng taping namin T_T... But will be willing to be absent from work pag nakasali ako dito :P

hi! is below a confirmation that i already have tickets reserved?

Greetings from Our Awesome Planet!

Thank you for your Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Reservation!

You will receive an email to confirm your reservation from our team with the details on how to pick up and pay for your tickets.

Ticket Pickup will be on the following venues:
Creative Juice office
2F Fun Ranch Frontera Verde Pasig (Besidde Tiendesitas)
Oct 26-28, 9am to 5pm

Arama Restaurant,
Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City
Oct 28-30, 3pm to 10pm

Tickets are at @P385, we will only accept cash payments.

hi anton..i sent some questions re: claiming the tickets. I sent them thru your email. Thanks!:)

Yes, but you will receive another message to double-confirm it before claiming the tickets :)


The claiming of the tickets will be one week before the event. So if there are open slots, the waitlist would know at the latest by November 1, Monday. Ill see if we can make it earlier...


I haven't received that email yet.. So I will receive it a few days before the scheduled pick up of tickets?

can one claim the ticket during the event? or they have to get it during pre-event release.

if the people at arama are not connected at the UTT, who do we look for then to pay the reserved tickets.

Hi John, 
Please claim the ticket before the event because we dont plan to entertain walk-ins during the event itself.


During the schedule pick-up time, the UTT representative would be there. Otherwise, please email


We haven't recieved any confirmation from the email waitlist yet. DOes that mean that we wont be able to join the event?

When are you coming out with the UTT results? It says here it was supposed to come out by late November or early December.

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