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Floating Island - The Best Hospital Restaurant (for me)

Floating Island 1-4

One of our main considerations for choosing Makati Med versus St. Luke's in Bonifacio Global City is that MMC, at present, has the best hospital restaurant in the country! Not only that, you can buy the best siopao in Makati in this hospital. Floating Island has been a fave secret resto among foodies in Makati. It is one of the better Filipino restaurants in the country and has been operational since 1969.

Floating Island 1-2

Floating Island Menu:

Seafood, Japanese Corner, Vegetables, Noodles, Rice | All Day Breakfast, Omelettes, Griddle Gems, Side Orders, Appetizers, Soup, Salads, Filipino Favorites, Beef, Pork, Chicken | Pasta, Sandwiches, Fresh Fruits, Filipino Delights, Fountain Special, Ice Cream, Fresh Fruit Shakes, Beverages

Floating Island offers a comprehensive line-up of Filipino comfort food. Look for something you are craving for, and they would most likely have it in the menu. Thing is, I wouldn't say all their dishes are good, you still have to know what to order.

Floating Island 1-1
Siopao (P60). The Best Siopao in Makati!

Foodies all around are raving about Floating Island's siopao. It is still served "old school" (very big and pillow-soft). The adobo filling is all meat -- you can taste the flavor in every meat strand. I also like the fact that they put a nice portion of itlog na pula as part of the filling.

Have you tasted this?

Floating Island 2-7
Fried Chicken Skin

You will seldom see this dish served in restaurants in Manila. But Floating Island's chicken skin could rival the famous chicken skin of Sler's. I know it is not good for the health, but paminsan-minsan lang naman...

Floating Island 2-5
Sopa de Ajo

We love this. We ordered this first thing after Rache gave birth. They serve it extra hot and you can really taste the garlic in this clear soup. Certified super yummy! :)

Floating Island 2-6
Gambas al Ahillo

Nothing special and a bit too oily. I like the big, tasty shrimps though.

Floating Island 1-11
Adobo Rice
) - good for 2.

This is also one of their bestsellers. Sometimes we would meet with friends here and just order Adobo Rice because it is a complete meal in itself and can actually feed more than 2 people.

Floating Island 2-8
Beef Salpicao

The beef is tender, tasty and served in a big portion. A bit expensive though for P340.

Floating Island 1-9
Vigan Longganisa

We were disappointed when we ordered this tiny longganisa. Each piece is about P30 and it does not have that authentic Vigan Longganisa taste. It also should have been served with sukang Ilocos.

Don't order this.

Floating Island 1-14
Halo-Halo Special (P150).

Of course, to celebrate a birth or a successful operation, you always have to have the Halo-Halo. There's really nothing special about this Halo-Halo, but it's good enough to satisfy your craving.

Floating Island 2-2
Floating Islet Food Counter
(see Menu).

There is a take-out counter outside the restaurant where you can order the siopao.

Floating Island 2-4

Floating Island Restaurant
1st Floor, New Annex Building, Makati Medical Center
8888999 local 66 (room service)

Note: MMC has a Ground Floor, and then a First Floor (so, technically, it is located on the second floor). The best part about it is you can order and have food delivered to your room in MMC. If you don't like the standard hospital food, you can easily order from Floating Island.

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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P.S. I wonder if St. Luke's in the Fort would have a similar restaurant that could rival Floating Island... 

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St. Luke's would probably have a foodcourt similar to Medical City's and not just one single concessionaire. The more choices available, the better it is for the consumer. You should do a feature on the food they serve inside the hospital room.

Yes, we will visit St. Lukes one of these days and check out their food :)

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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Latest Blog Post on Our Awesome Planet: Floating Island - The Best Hospital Restaurant in the Country

Wow i didn't know that something like that existed in MMC, hmmm what do you expect from me a provincial poor boy hehehehe... il try to check that out but no confinement please...

you're right about that. besides the good food, waiters are friendly and accommodating. ihihihi!

Makati Med is still our hospital of choice..Floating Island Still wins.. Love the Siopao!!!

omg they renovated! i love their crispy pata! haven't been there in years though.

It must be a conspiracy: Floating Island serves the most coronary attack-inducing food I've ever encountered in a hospital restaurant. Quite convenient -- just wheel the fallen straight into ER after lunch.

crispy pata in floating island is comfort food for me :)

Coincidentally, Lori's latest blog is about SLMC Global City's food. When I saw the title of this blog post I thought sinadya yung common theme, hindi pala :-)

I agree Anton, you should visit St. Luke's Global City to check out the food they serve and the whole new concept of the hospital... that is almost like a hotel...let us know what you think :-)

Floating Island's food are a bit pricey though...maybe because they are in Makati

wow, it looks so different now. The floating island is included in my childhood memories- having spent years visiting MMC. Kinda sad but my cousin, grandfather and uncles were all confined here for long periods.

now, i feel bad. i also gave birth at mmc and i didn't even know this restaurant existed! i ate hospital food the whole time i was there (which was less than 48 hours)!thanks for the heads-up and congratulations!

Hi! I actually just read Lori's most recent post at Dessert Comes First and it featured the food served at St. Luke's Global City. The dishes look so good! But when I remember that they come from a hospital.. the craving is lessened a little bit. Haha.

Yes saw that post, great job by Lori :) Ill link nga her post...

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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Latest Blog Post on Our Awesome Planet: Floating Island - The Best Hospital Restaurant in the Country

Im not sure though. It is enough for me to get a preview from Lori, because experiencing St. Lukes cuisine would mean being confined there yourself... I heard the rooms are unreasonably expensive.

But Ill check it out one of these days...

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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Latest Blog Post on Our Awesome Planet: Floating Island - The Best Hospital Restaurant

wow islet and island changed big time since my internship days, being stuck in the ICU when on duty the siopao did really taste good but in reality the food wasn't really to my liking, except for the mini cakes they sell in the island(dont know if they still have it)which were "pwede na" compared to bizu especially price-wise. Wouldn't recommend eating in the canteen though since I recovered a curled hair in my beefsteak, but that was before they transferred to the annex. So guys, in case you're admitted here check your food because it comes from the canteen not from floating

I think the best hospital restaurant for me is the cafeteria of Manila Adventist Hospital in Pasay City. They serve vegetarian meals that are affordable and healthy too. The ambiance of the cafeteria is cozier and warm compared with the hospital restaurant in Makati Medical Center. Its even being promoted on NBN Ch4 last year and I am not surprised. You should see it for yourself and correct me if I am wrong.

heres a picture of the old "floating" resto. A distictive architectural feature of MMC designed by architect araneta, which was propped up by cantilevered steel beams

Staples to order from Floating Island Restaurant as far as my family and I are concerned (especially since we re-discovered it while my wife was nursing a fractured leg at MMC for about a week back in 2003) are the "humongous" Boneless Dagupan Bangus paired with Adobo Rice. Comfort food personified done exactly the way I like it each and every time! There was a time I had this for three days in a row while keeping my wife company. Their Crispy Pata could use some consistency in execution though - one time we had it delightfully golden crisp, another time it was seemingly a sorry greasy pile. Of course some Siopao brought back to the room or for take-out make for a most welcome snacking treat. I have to agree though that they are a bit pricey considering the location - making the most of their captured market perhaps?

If Floating Island is a foodie find, how come aside from the siopao and the soup, you didn't really give good marks for a lot of the other stuff? That confused me, man.

Sorry for that. The Adobo Rice is the best seller. I have not tried the Crispy Pata which is suppose to be good. Not all the food in the menu are good.

The best place to have fried chicken skin is in a hospital...

Where is Manila Adventist hospital? near buendia corner Donada?

hi there...
yupyup. Manila Adventist Medical Center is near Buendia (Gil Puyat station)... Donada corner San Juan street in pasay city. The cafeteria is now called Healthy Bites.

Maybe you can check it out one of these days. For me, they have the best cinnamon bread.

Yup thats the exact location =)

@Kye: Their cinnamon bread is one of our favorites by me and my sister.

have to agree! thanks for this! i used to love going to MMC as a child and enjoying their fresh lumpia :) must go back :)

floating island is our default lunch out place cos it's walking distance from the office and the food there is REALLY good. our favorites are crispy pata, bangus, talong and pusit! it's kinda weird to find good food in hospitals so whenever i tell my friends i like eating at this resto in MMC, they think i'm joking =P

Andi, they will believe you now... sarap talaga sa Floating Island eh..

Hi anton! :)

I love floating island resto food :) I know this is off topic, but I hope you get to try out these places if you have the chance to go to BF Homes Paranaque.....
(Crispizas) inside Pergola Mall, Gourmet's Palate (Aguirre Avenue near Phase 1; Feng Ling's Malaysian-Singaporean food stall inside the Good Shepherd Bazaar, Phase 1; Rosemary's Fried Chicken, Pergola Mall, 2nd Floor.; Food De'Sentosa Authentic Singaporean restaurant in Phase 3 of BF Paranaque. (298 Aguirre Avenue). Telephone number 826-0105 Cellphone number 0928-3396307, reasonable prices and very good food; Jeany's Food House. Cabarrus corner Avelino Street, Phase 1;Hanakazu Japanese Restaurant. J. Elizalde corner Aguirre Avenue. It is near Heaven's Barbeque; and Good Grains Bakeshop. 171 Aguirre Avenue, Phase 3. Telephone nember: 825-89-78 and cellphone number 0915-8688752, They do not use preservatives and other chemicals.

Have your tried their tapsilog? :D Yummy din! ;D

How can you use the word 'best' when you haven't even tried the others? You should not conclude and pass judgement without actual comparison and/or experience. This post of yours makes you guilty of conjecture.

not yet, sige we will try...

Awesome Recommendations! Ill go on a food trip to these places soon...

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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Latest Blog Post on Our Awesome Planet: Avenue Q is BACK with Rachel Alejandro!

I love their Pancit Maria, but I don't know if they still serve it in their new digs hehe. And chicken skin served in a hospital cafeteria? very convenient! =D

Having my internship, residency and consultancy in Makati Med, I had so much fond memories of Floating Island and Islet food. My personal favorites: Adobo Rice, Pancit Maria and Monte Carlo Sandwich from the main island. Quick favorite chow from the islet are those big Siopaos, Dinuguan, Lugaw and Pandesal with Kesong Puti. Now that I finally settled and practice here in Batangas did I know how I so miss the food there. Yum!

i love their pinakbet, the best i've tasted so far.

Nagsabayan kayo ni lori magblog ng hospital food! lolz! :d

To each his own, indeed. I would love to try out the food they serve at St. Luke's Global City but Makati Med's Floating Island still tops my list. One of my faves is their tempura. ;P Yum!

I used to love their chicken with cashew dish, but after they renovated they changed their menu as well. but it's still good ;)

Really? I didnt know they changed it na pala

Sent from my iPhone

unfortunately, aside from the hizon's-run cafeteria in st lukes global city, there are only a few concessionaires inside the hospital. dairy queen, mary grace (not open yet), via mare (also soon to open) and starbucks.. i wish someday they'd think of opening one like floating island inside, not just for the hospital's clients but for us employees as well. as for the food served for the patients, they once told us that one of the chefs used to work for malacanan palace, i forgot her name though.

Thanks for sharing the insiders point of view on the restaurants in St. Lukes.

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
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Everytime I'm at MMC, Floating Island is always a must-stop, especially their Pancit Maria. it's a Filipinized version of misua guisado but it's a definite must-try, though it takes them quite awhile to cook it. I find Floating Island's soups on the salty side

staple food to order
Pancit Maria
Crispy Pata
Garlic fried Chicken
Ginormous And perfectly fried Dagupan Bangus
Tortang Talong!!!!

Wow - this post brought back the memories! It's been 25 years since I lived in the Philippines, and we always went to MMC for our appointments. They have the best Bansilog I have ever had (and I've had a LOT). To this day my sister and I still talk about their daing na bangus! Going to the hospital was never fun, but I was always comforted by the fact that every visit ended up with a meal at the restaurant. Thanks for the pictures and the write-up!

amongst doctors, their famed adobo rice is also known as "kaning baboy". i think the waiters are also aware of what it is already.

floating island group also operates Grilled tomato of SLMC QC (can't speak for the fort branch). All FI faves are there, crispy pata, adobo rice....

Floating Island is the best hospital resto for me too...

Sometimes we just go there just to eat, hehe.

I can't believe no one mentioned the lomi! It's the ultimate comfort food for when you're sick :)

I gave birth in MMC and always go there for my baby's monthly check-up but I haven't eaten at the Floating Island Resto. I even live in Makati. I better try it one of these days. =)

I love their Siomai and Pork Barbecue with Java Rice!!! Minsan, sinasadya ko talaga na pumunta ng MMC para lang bumili ng siomai. =)

Anton, the next time you're at Floating Island, you MUST try the bread pudding! Scrumptious! And I disagree about the gambas -- although I do prefer my gambas spicier and more garlicky, I enjoyed this too because the shrimps were so plump, and I liked the addition of egg and (I think) butter, which is probably why you found it oily. But for me, spooning this over rice was yummy. :-)

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