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Thunderbird Roars

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-153Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-37

Thunderbird Resort is the best resort in the La Union area. It is located in Poro Point Freeport Zone, San Fernando, La Union (about 6 hours away from Manila). This is quite near the La Union airport and about 30 minutes away from the popular San Juan Surf Resort (for those interested in surfing).

The place created a buzz when it opened because it was the first to provide a Santorini-themed resort -- ahead of Bellarocca. Unlike Bellarocca, which is located on an island, Thunderbird is part of the La Union mainland and is easily accessible by car. Also, the resort has a decent Mediterranean restaurant called Olives, which makes up for its so-so buffet breakfast.

For the first time, we brought all the boys on a road trip to Thunderbird. I would like to share with you our Thunderbird experience...


Thunderbird Swimming Pool & Beach

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-31
Thunderbird has swimming pool and a decent beach, good for families that just want to momentarily get away from Manila. Some people go to this resort because of the casino, which was built ahead of the hotel. I originally thought the casino was inside the resort hotel; fortunately, it's in a different building that's a bit far from the hotel.

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-114Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-78
The huge swimming pool area has a pool bar, a mini waterfall, an infinity pool (at the deep end of the pool), and water polo goals on both sides. It was built with children in mind and reminds me of the swimming pool in Sofitel (but without the water slides).

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-82
There is a separate mini-swimming pool, which is about 2 ft. deep. We nicknamed it the Hi-5 pool. :)  In case you're wondering, we were playing with the ball used in water polo.

The swimming pool is open from 7am to 10pm (Weekdays) and until 11pm (Weekends).

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-94
Joshua loves the water and is not scared to jump in. There have been a number of times already when he surprised us and jumped into a deep pool by himself. It was a bit scary seeing him submerged for 1-2 seconds before we were able to raise him up. 

That's why, this summer, Aidan and Joshua are taking swimming lessons.

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-19
Thunderbird has a baywalk along the rocky shoreline, which leads to the cove with the beach. 

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-45
The beach area is quite nice --  golden sand with a bit of crushed shells and clear blue water. Aidan and Joshua had a fun time playing with the baby waves. You won't really have to worry about letting them explore by the beach because it is shallow and gradually slopes down.

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-56
It is quite a walk from the hotel, though. First, you have to go down to the swimming pool, then walk a few minutes along the baywalk before you reach this beach. Swim here first before going to the swimming pool.

Equipment for water activities are also available like for Jet Ski, Banca Ride, Snorkeling, Kayaking and Water Skiing, but I find the rates quite prohibitive. Maybe that's why we didn't see a lot of people using them.

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-14
The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club 9-hole golf course.

The only bad thing about Thunderbird Resort is that it only has a few trees, so it can get hot. I'm not sure why they cut down all the trees. You'll see a few palm trees here and there, but I don't think it was designed to be an eco-friendly resort.


Thunderbird Hotel

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-36
The hotel features whitewashed walls and a sky-blue dome. It is elevated, overlooking the swimming pool. I like the geometric-shaped design of the entire resort with its pockets of greens.

Thunderbird Roars Raphael's Birthday-3
You have an option to stay on the first floor (where we stayed) or on the second floor. The upper floor is more premium because it has a better view of the sea. Make sure to reserve ahead of time.

Here are the room rates for 2010:

Deluxe / Deluxe VO - P7,000 (Weekday), P7,500 (Weekend Rates)
Deluxe Suite - P16,000 (Weekday/Weekend Rate)
- Rates are inclusive of 10% service charge and applicable local taxes
- Weekday (Sunday - Thursday)  /  Weekend Rate (Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays)
- Extra person (max. of 4 adults in a room with no provision for an extra bed) will be charged at P1,000 net/person/night

It comes with the basic amenities: safety deposit box, refrigerator, cable TV with stereo, complimentary bottled water, local newspaper, welcome drinks and -- best of all -- Wi-fi!

Thunderbird Roars Raphael's Birthday-31Thunderbird Roars Raphael's Birthday-4

The bed's so high that Joshua could not climb up on his own. It's very comfortable, though. You would want to stay in bed once you lie down on it. We actually just decided to watch the entire Season 1 of Glee during our stay in Thunderbird.

BTW, the toiletries look relatively cheap (like those you can find in a local hotel). 

Thunderbird Roars Raphael's Birthday-12
Aidan, Joshua and Raphael like the room, the pool and the beach. Aidan and Joshua like the shower. :) (Aidan requested me to write the caption above, including the smiley...)

There is no spa, but In-Room Massage is available from 7am to 11pm. (See Massage Services.)


The Food @ Thunderbird

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-62
Patio Santorini Lounge serves buffet breakfast in the morning. The breakfast was a bit boring. In fact, the Vigan longganisa served was bland -- even with the vinegar.

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-133
The lounge also serves traditional beverages/cocktails from 4pm to 1am. The pool bar serves the usual favorite beverages from 10am to 10pm (11pm on weekends).

Check out the bar chow and drinks prices here: Pool Bar Menu | Drinks

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-137
Olives, which is a fine dining Mediterranean restaurant with an al fresco terrace, is decent and offers a variety of choices -- from Steaks, to Pizza and Pasta, to a good selection of meat and seafood dishes.

Olives Restaurant Menu | Kids Menu | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - 6am to 11pm

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-142
Pizza "Quattro Stagioni" (P470 + 10%sc). Olives, Artichoke hearts, Parma ham, fresh mushrooms and Mozzarella.

The pizzas are really good because of the wood-fired oven taste. :)

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-148
Spicy Lamb Shank "Moroccan Style" (P570 10%sc). Braised with ginger, saffron, chilies and raisins, served with couscous.

Despite the lamb shank being a bit frozen and the couscous serving a bit small, this still beat any of the dishes served in Bellarocca. (See Food @ Bellarocca.)

Thunderbird Roars Raphael's Birthday-32
You can also order from the Room Service Menu from 11am to 10pm. 

In our case, we decided to order take-out in the San Fernando town (about 20 minutes away) and eat the food on the patio overlooking the greens.

We did not try the restaurants in the casino, which include the 24-hour Cabana Bar and the Vegas Cafe. (If you have been to the casino, can you share your experience there?)

Thunderbird Roars Swimming Finally-9

Overall, I find Thunderbird the best resort in this northern part of Luzon. However, Bellarocca beats Thunderbird Resorts in terms of overall ambiance, service and quality of amenities (except the food).

Thunderbird Resorts
Poro Point Freeport Zone,
San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines
For Reservations: +63 72 888-7777

We paid for all our accommodations and meals in Olives during our stay in Thunderbird Resorts. I am not related to and don't know any of the Thunderbird owners or management.

We availed of the Stay & Win Package (promo runs until May 31, 2010). This package includes hotel accommodation for 2, complimentary bottle of wine and chocolates for the suite room, a complimentary 15-minute in-room massage, and P300 Casino certificate. We paid for the weekday costs of P5,700 net + an extra person of P1,000 :)



Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. Here is a portrait photo of the boys @ Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point  :)

Thunderbird Roars Raphael's Birthday-9



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We paid for all our accommodations and meals in Olives during our stay in Thunderbird Resorts. I am not related to and don't know any of the Thunderbird owners or management.

We availed of the Stay & Win Package (promo runs until May 31, 2010). This package includes hotel accommodation for 2, complimentary bottle of wine and chocolates for the suite room, a complimentary 15-minute in-room massage, and P300 Casino certificate. We paid for the weekday costs of P5,700 net + an extra person of P1,000.

Hahaha. takot ka ng masabihan na nagpapalibre ka no?!!?!?!

Well, a reader suggested to put disclosure statements as a standard in all review posts and I think it was a good idea :)



About the stay and win package promo, how to avail that? So yung Php5,700 per day yon, right? Thanks for the info.

Yes per day good for two adults. You just mention that you are availing of the Stay and Win promo. You can reserve ahead or there na kung meron pang rooms :)


I agree with the pizza at Olives. Though you should have tried the steaks at Olives. They're much better than the lamb shank or even the grilled lamb.

Also, the food at the casino (excluding the salad bar which served a so-so salad variety) was pretty good. The menu provided an array of choices from different cuisines which were mostly well-executed. The serving size didn't disappoint either.

The nice thing about the restaurant there was that guests don't necessarily have to go through the casino floor or the main casino foyer. They have a charming little entrance by the side of the casino so guests don't have to be in the casino dress code to get to the restaurant.

We were just looking for a resort "near" Manila and then we saw this post. It looks great, though I'm saddened to hear about the cut-down trees. :-( Anyhoo, this is definitely a great alternative to some nearby beach places. Nice family pics by the way!

Youre welcome, Glenda!

Thanks for the comment and  tip on the restaurant in the Casino. We will check that out next time we are in Thunderbird :)


i'm glad to have read this. with bellaroca, i was a little disappointed with the high prices -- plus you have to travel by air pa. at least with this, you can get a similar 'santorini' feel at a fraction of the price. plus, the beach and pool do look inviting :)

actually, if you think about it -- you are right :)  Sayang lang they cut down all the trees... 

Hello Anton!

Just wanted to say that your boys look super cute :) Congratulations on having such a lovely family!

hi Anton -- I've been wanting to try out Thunderbird in La Union because we usually go to the one in Rizal. Thanks for sharing your experience. We might try it out next road trip =)

So hows the Tbird rizal?

Thanks Kate :) Ang cute nga nung mga boys... Im savoring it before they grow up...

Hi Anton,

We might go here soon, so thanks for the review!

How much is the wifi fee?

Wifi is FREE :)

i like it that you also included their rates. :)
I'm a fan Anton!

Thank you Michelle for following OAP :)

My wife loves Our Awesome Planet Mr. Anton Diaz. She wants to visit every restaurant you review! I think thunderbird Resort in La Union is worth checking out

Thanks so much for following OAP :)

super cute ng 3 boys mo! truly God's blessing :)

this is a very good review! very informative. thanks for all the info!
by the way, do you know how much fee they charge if you bring in food from outside? thanks!

None :) but of course we sneaked our food inside the room. Im sure they dont mind.


Thanks Laurie :) They are indeed super cute (and makulit :)

i've read another post about TBR.. about the food, it mentioned more on the vegas cafe.. and everything looked so yummy... but with regards to information, i liked your post more since you even attached a copy of their menu with the price (which i'm very interested on).. :] nice one!

there is another thunderbirds resort here in binangonan, rizal. same owners?

Yes it is the same and will try them soon:)

Hi Anton, just want to share that Thunderbird Resorts now has VMV Hypoallergenics as its bath products. :)


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