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4 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Join Maven Secrets 4.0

Maven Secrets 4.0 Graduation-105
Maven Secrets Batch 3.0 Graduation Dinner

We just completed Maven Secrets 3.0, and due to insistent demand, I'm launching Maven Secrets 4.0 from August to November 2010.

I would like to invite you to join this 90-day program. Here are 4 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Join Maven Secrets 4.0:

1. Be part of the Last Maven Secrets. This will be the LAST coaching/mastermind face-to-face group that I will be conducting for the year. If you want to capitalize on the Internet Marketing Boom in 2011, now is the time to set up your internet marketing business.

2. Attend IM-BC 2010 for FREE. You can attend the two-day Internet Marketing Boot Camp 2010 for FREE (worth P12,294) as an early registration bonus for the Maven Secrets 4.0 Program.

3. Be my Internet Business Partner. My present business partners are the people I met in my Maven Secrets programs. I'm still on the lookout for more partners. And if you have a powerful idea for an internet marketing business, Maven Secrets is for you! :)

4. Have Your Personal Internet Marketing Consultant. We can meet on a one-on-one basis over the course of the program, especially if you need to have focused attention and would like me to further help you with your projects. I often encourage my students to take advantage of meetings with me during the 90-day program.

To learn more about Internet Marketing Boot Camp (click here)...
To learn more about Maven Secrets 4.0 (click here)...

Join now! :)

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. For Maven Secrets Alumni: I'm revamping Maven Secrets 4.0 with the latest professional blogging and Internet marketing strategies and techniques. I encourage you to join the Maven 4.0 group -- anyway, you can attend the sessions for FREE! :) Also, you can attend the Internet Marketing Boot Camp for an exclusive fee.

Check out the schedule here: Maven Secrets 4.0 and Internet Marketing Boot Camp 2010.



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Hi Anton... I just read your schedule of Maven Secrets 4.0 and its bonuses. Unfortunately I will be away from August 13 to September 3. Will you have another one after this?


Hi Minnie,

The next Maven Secrets would be in 2011 already. Time is precious so I suggest you join the last batch for this year. Anyway the first real session is on September 1. Youll only miss the introduction to the program and the first session. There are 10 more sessions that you can join over September, October, November.

Let me know if you decide to join. We would love to have you as part of the group!


Hi Anton,

I'm already working on 2 blogs as of the moment and plan to set up some more in the future. I am a student in AIM and would want to join your program also, but it will depend on our schedule. Right now, I'll be out of the country from the last week of August until 4th September. You said I can watch the sessions online right? That will be great as I also want to learn more about how the pros do it! Thanks!

dumadami na ang numbers!!! :))

this is really nice. Too sad that i am really far from manila.

wow,happy family.Warm.

i wish I have enough funds to join this...probably next year! :)

I'm Still contemplating on joining this! I really want to but my schedule is a complete nightmaaaaare!

Convince me :)


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