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Spending the Night at The Imperial Suite, Sofitel

The Imperial Suite-69

The Imperial Suite at Sofitel is probably the best presidential suite among the hotels here in Manila because of its awesome view of the Manila Bay Sunset. It is located on the top floor of Sofitel and offers a 180-degree view of Manila Bay. We're so blessed to experience staying for one night in this Presidential Suite. It was part of the prize package for the Siete Pecados contest my brother and I joined last December.

Here is the photo essay of our Imperial Suite experience in Sofitel at the start of 2010:

The Imperial Suite-22
We're all excited because we'd heard legendary stories of The Imperial Suite, designed by Imelda Marcos herself. We checked in at around 2pm.

The Imperial Suite-23
The suite is hidden at the end of the hall of the top floor. It even has a false door. The main entrance is old school and has a high ceiling.

The Imperial Suite-162
Welcome to the Imperial Suite! Let me tour you around the presidential suite of Sofitel...

The Imperial Suite-46
The main lobby feels a bit old but still classic. A lucky bonsai garden awaits you in the middle of that marble flooring.

The Imperial Suite-32
A personalized welcome letter from the GM. Indeed, "Life is Magnifique!"

The Imperial Suite-2
A welcome snack of cheese, crackers and truffle chocolates from Galette.

The Imperial Suite-25
The suite has 3 rooms and a maid's room. This is the main bedroom.

The Imperial Suite-52
A big walk-in closet with a restroom connects to the other room.

The Imperial Suite-8
It houses one of the biggest bathtubs that Aidan has ever seen. He was super excited to use it as a playground with syoti and their cousin.

The Imperial Suite-174
The suite has all the amenities that you would need, including small dumbbells for exercise.

The Imperial Suite-27
This is the second room. It has a queen-size bed and an entertainment sala.

The Imperial Suite-51
Aidan chose this room so that he could watch cartoons with his brother and cousin.

The Imperial Suite-49
All rooms are equipped with a flat screen TV, but only one room has an iPod with Bose speakers. 

The Imperial Suite-44
The third room has two single beds and offers a view of the pool below.

The Imperial Suite-38
What an awesome view of the Sofitel pool!

The Imperial Suite-30 
The sala is designed in such a way that it directly faces the Manila Bay Sunset.

The Imperial Suite-135
The comfy couch can also serve as an additional bed.


The Imperial Suite-42
There is a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook. I could imagine holding a small dinner party here with the help of a personal chef.

The Imperial Suite-33
The main dining room of the Imperial Suite.

The Imperial Suite-163
The Lolos and Lolas having a memorable dinner there. 

The Imperial Suite-14
As part of the Club Sofitel services on the 10th floor, afternoon snacks are served at around 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Sofitel is the lone buffet that serves unlimited gummy bears to kids. Aidan and Joshua loved it!

The Imperial Suite-21
We stayed in the Library area in Club Sofitel. You can read there and just hang out. We decided to borrow some DVDs.

The Imperial Suite-54
The Manila Sunset sets directly in front of the sala. It's awesome to watch it live! :)

The Imperial Suite-78
A Grand Piano that is out of tune sits in the adjacent room.

The Imperial Suite-74
It's so cool to share the awesome experience of watching the Manila Sunset with Aidan and Joshua.

The Imperial Suite-82
The suite also has an office, which has an old-world feel. It is located in a corner room with a view of the Mall of Asia.

The Imperial Suite-84
(Caption this in the comments section. :) )

The Imperial Suite-89
I was pleasantly surprised to see personalized stationery for me. :)

The Imperial Suite-102
Another surprise was located outside the office -- BATS!

The Imperial Suite-167
YES, we have BATS right here in Manila! The kids were a bit scared because of the bats' squeaking sounds.

The Imperial Suite-95
The suite's personal butler served us a Mango-inspired cocktail plate with fresh fruits and Mango Rum.

The Imperial Suite-100
The entire experience was so surreal for us, especially since we were having it in the heart of Manila.

The Imperial Suite-107
At 6pm, we went back to Club Sofitel to try the cocktails. Brobo and his wife, Carmina, joined us there.

The Imperial Suite-110
The Diaz cousins: Joshua, Elania and Aidan.

The Imperial Suite-136 
My brother's girlfriend Cha decided to have a photo shoot throughout the entire suite. :)

The Imperial Suite-166
Of course, she had to include the bats. :)

The Imperial Suite-154
My brother Rommel and Cha with a background view of the Sofitel Pool.

The Imperial Suite-159
Our Brotherhood: Lorenz (aka Brobo), Rommel and Me. :)  Yes, we are only three siblings. Now, I have my own three kings: Aidan, Joshua and BB5 (soon to debut in OAP in Feb).

The Imperial Suite-124
The Lolo and Lola with the apos.

The Imperial Suite-176
This would definitely be an overnight stay to remember. How I wish we could experience it again, this time with BB5 with us...

All in all, a great start for 2010! :)

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hehe, i should've waited before i posted in your facebook account---eto pala yung hinihintay kong post :) how much for the stay?

Yeah..did you pay for this or was this in exchange for blogging about sofitel?

This was part of the contest prize for winning the Siete Pecados contest that my brother Rommel and I joined. We decided to use it when my brother from the US arrived :)

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photo caption "hello? partyline?"

Photo Caption:
Hello, Madam President?
Can I call you back?
I have President Obama on the other line.
Thanks! Bye!

The room is US$1200 per night when I asked last December.

Wow! Must be a night to remember indeed.
This used to be Philippine Plaza Hotel? We used to stay here, but not in the Presidential Suite of course, when it was still part of the Westin group of hotels. Their buffet is also great I heard.
Again, wow!

Wow! Great pics Sir Anton!=)
Thanks for sharing it!
You have a lovely family!
That is a nice place..A dream to experience..

WOW! breath-taking pics! your family's so lucky to experience that, and the best part is that its for free! =)

I was in awe of the pool view from the top! great shot, Anton!

Thanks Glenn! Thats my favorite too :)

It would have been great to have a party here!

So how often do they have contest in 7 Pecados? Maka-join nga.Hahahahahaha!!!!!

Can walk in guests use the pool? Would you know how much is the fee for adults?


They dont allow walk-ins :(

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