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My Pilipinas is...

Announcing... the Top 10 Photo Entries in the My Pilipinas is... Photo Contest!

MyPilipinas MoleskineThe Top 3 entries win a limited edition My Pilipinas Moleskine (pocket size).

1. "My Pilipinas Is... The Best Place on Earth!"

(Taken @ Mt. Pulag, Benguet by Roxanne Escaro Email: Model: Bam Alegre)

2. "My Pilipinas is all about traveling and discovering all the treasures of my beloved country."

(Taken at Padang, Albay during the Mayon eruption. December 2009 by dinno19 )

3. "My Pilipinas is this old but inspiring way...

of how to wash clothes!
Lucky me I caught this picture last December in our family vacation at Batangas, Phil.
I was really amazed by the nature look and this young girl's caught my attention and inspired me how they enjoy a simple life...

A truly Filipina way!"

(Taken by ESVIMIN FAELNAR Email:

4. "My Pilipinas is the place to be inspired."


The Crater Lake, Mount Pinatubo. It truly inspires us to stand up stronger when we fall.

(Taken @ The Crater Lake, Mount Pinatubo by Keziah Ong Email:

5. "My Pilipinas is a constant reminder of beautiful sunsets wherever you are in the 7,107 islands."

(Taken by Maria Velasquez Email:

6. "My Pilipinas is...finding happiness in the simplest places, devoid of pretensions, but overflowing with love :)"

(Taken at Cotivas Island, CamSur in CamSur, away from clutter and stress and upkeep of the city by Megann Plaza Email:

7. "My Pilipinas is where everyone comes home to..."


No matter where life takes us, no matter how far apart we are, how long we haven't seen or spoken to each other... My Pilipinas is where family & friends still come home to.

Friends of 15 years...

(Taken by zizzy_c)


8. "My Pilipinas. Sa Pinas masarap maging bata. ;-)"

(Taken in Vigan City by Gretchen Agdamag

9. "My Pilipinas is a heart of hope."

"Despite of darkness, the light in the hearts of every Filipino will keep us going - to love, to live, to inspire and to look forward for tomorrow's beautiful sunrise. Wherever you are, you will always come home to this place where your heart truly belongs."

(Taken by Lara de Peralta Email:

10. "My Pilipinas is a country where the Filipinos love to eat Banana with fish paste."

(Taken by Grace Balderas Email:

Thank you all for joining the OAP Photo contest! Just email me on how to claim your prize. :)

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. Watch out for the next photo contest to be announced soon!



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nice pics! i love number 2,3 and 4

this is so inspiring and touching, anton. thank you for bringing all these together. there is truly no other place like home, and home will always be where my heart is.

Photo No. 2 is not real with digital editing makes the photo look fake.

i love 1 and 8. 1 because it is a strong photo. a conqueror and a survivor. i also love 8 because its witty, funny and endearing..

great photos for all!!!

I like 1,7 and 8 nice photos!

Thanks for the comment, Belle! I was inspired by the photos and Im glad I published the top 10 :)

Beautiful photos!!!

Sir, you may want to see this.

I like pictures 1,3 and 8!

i like 1. 2 and maybe 4 may have been edited a touch too much.

i like number 8. it shows the real value of filipino. the photo itself can speak for it's own. no need to explain

I love this post! I feel more proud to be a Filipino! Great! c",)

I just miss those days when we were still young back in bicol when we get to take a bath on the side of the road on those "bukal" or super mini water falls. Before going to Tiwi and eating the ever famous halo halo in ice blink. AS far as I can remember they were using the old school ice shaver so it usually takes a while when doing your halo halo.
Then my lolo makes this pure chocolate cacao (authenticity level - 100) drying up the beans and waiting for a couple of days.

Naga's toasted siopao, Tabaco's suman latik of Tiya concing, and tuna in catanduanes.
I want to go back where my roots are.

Very relaxing nature shots. Good Job!

Wow! I got the 5th place pala... not bad! Congrats to the top 3 winners!

i like the only shows that there's still beautiful place in the philippines..

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