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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

September 01, 2010

Our St. Luke's Global City Experience

September 01, 2010

Our St. Luke's Global City Experience

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-33

Early Thursday morning, August 26, Joshua had a seizure because of high fever. He looked lifeless with his eyes just staring up and his body limp, but it was a good thing his heart was still beating fast. We got scared because, earlier that week, Aidan had high fever and I was also sick and having my own chills.

We had to bring Joshua to the nearest hospital, which was St. Luke's Medical Center (SLMC) Global City. Now, I would like to share with you our experience there.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-52

We had a hard time finding the entrance of the Emergency Room. We had to encircle the entire hospital to get to the entrance. SLMC Global City is located along 5th Avenue, and the entrance is directly in front of S&R. If you are coming from 32nd Street (the main street coming from Buendia), you have to turn left into 5th Avenue (S&R). The E.R. Fee was P1,000.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-23
Private Room (P4,167 Regular Price | P3,500 with 16% promo discount)

Joshua was awake already when we arrived in the E.R., but he still had a high fever of 38oC that persisted for 2 days. He was confined in the regular private room, which has amenities like a normal hotel room in Makati. Best thing about it -- the entire building is WI-FI enabled for FREE. :)

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-4
Breakfast: Chicken Tocino with Atchara (sweet soy-vinegar marinated chicken fillet with pickled vegetables) served with Sunny Side Up, Melon, Coffee, Tea or Juice and Steamed Rice.

The food is as gourmet as you can get for a hospital (and better than Makati Med and Asian Hospital combined). The food is filling and good enough that we didn't have to order outside for additional food.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-18
Lunch: Fish ala Vizcana
. Pan-seared fish fillet simmered with tomatoes, capers and olives. Served with Chicken & Spinach Soup, Sauteed Long Beans and Squash, Blueberry Cream Cake and Steamed Rice.

It comes with a nice insulated container that covers the entire meal to ensure that it is served hot and clean. I liked the presentation of the food; you can see that people took the time to prepare the food well.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-3
You have the option to choose your lunch or dinner from a menu a day before. You have a choice of having it with Steamed Rice, Brown Rice, Fried Rice, White Bread, Wheat Bread, Congee or Mashed Potato with Gravy.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-28
The food is good, healthy and filling. It is served as if you ordered take-out from a restaurant and not from a hospital canteen.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-41
Putting the IV on Joshua was the most difficult part. Also, we had a hard time getting Joshua to drink the oral medications. Good thing the nurses are trained on how to entertain and take care of kids. :)

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-7
The room comes with a comfortable sofa bed where I slept.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-6
This was the view of our room on the 8th Floor, South wing, Pediatric ward.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-5
The restroom is very clean with a nice layout. It is cleaned everyday and the towel is changed.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-8
They also have a crib hospital bed just in case Joshua would prefer it. All rooms come with a flat-screen TV and a DVD player. :) They even have a nice list of DVDs you can borrow -- and they had Joshua's all-time favorite movie: CARS!

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-43
Watching Cars was Joshua's pastime. It helped divert his attention, especially when he was undergoing his nebulizer treatment.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-15 
Joshua often complained about his ouchie hands, particularly when the IV fluids and antibiotic were simultaneously used. So, I massaged his hands to help ease the pain. We had a good bonding time together.

Now, let me tour you around the hospital hotel...

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-63
This superhero painting's a nice touch in the pediatric ward.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-54
The waiting rooms have loungy and big, comfortable chairs with a flat-screen TV.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-48
This is the main lobby with the hospital concierge, where you get your flat parking ticket fee of P50/day. The main lobby faces Jollibee.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-65
A steel sculpture of a family greets you in the main elevator lobby.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-49
The Admission area is conveniently located in the main lobby. Here are the rates:

St. Luke's Medical Center Global City Room Rates
(Non-Senior Citizen - Effective February 2010)

Room Classification (Gross Rate | *Net of 16% Promo Discount)
Ward: (P1,786 | P1,500*)
Semi-Private: (P2,500 |P2,100*)
Regular (P4,167 | P3,500*)
De Luxe (P4,762 | P4,000*)
De Luxe with PC (P5,119 | P4,300*)
Executive (P5,952 | P5,000*)
Executive with PC (P6,310 | P5,300*)
Regular (P11,905 | P10,000*)
Deluxe (P14,286 | P12,000*)
Executive (P17,857 | 15,000*)
Ambassador (P47,619 | P40,000*)
Presidential (P59,524 | P50,000*)

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-56
Joshua's high fever continued for two days despite the paracetamol and antibiotics. He was discharged on Saturday afternoon when his fever went down. The doctors ensured that the seizure will not happen again.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-53
Paying at the hospital cashier was easy and convenient.

Our total bill during the 2.5 days' confinement was P24,417.86, which included all the medicines, the nursing service, food and other hospital incidentals. The room cost was around P8,750.70 (36% of the total bill); the medicines, P6,760.12 (28% of the bill); and the rest were for equipment (like IV infusion pump) and materials (like swabs, cotton balls, gloves, etc.) used during the confinement.


Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-88
Florabel's Market on 5th Avenue is the most unique restaurant here. It's a sosy canteen serving Filipino favorites, Chinese Chow and snacks.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-67
We liked sitting in this section, with its nice paintings of harvest time.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-74
The tree in the middle of Market on 5th Avenue (with a square table) is a nice highlight for the entire place.

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-75
Fiesta Filipino Menu
: On the Grill, All Day Breakfast | Merienda and Specials

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-98
Bistek Tagalog (P190).

The bistek tagalog with rice was nice but expensive, considering you can get an equivalent just across (in the Jollibee area).

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-68
Chinese Chow Menu
: Roast | Dimsum, Congee, Noodles | Rice Toppings and Specials

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-103
Market on the 5th Special Noodles
(P195). Chicken, Pork, Beef & Egg

The first thing I was looking for after Joshua's confinement was a bowl of hot noodle soup with a touch of sesame oil. :)

 Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-79 
Snack Station Menu
: Sandwiches | Wraps, Pandesal, Pasta, Sashimi, Sushi | Hand Rolled Sashimi and Dessert| Fresh Fruit Juice

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-95Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-100
Fresh Orange Juice (P180) and Bola Bola Siopao (P80).

This was Joshua's first hearty meal after the seizure incident. We're just overjoyed that he is back to his playful self, as if nothing happened. Welcome back, Joshua!

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-51

St. Luke's Medical Center Global City
32nd Street corner 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 1634 Philippines
Telephone: +632 789-7700
Email: info.bgc@stluke.com.ph
Website: http://www.stluke.com.ph

Corporate Concierge: 24/7 Mobile no. +63922-8820694

Live an Awesome Life,

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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for the hospital confinement.

P.S. Here are the other choices inside St. Luke's. They deliver to the rooms, too...

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-86Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-89
Cafe Mary Grace (local 1330, +632 383-5097)
Dairy Queen (local 1332, +632 403-5023)
Pizza Hut Express (local 1331, +632 403-5290)

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-90
Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-92Bizu (local 1337)
Cafe Via Mare (local 1333, +632 556-8982)

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-94Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-88
Starbucks (+632 403-5913)
Market on 5th Avenue (local 1335, +632 403-3545)
Lobby Cafe (+632 408-3892)

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