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Alain Ducasse in Manila

(Video Link: Alain Ducasse in Manila)

Alain Ducasse, one of the world’s most celebrated modern French chefs and founder of Alain Ducasse Formation (Enderun’s academic partner for Culinary Arts), is in Manila for a 2-day visit. He is joined by Chef See Cheong Yan (Enderun’s corporate culinary head) and Thomas Nommer (ADF’s international development manager) at the press conference.

It was an honor to be in his presence. He preferred to speak in French with a translator. His philosophy is very simple: cuisine is 60% carefully selected ingredients and 40% mastery of French culinary techniques. He encourages Filipino Cuisine to be unique, to use our natural ingredients and to NOT be influenced by other cuisines. (I totally agree!)

Alain Ducasse had a fun time answering questions from the press...

(Video Link: Alaine Ducasse Q&A

(Video Link: Alaine Ducasse Q&A Part 2

He is in town until today for an Industry Forum in Enderun...

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DASHGDGFDHJK O A O / I wish I watched it;;
It looks fun, lmao. xDD

Thanks for posting~!

Wow... I think I saw the guy in Travel and Living or some cable channels...

Like your new photo of yourself. But doesn't it say "Mac blogger" more than food or travel?

takes a lot of patience to watch. would be better to have subtitles, and edit out the interpreter. can't even understand all that the interpreter is saying, even with headphones. i didn't even finish the first video.

kamukha ni Mr. Bean yung katabi ni Alain Ducasse!

Hi Sir Anton! It was nice to finally meet you in person! (I'm the girl who gave you the wifi password)
Such an honor to have you at the forum earlier. I hope you enjoyed the talk and the cocktails :) Hope to see you again at future events or in 101 at Enderun. Kudos!

Hi Gem,

Nice meeting you and I wont forget you because you were so kind :)

Sa uulitin!


Hi! Anton

Wow you've met Alain Ducasse! Lucky you! :P

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