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Instant Teh Tarik that I Love

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.6 out of 5.0
Ultimate Taste Test 3-87

Have you heard of a home-based coffee and tea drink supplier? El Kapitan is a "home-based Starbucks" that supplies espresso machines and really good instant drinks with unique blends.

Most foodies raved about his instant Teh Tarik Blend, which is a concoction of powders done in Singapore out of 3 Teh Tarik blends. It is way better than the Lipton Milk Tea available in the market today.

Next to the teh, foodies also approved of the Banana Nut Coffee. It is a combination of Baristo's 3in1 Coffee with Big Train's Banana Nut Cream syrup.

I'm addicted to the Teh Tarik -- I didn't know instant tea could taste this good.

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What Foodies Are Saying About El Kapitan

"Delicious Milk tea. Wish they had a cold version."
"Too Hot, But Good"
"Coffee was good."
"Good Coffee."
"As good as Starbucks but hopefully not as expensive as it!"
"It was fine, nothing special."
"Milk tea is really good. Strong tea flavor is not drowned by sugar. Would look for it!"
"Very good to put up business. Very commercial taste."
"Good and healthy drink."
"Milk Tea is love!"
"Tea Tarik is good for something instant."
"For something instant, it tastes like the real thing."
"OK Lang the Tea Latte"
"Tea Latte is a perfect mix. Better than in some coffee shops I've visited."
"Coffee Banana Nut is good!"
"The Coffee Banana Nut is sooo Good and I'm not even a regular coffee drinker. Taste was Diff!"
"Banana Nut flavored coffee is great!"
"Banana Nut Coffee is great!"
"Coffee is good! Tea is better!"
"I've tasted the milk tea & chocolate with banana syrup & it's too bland."

El Kapitan Food Enterprises Story by Raymond So

When I was still in college (I went to La Salle, and there was a Starbucks in Torre Lorenzo), I fell in love with coffee. While I credit chain coffee shops for this passion for coffee, I wanted to put up my own coffee shop. Eventually, I went to various local food expos to check out espresso and coffee-brewing equipment, but nothing ever materialized. A year later, as I was attending a trade expo in Fujian, I came across a company selling coffee vending machines in China with a sole Southeast Asian distributor in Singapore. A few months after this, I flew to Singapore. After I got dealership of these vending machines, I expanded the line to include professional and domestic espresso machines from Italy, syrups and frappuccino mixes from the US, and espresso smallwares also from the US! In effect, my story is that from originally planning to own a coffee shop, I ended up being a coffee supplies distributor.

I love espresso and espresso preparation. It would be best if I can let fellow foodies taste the premium coffee products that I am distributing.


Featured in Ultimate Taste Test 3.0
Teh Tarik (Blend)  - P270/kilo (OAP Recommended!)
Baristo Chocolate Mix - P240/kilo  
Baristo 3in1 Instant Coffee - P250/kilo  

Espresso Machines: 
Spidem Trevi Digital Plus - P46,000.00 
Spidem MyCoffee with Rapid Steam - P35,500.00 
Wingkin 330B Espresso Pod Machine - P19,999.00 
Magister Stella Lever Type 1grp - P140,000 packaged with grinder 
Magister ES100 Stilo 2grp Volumetric - P240,000.00 with grinder 

Baristo Coffee Beans: 
Premio Blend (100% Arabica) - P300/500g 
Netto Blend (Cafe Blend) - P300/500g 
Ricco Blend (80% Arab., 20% Rob.) - P270/500g 

Big Train Flavored Syrups: All P250.00/750ml bottle 
Almond | Amaretto | Banana Nut Cream | Caramel | Chocolate | Chocolate Mint | Cinnamon | French Vanilla | Hazelnut | Irish Cream | Raspberry | Vanilla | Splenda - Vanilla (No sugar added) | Splenda - Hazelnut

Big Train Smoothie Mixes (Frappuccino mix) P1200.00/1.6kg bag
20 Below Frozen Hot Chocolate | Bubble Gum | Cookies and Cream | Cotton Candy | Espresso | Green Tea | Java Chip | Kona Mocha | Mocha | Strawberry | Vanilla Bean | Vanilla Latte | Vanilla (plain, for from scratch drinks)

Espresso Machine, Vending Machine, Coffee Beans, Syrups and Frappuccino Mixes Supplier
26-E Samat St., corner Banawe, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +632 720-3248 to 51, 740-2884 to 86
Contact Raymond So 0920-9510872

Live an Awesome Life,  

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Anton Diaz
Mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 
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how do you prepare the teh tarik blend? just like an instant coffee? can we buy directly in the above address or do they supply other outlets? thanks!

Yes like instant coffee, just put hot water. Ang galing :) Buy it
directly from them, they dont have any outlet.


Hi Mr. Diaz, I'm Rob Chua an OFW here in Brunei and was thinking if you would like to bring your coffee machine business here in Brunei. I was going through all your other items and they will definitely be a big hit here. If you're interested, maybe we can come up with a business idea that would work for us both. Please email me at for all the details and ideas that you have. I really would love to bring your product here in Brunei. Hope to here from you soon, Thank you

You might want to contact Raymond So instead who owns these equipment...

Thanks for sharing the information. I want to buy coffee vending machines. Please give me more details regarding these machines..

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