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Announcing...87878 Foodie Delivery!

The Best Home-based Goodies Now Delivered Directly to Your Home :)

(9/13/10 UPDATE: Since the goods are made-to-order and freshly cooked before they are delivered, Foodie Delivery is on advanced-orders-basis except for some that are readily available.)

It all started with the realization that the yummiest food are made at home...

Angus Beef Tapa-3Pepita's Lechon De LecheMango Tortelemon strawberry tea cake

In the first Ultimate Taste Test, we discovered that suppliers of really unique foodie finds are primarily home-based. To buy their product, you either have to pick it up at their house or get it from their delivery or pick-up point/outlet. One time, a foodie suggested using OAP as a means to deliver these awesome finds to people. Thus, the idea of providing a delivery service for the best-of-the-best foodie discoveries was born.

Delivering food is not our core competency, so we searched for the right delivery partner who specializes in it. Our search led us to City Delivery. We were quite impressed that they had invested in technology that would make it possible to bring the hottest pandesal, the most delicate cakes, the most sensitive chocolates, and the coldest desserts right to your doorstep.

Our Awesome Planet and City Delivery are proud to launch the first home-based foodie delivery service in the Philippines.


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From the Ultimate Taste Test series and some all-time favorites that have their own cult following, we picked only the best and most delectable foodie discoveries for you:

Voted as the number 1 foodie supplier in the Ultimate Taste Test series for their meat gourmet dishes and dessert specialties, like the Mango Torte.

Wagyu Tri-Tip
American Wagyu Tri-Tip (P1,680 +10% delivery charge). Tender and bursting with beef flavor. Served with Japanese Steak sauce or gravy. Per kg.

Mango Torte
Mango Torte (P630 - 9in, P945 -12in +10% delivery charge). The definitive house specialty – Crispy-chewy nougatine, golden mangoes and cream.

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Order Dulcelin Gourmet Now!

Minimum Amount to Deliver: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Dulcelin Gourmet Online Menu & Ordering


Savory Pies (our favorite is Callos Pie) and Dessert Pies (our favorites are the Frozen Lemon and Herb Pies. :) )

Tina's Pie Outlet-3
Lamb And Rosemary Gourmet Pies (P250 +10% delivery charge). Slices of roasted lamb braised slowly with carrots, rosemary and potatoes.

Seafood Gourmet Pies (P250 +10% delivery charge). Slices of smoked milkfish, salmon and prawns marinated and cooked in herb gravy.

Tina's Pie Outlet-4
Lemon and Herb Dessert Pie (P850 +10% delivery charge). Sweet cream with lemon juice sprinkled with lemon herb. 8” diameter.

Strawberries and Chocolate Chips (P800 +10% delivery charge)Minced strawberries and chocolate chips folded into heavy cream. 8” diameter.

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Order Tina's Frozen and Gourmet Pies Now!
Minimum Amount to Deliver:
    P1,000 *intercity charges may apply (see note below) for Gourmet Pies,
    P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below) for Frozen Dessert Pies
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Tina's Pie Outlet Online Menu & Ordering


Try the poppers -- chocolate-covered custard served like truffles.

custaroons rowsPoppers
Original Custaroons (P360 Box of 12, P660 Box of 24 +10% delivery charge). Soft, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth flan topped with a chewy, buttery crust.

Custaroon Poppers (P260 +10% delivery charge). Bite-size custaroon balls coated with a premium chocolate powder concoction. 22 pcs.

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Order Gigi's Custaroons Now!

Minimum Amount to Deliver: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Gigi's Custaroons Online Menu & Ordering


Best known for their Angus Beef Tapa, marinated bacon-style Angus tapa. Foodies raved about it as the best tapa in town. Jam Foods was also the top foodie supplier in the Ultimate Taste Test 4.

Angus Beef Tapa-3
Angus Beef Tapa (P556 +10% delivery charge). 1kg.

 Angus Beef BBQ (P640 +10% delivery charge). 1kg.

 Angus Beef Teriyaki (P640 +10% delivery charge). 1kg.

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Order Jam Foods Angus Beef Tapa Now!
Minimum Amount to Deliver: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Jam Foods Angus Beef Tapa Online Menu & Ordering


The best fruit-based jams in Manila. They always come up with innovative flavors, like fruits mixed with ginger, whisky or other exotic ingredients.


Mango Ginger (P140 fo 120g, P300 for 350g +10% delivery charge)
Orange Whisky (P180 for 120g +10% delivery charge)
Strawberry (P140 fo 120g, P300 for 350g +10% delivery charge).
 Best enjoyed with yogurt, bread, pancake, and can also be a perfect topping for cakes, 120 grams.

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Order your Fruit Garden Luxury Jams Now!

Minimum Amount to Deliver: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click The Fruit Garden Online Menu & Ordering

My favorite stuffing flavors are Binagoongan and Castanas Gourmet Lechon.

Pepita's Kitchen-7

Pepita's Lechon De Leche (P12,000 for 12kg, and P7,600 for 7kg +10% delivery charge).
Crunchy skin with minimal layers of fat, very tender meat, 2 fiesta meals in 1 order (lechon + yummy filling) with international stuffing:

Filipino - Binagoongan Rice (Mild or Spicy)/ Sisig Rice (Mild or Spicy)/ Pinatubo Blast (Stuffed with Chillies)
Chinese - ala Machang Rice Stuffing (with Rice & Chestnuts, Cashew & Mushroom)
French - Garlic, Potato and Herb Stuffing
Hawaiian - Pineapple Stuffing (Lechon Meat tastes like Ham)
British - Stuffed with Apples and Cinnamon

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Ultimate Taste Test 4: Pepita's Binagoongan... Ooh La La Lechon!

Order Pepita's Kitchen Now!
Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Pepita's Kitchen Online Menu & Ordering

Home-cooked Filipino favorites that were among the favorites in Ultimate Taste Test 4. :)

Bagwang (P140 +10% delivery charge).
Mouth-watering, ultra crispy, innovated version of Bagnet. Made from imported pork jowls, best enjoyed as pulutan but can also be taken with rice or toppings to “Pinakbet” served with 1 pc. egg.

For frozen and uncooked Bagwang, these are priced at P230 (1/2 kilo) and P420 (1kilo) +10% delivery charge.

Qorned Beef Sinigang
Qorned Beef Sinigang (P140 +10% delivery charge)
Flavorful and impossibly tender 100% pure U.S. cattle corned beef chunks cooked in the ultimate Pinoy comfort food style - “Sinigang”.

For frozen and uncooked Qorned Beef Sinigang, these are priced at P340 (1/2 kilo) and P590.00 (1kilo) +10% delivery charge.

Order Manila Q Dishes Now!
Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Manila Q Online Menu & Ordering

Serves your favorite slow-cooked pugon dishes like Osso Bucco, Roasted Pork Crackling and Beef Bourguignon. Also, you can now order their home-cooked, grilled-style pizzas. :)

6-hour pugon roasted pork crackling 
6-hour Roasted Pork Crackling (P1,350.00 +10% delivery charge).

Pizza Mia Italian Paella
Pizza Mia (P450.00 +10% delivery charge).
Italian Paella (Large- P1,350, Medium-P895, and Personal-P580 +10% delivery charge).

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Order Isabelo's Now!
Minimum Amount: P1500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Isabelo Online Menu & Ordering


Chile Cheese and Chili Mustard sauces
- Our meals are not complete without these gourmet sauces.

Chile Vitas-1

Chile Cheese (P200.00 +10% delivery charge).
When you're tired of the usual ketchup or sweet & sour sauce, try this! It's got the tangy tomato taste you like, but with that little extra something. Just use it like you would ketchup or mayo--with fried chicken, sandwiches, French fries, scrambled eggs, meatballs, chicken galantina, lumpiang shanghai, calamares, taco salad, nachos and siomai.

Chile Mustard (P200.00 +10% delivery charge).
You'll love how this tart, sweetish dressing dresses up common food like salads, steamed vegetables, roast chicken, pork chop, lechon, hamburger, hotdog, meatloaf, sliced ham and potato chips, taking them from drab to fab!   

Chile Pepper (P200.00 +10% delivery charge).
Win the battle of the bland with this hot stuff! Turn up the heat in your meats, stews, soups, liquids and sauces such as fish sauce and soy sauce.

Chile Vinegar (P150.00 +10% delivery charge).
This one's perfect for when you have friends over. Party standbys and everyday like kilawin, kropeck, chicharon bulaklak,tokwa't baboy, and pork barbecue are transformed with the perfectly balanced sourness and delectably spicy flavor of Chile Vinegar. Or mix it in your paksiw or adobo to give everyday fare added zing!

Order Chile Vitas Now! (Available by October 2010)

Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Chile Vitas Online Menu & Ordering


You can now order Red Velvet and Chocolate Ganache Cake for your special occasions. They are our all-time favorite desserts!

Red Velvet CakeChocolate Ganache

Red Velvet Cake (P650 +10% delivery charge). Red-hued Chocolate Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing. Dubbed as one of the 20 Yummiest Cakes in the City. 8" round.

Chocolate Ganache Cake (P750 +10% delivery charge). Our longest-running bestseller which may very well be a comfort food by now! Moist chocolate cake, gooey chocolate filling, rich dark chocolate ganache icing. 8" round.


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Order Karen's Kitchen Cakes Now!
Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Karen's Kitchen Online Menu & Ordering

11. GOODY KEFIR's Healthy Drinks

Kefir is hot these days in the healthy circle.

Goody Kefir-1

Plain Kefir (P170 - 550ml, P300 - 1Liter +10% delivery charge)
The traditional milk fermented beverage prepared with a good and easy-to-drink taste. A true milk champagne.

Banango (P220 - 550ml, P400 - 1Liter +10% delivery charge)
A banana-mango blend which is the best source of vit.c, potassium and dietary fiber.

Mango  (P220 - 550ml, P400 - 1Liter +10% delivery charge)
A perfect blend of probiotic kefir and fresh mango, an excellent source of beta-carotene, vit.c and fiber.

Strawberry (P220 - 550ml, P400 - 1Liter +10% delivery charge)
The fragrantly sweet juiciness and deep red color of fresh strawberries can brighten up your day. It is filled with phytonutrients that go very well with the health-promoting benefits of kefir.

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Order Goody Kefir Healthy Drinks Now!

Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Goody Kefir Healthy Online Menu & Ordering.


Definitely one of the best desserts in town; known for their innovative Brazo desserts and chocolate chip cookies.

Brazo Bar - Banana
Supreme Brazo Bars (P160 - box of 4, P310 - box of 8, P460 - box of 12 +10% delivery charge).

Brazo de Mercedes in bar form with custard sandwiched in the middle. Flavors: Classic, Strawberry, Mango, Walnut, Cashew, Almond, Pecan, Macadamia, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Macapuno, Toasted Coconut.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (P240 - box of 6, P460 - box of 12 +10% delivery charge)
Soft, chewy cookie filled with Valrhona chocolate and extra premium ingredients.

Related OAP Blog Posts:
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Order Supreme Brazo Bars Now!

Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Supreme Brazo Bars Online Menu & Ordering.

13. JUST SAY "OUI" Chocolate and dessert goodies 
Relatively, a newcomer in the home-based food business, but a winner in Ultimate Taste Test 4.

Triple Chocolate Cake
Death by Chocolate (P350 - 1 dozen cupcakes, P650- 8" cake +10% delivery charge).
2 Layers of Moist Chocolate Cake with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate buttercream frosting.

Order Just Say Oui Now!

Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Just Say Oui Online Menu & Ordering



Chlorophyll is a natural food source company consolidating all natural healing and services in the country, so that all these can be easily be accessible to the community. It gives us all a ray of light and hope in this fast-paced genetically modified world we live in. Believing that everything we eat should nourish ourselves rather than harm us, Chlorophyll teaches us to eat to feel good about ourselves, to be stronger and to live better.

Himalayan Sea Salt (P195 +10% delivery charge)
Containing all of the 84 elements found in your body. This is by far the purest salt available on earth and is absolutely uncontaminated by any toxins or pollutants.

Kefir (P120 +10% delivery charge)
A cultured creamy milk food that has a refreshing flavour. If consumed regularly, it will help build a healthy immune system and create a balanced inner ecosystem that ensures optimum health and longevity. It is a probiotic, which means it contains loads of beneficial bacteria strains and yeasts. It is an excellent source of Vitamins B12, B1 and K, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Tryptophan. Flavors: Plain, Blueberry Banana, Mango-Passion Fruit, Strawberry-Raspberry.

Wheat Grass (P120 +10% delivery charge)
Packed with chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Just an ounce of this liquid sunshine every morning can help fight cancer, decrease blood sugar, lower blood pressure, improve digestion and combat toxins.

Order Chlorophyll Now!
Minimum Amount: P500 *intercity charges may apply (see note below)
To order, please call 87878 Foodie Delivery
To order online and see the complete menu: click Chlorophyll Online Menu & Ordering.


Many more to come soon!

I can already envision the best homemade foodie favorites being delivered to your home, where they are best enjoyed with your family. Just call 87878!

If you are a home-based business interested in joining Foodie Delivery, just contact:
Rache Diaz, -- or +63917-5318949.


Happy eating!


Live an Awesome Life,

anton signature
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
Follow Me FacebookTwitterFlickrYoutube

Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is now an official business partner of City Delivery.

*Note: Inter-city Charges Apply depending on the distance between the delivery point and the location of supplier:
If it is 2 hops (example Makati to Alabang), Minimum Amount would be P1,500.
If it is 1 hop (example Makati to Quezon City), Minimum Amount would be P1,000.
Alternatively, you can just pay P100 for 1 hop additional inter-city delivery charge or 
you can pay P150 for 2 hops additional inter-city delivery charge on top of minimum amount to deliver.
The Call Center will determine the inter-city delivery charge on a case-to-case basis.

P.S. Everyone is welcome to send in their requests for their favorites, too. Awesome Home-based businesses are welcome to join!

To join Foodie Delivery, just contact Rache, Mrs Awesome Planet -- or +63917-5318949.

P.P.S. We accept payment via Credit Card. :) The delivery boys usually bring a mobile credit card swiper. :)



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would they deliver to cainta - antipolo area kaya? Hmmmm

Yes, try it Didi... Intercity Charges apply

Sent from Mobile

Awesome! Congrats!

Aabot ba hanggang cebu ang delivery? hehehe :D congratulations Anton!

Anton, this is really great! I can't wait to try the cakes for special occasions. I want to thank you now for coming up with this and making these treats more accessible.

Oo nga, mapagisipan nga ang delivery sa Cebu :) thanks for the congratulations :)

wow. congrats!!!

Hope Dimpy Camara's frozen brazo, Costa Brava's cupcakes & other cakes, Steven Villacin's Hainanese Chicken will be part of the delivery network soon!

This is simply awesome, Anton! I don't have to drive all the way to the different pick-up points. :)

Thanks for the suggestion. We talked to Steven na and Dimpy Camara and Costa Brava will be next... thanks for the suggestion!


have you seen the the food by web hk website ( I think it'd be great to have that here in manila. Easy to use and speedy delivery. Congratulations Anton!

great idea!

This is wonderful news Anton! more success to you and Rache! Will try some of these goodies soon!
Now, if I can only convince my mom join your Foodie delivery, she makes the best Lengua in my book :) good for home parties

this is so great!!! thanks for setting this up, finally it won't be such a hassle to pick up these great food finds since now they can be delivered to our door ;-)

grabe, Anton! this is more awesome than i had imagined! me credit card swiper pa! galeng talaga, over over major major! feeling ko, ako yung tree sa 'This is your life' segment sa Sesame Street: 'this is too much!' more superpowers to you and Mrs. Awesome!

Yum, Anton! Great idea, congrats! I hope you'll have a Christmas food pasalubong line-up, for bulk orders (and w/ bulk discount.:)). Congrats once more!


Maita Siquijor
Residences Manila
Manila Home Buyers and Sellers Guide

Do they deliver in Commonwealth, QC?

Hi Maja,
Yes they should be able to deliver. There may be intercity charges if the restaurant/ home-based business is located outside QC. 


hmmm... i tried having food delivered by this hotline once but they told me they don't service our area... we live in sta. mesa, manila =(

this is great! congratulations anton! :)

Hi Anton,

Any chance your delivery unit may go all the way to Charlie's Grind and Grill in Kapitolyo? :)

Do you deliver on weekends and what are the delivery hours? Also, would the reply email specify what is the expected delivery date and time so that I can ensure that I am there during delivery (especially if I plan to pay via credit card)?

Hi Anton. I was happy to find out we could get these via delivery. Bummed out to find out that some need pre-orders.

Tina's Pies needs 3 days before you get them. Sana you indicate na per item how many days in advance you need.


(Singing) Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating... :)

Congrats and thanks for this great idea.

You need to post the lead times for orders.

Yes, we will post the lead times per items and I realized my mistake of not posting it when a lot of people called already expecting immediate delivery.

@dancha_64 - yes they would confirm the specific date of delivery and yes you can pay via credit card. Yes, we deliver on weekends.

Hi doncha_64, we need 2 days only for the frozen pies and 3 days for the savoury pies. If our kitchen is not so busy, 2 days for the savoury pies and 1 day for the frozen pies ok na :)

This is Great! Ever since City Delivery came we had more options to choose from! Got tired of MCDO everyday..

Yes, we learned this and we will indicate the pre-order lead time per item.


Yes they definitely deliver. We are just working on the intercity fees depending on where you order.


Yes, this is definitely in the works :) Thanks Maita!

Thanks for the comment, Amity!

You are welcome, Michelle! Thanks for the comment :)

Sige please, contact rache for the Foodie Delivery setup.


Thanks for this suggestion... yeah food by web is a good idea... we will do this :)

too bad, im from iloilo...anyway, do they accept shipping? hope that there would be gourmet spice sellers so that i could order...:)

OK, we will figure out the shipping one of these days. Thanks for this tip!


wow! mouthwatering... :-9

Wow! Best news I've had all week! :) Can you also include Mrs. Peewee Morato's Paella Valenciana?

Hi Bern, 

We will explore this suggestion.


Hi Anton,

This is really an awesome idea! It's my husband's birthday today, and of the things I forgot, I forgot the birthday cake! Just tried ordering Foodie Delivery, Mylene the phone agent was very accommodating and service oriented. Helped me out get Karen's Kitchen cakes in no time! Bonus for me is the fact that I can purchase using credit card swipe upon delivery!! I don't have to go out in the traffic to withdraw cash! Really delighted by this idea, really innovative, and sensitive to the needs of the customers.
I will definitely order again, finally i don't have to go through traffic and waste time picking-up food for parties. I wish in the near future, delivery in Sucat and Alabang will have same minumum of P 500 and not P 1500. For now, because of distance and the fact that you are starting out, I understand. But how come Marikina's delivery is same as the rest? hmm. Anyway, hope that this will be sorted out sooner! : )

We ordered from Manila Q via foodiedelivery. Portions are really small and when you add up all the costs, comes out really expensive. Aside from the cost of the item itself, you have to add 10% delivery charge, 12% vat and an intercity charge. I ended up paying 200 pesos for 4 pcs of really small longganisa, 2 tablespoons of laing, half of a scrambled egg. No rice pa. This experience kinda dampened our enthusiasm for buying foodie stuff.

Hi Wendy, thanks for the feedback. We will work with Manila Q to see what we can do with the serving?

Sent from Mobile

Hi Anton,This is awesome :) I'm based in Singapore and will be hosting a party by January. I am seriously considering using foodiedelivery para less hassle. Do you already have the lead time for Dulcelin and Karen's Kitchen? Thanks much.

Yes that would be great! the longest lead time is 3days I believe.

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