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Pepita's Binagoongan... Ooh La La Lechon!

utt4logowinner Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner
Pepita's Lechon!
 Binagoongan and Garlic, Potato & Herb Lechon

 Total Number of Foodies who rated: 391
 "The binagoongan lechon with rice was delicious!"

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0-234
"Lechon has the herbs I like. Yummy even without the sauce. I want gravy to go with the gourmet meat taste of the lechon. love the roasted garlic."
- Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

Pepita's Lechon debuted in the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0, and foodies raved about Pepita's Filipino Binagoongan Lechon. The concept was simple -- Lechon de Leche with Binagoongan Rice inside. It was awesome! But there were a few comments about the liver sauce being too "hardcore-liver" in taste.

Dedet loves lechon, and we were privy to her taste test sessions at home when she was experimenting on different flavors since last Christmas. Aside from the Binagoongan, our personal favorites were the lechon with pineapple (which tasted like ham) and the lechon with chorizo and cashew. Innovative and masarap!

The secret of Pepita's Lechon is that they use native Lechon de leche. Plus, they are pugon-baked, which makes it really yummy because the meat is juicy and absorbs the flavor well. The crispness of the skin needs to be consistent, though, and she needs to work on the right sauces for the lechon.

Congratulations, Pepita's Lechon! Try ordering her lechon for your next special event. :)

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0-233
I've never tasted lechon this good!!!" - Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

The Story of Pepita's Lechon
by Dedet Santos

For more than 5 years, I have always wanted to learn to make lechon. But every time I inquired with the cooking school, it's either they just finished teaching "how to cook the yummiest lechon" a week ago or a month ago. I always ended up disappointed because they only taught "cooking lechon" once a year...until late last year, when I finally inquired at the right time! The schedule was 3 days from the day I called...but they did not have enough students to start the class. There were only 2 who signed up, and they needed at least 5! So I eagerly volunteered that the yaya of my daughter would be with me to at least make it 4 in the class. I asked -- maybe pleaded is the more appropriate word -- the secretary to push through with the class since I had been waiting for 6 years to learn how to cook lechon.

I remember the class was scheduled on a Monday. And during Sunday lunch, I was calling the secretary, asking if the class would push through. The instructor could not decide if she would go through with it and told me to wait for their text or call for confirmation. They texted 11 pm, Sunday night, that since I was so kulit, the instructor gave in and would hold the class.

We were taught the "little secrets" of making lechon. We also learned to improvise and add our personal taste.

We had many trials at home. After many "taste tests", where the food critics were my "lucky" friends, we saw how they all loved our lechon. And since I call my daughter Pepita, and we love eating lechon, PEPITA's LECHON was born.

What Foodies Say About Pepita's Lechon:

- best lechon I've tasted 

- lechons - ordinary
rice filling - good
the sauce - the worst, tastes like liver that was put in a food processor.
- more flavor please
- tender
- The lechon isn't that crispy but great sauce
- tambling! Sarap ng rice, crispy skin wow!
- great sauce but lechon flavor needs improvement
- Loooove it!!!
- like the sauce but they can sweeten it a bit
- love the lechon, but don't like the sauce
- sarap ng lechon, but the sauce is too thick - bland
- tender but bland
- too strong liver taste
- the skin was not crispy, taste is OK
- good taste but skin was tough. promising.
- love the juicy meat but skin I got not crispy. good with potatoes
- it's OK
- the sauce liver is stinky
- good but not great
- not too fatty, just right! like the stuffing
- lack taste
- lechon/rice is good. sauce is bad, very livery
- lechon is good, sauce is bad
- awesome
- skin not crispy
- galing! good idea
- too salty, lechon with kiampeng
- crispy skin!!
- I love the rice!!
- would have been 5 but sauce tasted too much like liver
- yummy lechon, didn't partially like the liver sauce though
- love the liver sauce!
- Cebu Lechon pa rin.
- something new bagoong
- the meat is good but the sauce is yucky
- rice lechon combination was good!
- melts in your mouth!
- sinful but yummy!
- liver sauce was good. lechon was tasty
- very oily
- not enough flavor / spices
- so-so, sorry =(
- It's spicy & it's like not clean
- I don't eat sarsa
- The Best!
- Salty Rice
- lechon was very tender
- very good, rice was surprisingly spicy
- liver sauce of lechon has bite, really tasty
- ordinary taste, sauce overpowering
- sauce tasted bitter (slightly) tastes like binagoongan rice
- like the lechon, the sauce, not  too much
- sarap ng sauce, too!
- tender, good mix with the rice

Maven Secrets 4.0 Graduation-107
"bagoong rice & liver sauce!!"
- Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

International Lechon Flavors:
Filipino Lechon - Binagoongan Rice (Mild or Spicy)
French Lechon - Herb Stuffing
Chinese Lechon - Machang Stuffing
Hawaiian Lechon
Spanish Lechon
Italian Lechon

Pepita's Lechon
Dedet Santos
: +632 4254605
Mobile: +63917-8660662
Facebook: Pepita's Lechon

Live an Awesome Life,

Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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Disclosure: All the food suppliers who joined Ultimate Taste Test 4 provided FREE samples to 1,000 foodies. Only those suppliers who were rated 3.3 and above (by the foodies) are featured as the UTT4 winners in the blog.

P.S. We are now receiving applications for Foodie Suppliers and Event/Media Sponsors for the Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 in August. Please email or text/call 0917-5318949.

The UTT5 has been pushed back to a later date. We will announce the date soon (when we are able to reserve the venue).

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the best lechon i tasted. who needs a sauce with this kind of lechon.

we love pepitas lechon. very tender meat and crispy skin. will definetely order this soon.

I think I missed this too! :( With all the claims of "best lechon", I would really love to know how Pepitas lechon compare with Zubuchon and the others you featured here? :) Hope you can make a special feature of Top/Best Lechons.

Yes, Im planning to do a comprehensive feature of the best Lechon in Manila.

how much?

no doubt, really a great tasting lechon! won't make you dizzy. super malasa yung meat not just the crispy skin. but yah never mind the sauce please! =)

Hi Mai,

Ask Dedet directly, since the product is new it is better to get the prices from them.


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