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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

May 24, 2010

My Dream Marathon @ Nuvali

May 24, 2010

My Dream Marathon @ Nuvali

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TBR Bull Runner 42KM Marathon-5Jaymee TBR

I actually had a rewarding but traumatic first marathon last 2007, and it took me another 3 years to overcome my fear and find enough reasons to conquer my second 42k marathon.

My first marathon was inspired by my boss, Jim Lafferty, who led the first batch of P&G marathoners to the finish line. I finished after 7 hours : 43 minutes, and I was hospitalized because of potassium and electrolyte imbalance in the body due to dehydration. This was caused by two things:

  • I had loose bowel movement in Petron at the corner of Buendia/Makati Avenue triggered by the orange slice I ate.
  • The marathon started at 4.30am and ended close to the hottest temperature at 12nn. I experienced sweating salt literally because there was no more sweat in my body.
My second marathon was inspired by the lady version of the inspirational "Jim Lafferty" spirit, Jaymie Pizzarro of the best running blog in the country -- The Bull Runner.  She organized TBR Dream Marathon for newbie marathoners who dream of conquering their first ever 42k marathon. Jim was the race director and he even confirmed that he has never seen any other organized marathon around the world exclusively for newbies.

My second marathon erased all the trauma I had with my first because:

  • I achieved my personal best record of 6 hours : 55 minutes for a 42km! We started at 2am and ended just before 9am.
  • No LBM this time. I really managed my bowel movement and monitored what I ate before the marathon. I learned to avoid anything citrusy like oranges or fruit-flavored gels.
  • No dehydration this time around because I followed the Hammer Gel Nutrition guideline and made sure drank water/Gatorade at every station. My favorite gel flavors are Chocolate and Espresso.
  • I enjoyed every minute of the run because the entire group constantly and positively encouraged each other to finish the 42k. I didn't see anyone quit throughout the entire race. 
  • Lastly, the Nuvali 42k Marathon Route was awesome! What I liked about it:
    •  the fresh air and clear sky where you can run under the stars at night;
    • the turnaround in the bird sanctuary, where we could hear the birds chirping for us; and
    • the gradual hill terrain, which made it more challenging.

I imagine, when the trees start to grow along the road, this will be one of the marathons worth looking forward to, especially for newbies.

It was really an awesome marathon event. Everybody who showed up at 2am was able to finish the 42km marathon. The spirit after the race was unbelievable. Jaymee was able to inspire about 240+ marathoners that day -- truly amazing! (see: The Bull Runner | Thank You!)

Here are some photos from my second marathon courtesy of Photo Vendo and the Dream Chasers:

TBR Bull Runner Marathon by Photovendo-1
It was great to start a marathon at 2am. We ran under the stars for the first half of the marathon and then witnessed an awesome sunrise on the horizon.

P&G Runners 
Two of my P&G colleagues from Cabuyao Plant: Martin Cruz (#73) and William Marino (#172).

TBR Bull Runner Marathon by Photovendo-3
Happy Feet Runners: Ed Redona, The Scientist Runner (#226) and Ricky Gundran (#128).

TBR Bull Runner Marathon by Photovendo-7
Mark (#150) was my awesome running buddy from start to finish. He kept our pace at a 9-minute run and 1-minute walk.

TBR Bull Runner Marathon by Photovendo-9
We were still in good spirits after our first 23k, around the Solenad Area in Nuvali.

38k Mark
Pushing through "The Wall" past the 37k mark, visualizing our awesome finish.

TBR Bull Runner 42KM Marathon-4
We crossed the finish line together and finished strong at sub-7 hours.

These are my favorite Dream Chasers (Vangie Montalbo, Bobby Cruz, and Junrox Roque) who are always there to inspire you to finish your last 4k :)  

TBR Bull Runner 42KM Marathon-6
My wife Rache and Joshua were waiting for me at the finish line. :) I felt good throughout the race. In fact, my legs recovered already a day after the marathon.

Together with the other marathoners that day, I can proudly proclaim the greatest boast of any runner -- "I am a Marathoner!" 

I can't wait for the next one! :)

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. I'm challenging Rache and Jaymee's sister, Janice, to run their first ever 42k Marathon next year (also in Nuvali). Would you like to join them?

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