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Pampanga, the Culinary Center of the Philippines

Top 5 Food Trip Destinations in and around Manila (2 of 5)
by Anton Diaz, Founder,
Published in San Miguel Great Food Club Newsletter (November-December 2009). 
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 2. Pampanga, the Culinary Center of the Philippines

Pampanga - Claude's 5 Ways Lechon

A Pampanga food trip is always good for a full day without the need to go on overnight because it is now one hour away and very accessible via the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). A trip to the culinary capital is not complete without trying the best restaurants there.

Most people would go on a convoy or meet up at the last Caltex along Edsa before turning into NLEX. Others prefer to meet at the Total Gasoline Station, which is the last station before the San Fernando Exit.

Here is a good tip: Start with the best of San Fernando’s restaurants, then travel along MacArthur Highway to Angeles City’s foodie places. You can already exit Pampanga through the Angeles City NLEX Entrance going back to Manila.

First Stop, the Best of San Fernando, Pampanga:

1. Everybody’s Café - This is an all-time favorite and considered an institution of Kapampangan cuisine. Everybody’s is popular for its melt-in-the-mouth, creamy Morcon, Pindang Damulag (Carabao’s meat) with Rice and Carabao’s Milk, Tidtad Babi (Kapampangan Dinuguan), and its “fear-factor” treats of Betute (frog) and camaru (cricket). The restaurant has maintained its original turo-turo ambiance, which has been around since after World War II.

2. Lilian Borromeo’s Home of Kapampangan Cuisine - Lilian is a Kapampangan Chef Celebrity best known for her classic local fare and San Nicolas cookies. She caters to requests to serve breakfast in her ancestral home in Mexico, Pampanga and to have demos on how the famous San Nicolas cookies are made. She will entertain you with stories of her family’s culinary heritage and anecdotes on Kapampangan culture.

In between meals, most people would stop by and pray in the half-buried church in Bacolor, Pampanga and the Betis Church, which is hailed as the Sistine Chapel of the Philippines. In Betis, you can also check out the different wooden furniture and handicrafts of the talented local craftsmen.

Next Stop, the Best of Angeles City, Pampanga:

1. Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung (House of Wood) - It is now a popular by-reservation-only restaurant (minimum of 10-12 people) where Claude and his darleng Mary Ann Tayag personally host an intimate 5-hour lunch. You can choose from the traditional Kapampangan meal or their special 5-ways lechon. Recently, Bale Dutung made it to the Miele Guide as one of the top restaurants in Asia. It is recommended that you have a very light breakfast if you are going to Bale Dutung for lunch.

2. Chef Chris’ C’ Italian Dining - This is not Kapampangan cuisine but it is voted as one of the best Italian restaurants in the country. It is best known for its thinly sliced roll-over pizza called Panizza. This kind of pizza has been copied but nothing beats the original. C’ Italian Dining is located along Friendship Highway in Clark, Angeles, Pampanga. For a party of 10 or more, you can personally ask Chef Chris to design a special set menu for your group and let him do his culinary magic. It is great to hang out there at night -- dinner could easily last for 3-4 hours.

3. Aling Lucing’s Sisig - You can also pay tribute to the home of the original sisig on a sizzling plate, popularized by Aling Lucing in her original grill place along the railroad. Even after the owner passed away, the place did not lose its popularity. Most people would go here just to say that they have eaten in the birthplace of sisig -- one of the unofficial national dishes of the Philippines.


Last Stop, Dessert and Pasalubong:

The Nepo Mart area in Angeles City is a popular stopover for Susie’s Tibok-Tibok (pudding made from pure carabao’s milk) and Rosing’s Candies of pastillas and other sweet treats (all made from carabao’s milk).

You can also end your food trip with the famous Pampanga Halo-Halo, which is made with a few ingredients and sweetened to perfection. Two of the most popular Halo-Halo places around the area are Razon’s Halo-Halo (made with sun-ripened saging na saba, macapuno and leche flan with dayap rind) and Corazon’s Halo-Halo (made using macapuno, saging na saba, mais and their special beans and halayang gatas).

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P.S. What's your favorite in Pampanga?



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We'll be going on a road trip around pampanga next week and we'll definitely check out the recommended places. Hoping we can find hidden culinary treasures along the way. Thanks

Hi anton! Next time try A LA CREME for their mouthwatering CAKES. They also have salads, pastas, steaks, seafoods etc. They have two branches in Pampanga, one in San Fernando near Jun-Jun's bbq along Mc. Arthur Hi-way and one in Angeles beside Angeles University. Definitely a must try.

Zapata's is super yummy too Anton! Oh yeah, and I never forget to pass by the Nike Outlet in the San Fernando exit, super cheap nike plus shoes. we have to burn all these food, hehe...

Unfortunately Zapata closed down and I heard they are rebranding and
opening Iguana. Not sure if it is open already.


include Mila's Tokwa't Baboy as a culinary landmark of Angeles Pampanga.Famous for their rendition of Tokwa't baboy..Sisig...atbp...They are located near the Angeles City Police Headquarters...near the San Fernando Angeles landmark to get there is a Honda motorcycle family's favorite sisig place...we usually eat sisig and tokwa't baboy then take out several orders of sisig...

hi anton... first of all i want to THANK YOU for blogging about Pampanga (food, people and places of interest). it made me proud being a kapampangan. it also helped me discover things which are there na pala in Pampanga but then are taken for granted.

i'll join your mailing list na, so i can receive updates from your blog :-) Happy New Year!

i'd like to go on a tour at claude tayag's but i can't seem to find enough people to come with me. im frustrated! i jope someday i could go there and personally ask claude to sign my KULINARYA. im a big fan! thanks anton!

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